Best Ideas 2022 features all the nominated entries submitted under ‘Submit your Idea’ category. All the entries consist of innovative solutions or propositions for an enterprise that champions the Sustainable Development Goals. They can be on the conceptual, planning, or start-up stage.

Top Peace Catering Service

Stage of Idea conceptual stage, planning stage, start-up stage

Explain your idea in details:

We solve the problem of food hygiene, dietary nutrition and food accessibility. We are fighting hunger, poverty and joblessness. To solve this, my restaurant will engage local farmers for farm produce, transporting, preserving, processing and branding these produce in order to re-sell to the final consumers at affordable rate using our marketing mix. We strive to be a global leader in food supply chain with the focus of offering affordable meal service. In our immediate environment, we contact our regular customers to collect data such as time and quantity of whatever food they need. Using the data, we contact local farmers to book a purchase. We cook and make a good recipe out of these produce. Then we sell and deliver to customers. My study shows that 60% of restaurants fail, we have made ourselves unique by leveraging technology, we intend to create an app where people can make order and we deliver to them using dispatch riders. Part of our uniqueness is to install wifi service in our restaurant for customers to enjoy free internet with a good taste of aromatic meals. We also offer catering service to ceremonial events so we can balance the dynamics of profitability in the restaurant service, hence no room for failure.

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Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Economic Impacts: 1. Zero Hunger. 2. Eradication of poverty and joblessness. Targets: Target Customers may include Low and Middle income families, Private Company Staff, Students, Civil Servants and the Aged. Market Size estimates USD 50,000,000 Success Evaluation: We will make profit by reducing the number of players in the farm produce supply chain to just us. Expenses that may include farm item cost, salaries, fuel, branding, power bill, tax, maintenance and miscellaneous, can sum up to USD 30,000 annually. Estimated Customer Reach = 200 regular customers Revenue per year = 200customers x 500NGN profit per sale x 300 working days = 30m NGN (USD 60,000) Net Profit = Revenue Expenses = USD60,000 - USD30,000 = USD30,000

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Plans for implementation and sustainability

Business model is B2C. The way we equip ourselves to provide these services is by having reliable supply from local farmers. We already have customer base and intend to acquire more. We have the experience needed in food catering service. If required, we will employ more labour. We intend to acquire the necessary gadgets to make our service top notch. Our business is registered and we have a good reputation. Initial Financing Source include Grant from an NGO and Personal Savings.

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Your profile

This business structure is Sole proprietorship. The founder name is Peace Feyisike Samuel, aged 29. Marital is single. She is a native of Yagba East LGA in Kogi state. She is a graduate of Accounting from Kogi State Polytechnic and Open University of Nigeria. She is a perfect team lead, not just because she handles customers diplomatically but because she is also committed, productive, analytical, trustworthy and decisive.

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