Best Ideas 2022 features all the nominated entries submitted under ‘Submit your Idea’ category. All the entries consist of innovative solutions or propositions for an enterprise that champions the Sustainable Development Goals. They can be on the conceptual, planning, or start-up stage.

Establishing organization producing eco-friendly UN SDGs goods

Stage of Idea start-up stage

Explain your idea in details:

We will use the circle logo of UN SDGs in product design and use products in marketing. The certain site to which we will donate is "Wadiz", a South Korean crowdfunding platform company. It operates securities-type crowdfunding (investment) and compensation-type crowdfunding (reward) and is expanding funding categories such as food and travel, starting with startups and cultural content. So far, about 2,500 cases, a total of 30 billion won worth of funding have been organized. We will post our products on the 'Wadiz reward' part, to sell products and gather money to donate. On the website, when registering a product, the price of the product is set, and the consumer enters an additional sponsorship amount. About the organizations where we will donate money, we will donate to 'Greenpeace', 'World vision', 'And action for nature'. Greenpeace, an international civilian environmental conservation organization, is fighting non-violent acts. World Vision is one of the world's largest relief and development organizations established to help orphans suffering from the Korean War. Now, World Vision allows sponsored children, families, and residents to live rich life. In addition, when a large-scale natural disaster or war occurs, the lives of victims or refugees are saved. Action For Nature, Inc. is an international non-profit organization that encourages young people to take personal action to nurture and protect a healthy environment on which all life depends. We will pick up used materials from 'Coreco', 'HumanN', 'DH recycling(Veolia Korea)'. Coreco Co., Ltd. is the largest waste vinyl recycling company in Korea. HumanN is the only company in Korea that distributes used iron scrap through an offshore network and contributes to green growth. DH recycling(Veolia Korea) collects, sorts, processes, and recycles millions of tons of living and industrial waste each year.

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Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

We can have impacts in three ways. First, we contribute directly to Goal 12: Responsible Consumption&Production and Goal 13: Climate Action by producing our products with recycled materials. So we emit minimal pollutants. Second, we contribute in a roundabout way not only to goals 12 and 13 but also to Goal 1: No poverty and Goal 2: Zero hunger general by donating a large amount of money to the INGO like Greenpeace, World vision, and Action For Nature. Finally, we have the effect of notifying UN SDGs by the marketing UN SDGs by using their logo and design included in our products.

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Plans for implementation and sustainability

To sustain the corporation, we will donate all the additional sponsorship except the product's price. We will produce the products again and again with new designs and sell them. We are not just economically sustainable but also environmentally sustainable because we use recycled materials. Also, we will contribute to UN SDGs by donating to organizations that have the same goals. Consumers are not only buying products but also donating at the same time. So we can utilize the crowdfunding platform well. In addition, we can aim for the marketing effect of UN SDGs by designing products including the UN SDGs logo. We already searched the site where we will post our product and corporations where we will pick up materials so the possibility for implementation and sustainability is enough, even though we still have to develop our ideas.

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Your profile

We are students of Seongnam Foreign Language Highschool in South Korea. Our group includes three students and we are in the first grade of high school. The fact that people are not keen on UN SDGs motivated us. We were inspired by Our school (SeongNam Foreign Language highschool)'s goods while thinking about how to gather people's interest in the UN SDGs. We think that it will be very helpful in raising awareness of SDGs as it is possible to increase people's awareness of UN SDGs by producing and selling goods. Moreover, people who use the goods can create another marketing effect. Around us, many things can be recycled. So we think we can make products with them, and it will be helpful for both marketing and the environment. I think relatively many people will participate in this idea and there are also economical benefits because we would use crowdfunding. If people use eco-friendly products, the environment will be improved in 5 years and with the money we earned, we would help climate change and the environment to be better.

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