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Bus Library for children in developing countries

Stage of Idea conceptual stage

Explain your idea in details:

We can make bus libraries in developing countries. A bus library is a library which is made of a bus, so it can move around several cities with many books. This is for children who live in developing countries with poor education. Bus libraries can help a lot of children in many villages to read books and they can be shelters for children in poor environments and children who have to spend their time alone. They can spend their time reading books in bus libraries while their parents work for a living. Also bus libraries can give children coupons which can be exchanged for food or snacks if they borrow books. Bus library can provide not only fictions but also many contents of school education. It can manage educational programs with some teachers who are live in the cities, and we can collaborate with education publishing companies in Korea like Mirae-N. These companies can provide lots of books for education. In the program children can learn how to write or read and also learn easy school education. It can manage many kind of subjects including English, Math, language of the country, science and so on.

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Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

It can be a shelter for children in developing countries. Children don't need to spend their time alone at home. So children can be safer thanks to bus libraries. Also it can make the gap of education decrease. Children can get enough education like school education with education programs. Bus libraries can solve the problem of sustainable development, quality education. Children can read various kinds of books and they can also join in programs like videos. Also it can make jobs for jobless people in those villages for librarians. It is useful to decrease starvation because children can get snacks if they borrow books, therefore it can also help children read books regularly. It can help children to escape from Hunger.

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Plans for implementation and sustainability

We can make buses with solar power, then they can be managed in developing countries with less oil price. I hope to collaborate with Mirae-N which is a Korean education publishing company. It can support making bus libraries with books for school education. Also it can make some programs about subjects which we learn in school. Collaboration with makes Koreans more interested in this Bus Libraries. Also we can get Korean fairy tales translated by students in foreign languages high schools or other translation volunteering groups. Children can get moral lessons from the story. This can help children to behave desirably and know Korean cultures. This bus library's model is the one in Anyang, Korea. Bus libraries in my hometown is managed so effectively. Also I spend my childhood in bus library. I think it can be useful to children in developing countries like me. I want to start with India which has a lower rate of quality education. In India, there are so many people but those people cannot get enough education. So I think if we start bus libraries in India, lots of people will use this bus and we can help many children especially in low status.

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My name is Minju Kang. I'm 16 years old and I'm in the 10 grade in SeongNam Foreign language High School(SNFL). I saw the video of children who cannot get enough education, so I want to help them in my hand. This is my first idea for SDGs.

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August 6, 2022 22:17

I don't know how this idea doesn't have more votes or comments, it's completely innovative. Simple to apply and with instant results. It is true that reading on the bus may not be the best option, but the fact that you can move the books from one place to another makes this idea unique. I think there should be some nuances but it's great. A greeting and I invite you to take a look at my idea