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Recycling of rainwater and cleaning up the air using alocasia, an air purifying plant

Stage of Idea planning stage

Explain your idea in details:

Alocasia is a plant that absorbs water and nutrients only as much as it needs and drains the rest of the unnecessary water through its leaves. If the rain-hit alocasia drains water into its wide leaves, the water drops are formed and gathered, so it will be able to reuse the rainwater. To reuse the rainwater in an efficient way at home, make the plant pots able to gather water drained through alocasia leaves. The rainwater can be used to water the other plants or something else in household chores. And, at the agricultural level, in order to collect water more effectively, set up relevant eco-friendly facilities to grow alocasia and store water. An example of a related eco-friendly facility is a greenhouse. Alocasia grows well in a hot and humid environment, so if we use a greenhouse, it will be good for the environment and smooth cultivation. Also, as alocasia is an air purifying plant, it will help to clean up the air. It removes dust floating in the air and chemicals coming out of appliances, IT devices, office devices.

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Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Korea uses a huge amount of water compared to the small amount of water that it is called a water shortage country. So, water conservation is one of the most important tasks. Recycling rainwater to protect crops by preventing drought will help sustainable agriculture. Also, as alocasia is an air purifying plant, it will help to clean up the air. Therefore, it can realize sustainable environmental protection.

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Plans for implementation and sustainability

Alocasia is mainly grown in tropical Asia. There are two types of alocasia in Japan, and it grows naturally in various countries such as India, China, and the Philippines without human help, so sustainable distribution will be smooth. In addition, alocasia is easy to grow, easy to reproduce, and grows at a very fast rate, so it will be possible to grow sustainable cultivation. In this way, when cultivating alocasia, energy is not used, but rather, it will be eco-friendly because it is an air purifying plant.

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My name is chaeri An. I'm a first grade student of high school in South Korea. I usually recognized that our country lacks water. Consumption was much higher than water reserves. I also used a lot of water, and I thought a solution was needed to solve this problem. Then, I remembered a plant called Alocasia that I saw when I went to a cafe before. The leaves of the allocasia were really wide, and I searched on the Internet and found that allocasia absorbs only as much water as necessary and releases the rest through the leaves. I was inspired by this and came up with an idea. I hope that my idea will be known and that people will pay attention to water around the world.

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