Best Ideas 2022 features all the nominated entries submitted under ‘Submit your Idea’ category. All the entries consist of innovative solutions or propositions for an enterprise that champions the Sustainable Development Goals. They can be on the conceptual, planning, or start-up stage.


Stage of Idea conceptual stage

Explain your idea in details:

SEGs(sustainable education goals) is a circulatory system to give poor students educational opportunities. College students conduct mentoring for students in poor. A student at a college of education have to go through an essential course of mentoring poor students. In this mentoring program, students will receive additional school supplementary classes, such as tutoring, and experience projects to find their dream. Such mentoring programs will be of great help because they cannot afford to take additional classes outside of tutoring or school classes. In addition, college students can be mental metor as well as people who convey the knowledge of poor students. Mentored students later achieve their dreams and then mentor other poor students to conduct circular education. This cyclical mentoring can break the cycle of poverty. IT has been established as an essential course not only for students at the College of Education but also for jobs in different fields, so that students can be mentored by people in their desired jobs.

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Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

The target of this education system we set up is children who are poor and cannot get education. It is a policy for students who are not able to receive education in an equal position with other students due to their natural innate environment decided from their birth and economic conditions. By implementing this program, we will be able to create an equal educational environment through providing basic and fundamental educational opportunities to poor students. Poor students have far fewer opportunities for private education unlike others, so it can be beneficial and profitable for them to get a new education. Moreover, mentors as well as mentees can experience new things through participating in this program. Since they are students at the College of Education, they are required to gain experience and know how to teach students, so they can practice and improve their teaching skills while teaching their mentee students. Finally, because the program is sustainable, the benefits of implementing it are significant, which can have a cyclical effect. Mentees grow up to become mentors, and those mentees grow up to become mentors, therefore this system circulates continuously and  it becomes sustainable educational system. We expect that this program will help and support poor students who really want to get proper education but they cannnot.

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Plans for implementation and sustainability

First, a mentoring system for poor students should become a new subject in the College of Education, and recruit students for this class. As this university is aiming for students to be good teachers later, many of them are expected to join this and have opportunities to make learning for the poor students who lack chances to have private education. After making a new class, the college makes sure that it reports the current situation and the needed resources for it so that it gets support from the government. The things that this mentoring class needs are support funds, training materials, and more. Second, collecting students for this system is essential. After recruiting the mentors in the college, we need mentees! With the governments aid, students from elementary school to high school will be part of the members. The way we collect them is, forming a standard for the students to be recruited for the first. Then these guidelines for applicants will be spread out to a lot of schools. Next, many students who need special private education will submit application forms. With specific evaluation, few students of applicants will be chosen and have a class with the mentors from the college of Education. We will make sure that most of the students can participate in this class. With these steps that are planned, a mentoring system will be made with the government and help many students.

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I am Seungnam foreign high school student in korea and especially in our school we have a high rate of private education. There are many students who have enough and right cirumstances to take some kind of great and enough education but there are also some students who are unable to take some kind of education, like because they dont have enough money or good situation. But for me, I am living far from our school so it is impossible for me to take private education and i must study only in my domitary. But other my friend can go academy everyday and they take additional lessons. And also teahcer think that almost every student take private lessons so they think they dont have to teach very specifically. And not only me there are another students who cant go academy like me so we feel we also want education and we want us to have opportunity and that was the reason why I though to implement this

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