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Education for all

Stage of Idea conceptual stage

Explain your idea in details:

Hello everyone I am Ezeani Nwannedinamba, a graduate of Physics BSc(Ed), came from southeastern part of Nigeria. Also being among the member for teaching professional. I have seen education as a key for success and development. I was born and brought up from very poor background in rural area but managed to attend school.I suffered a lot before my school graduations. I have seen many people who didn't attended school not because they didn't deserved it but they don't have money and scholarship to pay for school fees, this group of individual are mostly the less privileges, the needy and disabilities. They are victims in education.Through Education For All which support SDGs 1 and 4 (quality education and no poverty) every disadvantage communities mostly those who thinks that world have left them behind will have access to free education for any part of the world. Am also begging if UN will approve my school as the world center for the less privilege,the needy and disability where everyone will have access to free education if my project emerge.This idea will be achieved if provided with enough funding. This schools will be equip with computer training center (ICT) to put students through digital world and skill acquisition center that will help them to balance employability after school.

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Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

The impact of my idea, Education For All is supporting SDGs 1 and 4 for quality education and no poverty by making sure that the less privilege, the needy and disability has access to free education and employability in near future. The economic meltdown from covid-19 has become a lot of challenges through inequality in education in Nigeria mostly affected disadvantage communities. My idea will support this group of people to access free education fully from primary school to secondary school with goal of quality education and no poverty.

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Plans for implementation and sustainability

Through Education For All. My idea is to build primary school and secondary school. 1) For primary school it will have six class room,office, hall,game center,first aid and computer training center for class 5 and 6. 2) For Secondary school will have junior secondary school from class 1 to 3 and senior secondary school from class 4 to 6 according to Nigeria system of education.This school will made up of boys and girl. Both will enjoy all features. This school will have 6classes, lab,hall, game facilities,worship centers, ICT, skill acquisition center, hostels and health facilities.This school will accommodate mostly the less privilege, the needy and disabilities with free education full learning.Competent teachers with teaching qualification and teaching license will be employ to carry out this task. About environment. We will make out very enabled environment for this children and protection of their life most important. This school will be fence and security personal will be attach.Thanks.

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I am a Nigerian, am a Science Teacher, graduate of Physics BSc (Ed),Member Teachers Registration Council Nigeria,an Entrepreneur and volunteer. I was born on 10th of October 1989(33yrs) from very poor family but managed graduated from high-Institution. Am already being recognized in Nigeria as a volunteer in education to assist teacher both primary school and secondary school from Npower Nigeria Youth.Also an adhoc-staff on election matter from Independent National Electrol Committee. Teaching is my motivations.Am also a students of Geneva Learning Foundation for Immunization Agenda 2030(IA2030). With this knowledge being gained, I believe if given a chance to build school for the less privileges, the needy and disabilities I will get it successful. Thanks

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Olamilekan Omidiji

June 27, 2022 08:32

This is a very great idea. At a time when the country is battling with a deteriorating educational standard at all levels of educational, this idea is needed to strengthen the educational system of the country at large.


June 24, 2022 08:56

This idea seem very interesting for rapid advantages for individual with little or non.I strongly support this idea because it seen to address of low income communities that will enable the disabilities to access free education.

Vincent McCall

June 22, 2022 14:22

This idea will help detect disadvantages communities specifically were the less privilege and disabilities have no access to free education. I hope this idea will solve many problems to local.I support this idea.


June 21, 2022 13:35

This idea will improve new development through education sector.For this moment Nigeria need this idea to provide quality education to the disabilities. I support this idea. UNESCO should also support this idea.The needy and disabilities don't have access to free education in Nigeria.Thanks

Godwin Ekwueme

June 17, 2022 22:29

Education for all is a welcome idea from Ezeani Nwannedinamba. In today's Nigeria many less privileged talented, excellent pupils, and students are out of school as a result of a lack of financial aid for their studies. These have resulted in many of them resorting to alternative means of survival in the streets where they finally found themselves. They opted for crimes, and other social vices to make ends meet.

Access to quality education for all I believe is what drives society and brings scientific and technical advancement to society. Nigeria is economically and technologically backwards because of the less attention to education, especially amongst the bright less privileged ones.

When this Ezeani's idea is being implemented I believe it will go a long way in reducing youth restiveness, crimes, poverty, etc, in our society. This will help in creating a society where everyone will live freely without fear of attack or arm robbery. Because the young ones or society we fail to train today will revenge on us tomorrow.

Blessing Akpan

June 17, 2022 20:15

Excellent and innovative solution is what you have brought in here for the betterment of our further. Education is the basic factor that gives a good foundation in other to excel in life. Congratulations.
I support this great ideas.

Nrs. Rt. Juliet

June 16, 2022 07:36

Great Idea from a young person ;Ezeani Nwannedinamba
I believe this will solve our numerous challenges in the area of education. Access to learning is access to empowerment, and access to empowerment is access to innovation. Need for education remains a lubricant and a driving force in achieving a new nation.

Omogo Damian

June 15, 2022 02:29

I believe this is worth giving every support needed. We must change the approach towards Education in Nigeria to achieve optimal impact. I'm supporting and endorsing this project for the millions of out of school children in Nigeria

Elias Joachim

June 13, 2022 10:56

With this great idea from Ezeani in Education, Nigeria educational system will strive for the best and every citizen of the country will have equal rights to education. I must commend Ezeani for this laudable project. Hoping and praying that he will be successful in this great task. I am seeing win win for him in all angles already. God bless Federal Republic of Nigeria and the sponsors of this projects.

Prof Beckie Tagbo

June 12, 2022 18:58

I strongly support this idea because education is a key SDG and many Nigerian children are excluded from school giving rise to violence and insecurity. Supporting this project will go a long way for Nigeria. I call on UN and partners to support this idea.

Wilfred Oguamanam

June 12, 2022 18:56

Nice move I strongly support your project because this is the way to go to reduce the increasing cream going on in the world today. However, with education we will create an enabling environment that will create the wealth for all

Ismaila Salawu

June 12, 2022 18:06

This is a laudable project, we need people like you in Nigeria to fight for quality education.It is time to make education inclusive and for all. I want to support Ezeani and his project idea which I believe is what a country like Nigeria needs at the very crucial moment.


June 12, 2022 10:04

This is good idea.The system of education towards achieving sustainable development is very low in Nigeria.I will advise the sponsor of this idea to support Ezeani Dream to get all disadvantage communities to access free education. Congratulation.

Onyinyechi Nnaoma

June 12, 2022 09:42

Importance of education can\'t be over emphersized. This is a great idea and I hope you get all the support you need to make a pragmatic shift from an idea to a reality. Nigeria as a country is still on its journey to development and an an EDUCATION FOR ALL project will definitely speed up our journey. If all can have Acesss to knowledge, access to skills, access to empowerment irrespective of financial background or social status. A lot of sustainable development goals will be achieved. Education is truly the key to solving so many problems.

Ugwu Kenneth Onyekachi

June 12, 2022 09:15

I strongly support you on this amazing project. The poverty rate in Nigeria is alarming and many children do not have access to free and quality education. What it means is that most students, especially in rural areas are out of school. To curtail this, the UN has to look into this project with amazing support for sustainability.


June 12, 2022 05:28

Wow.wonderful idea.Mostly here in Nigeria the needy wasn't give equal chances to go to school,they must first pay their school fees and most of them don't have such money.Your idea will address many challenges in education in Nigeria. Keep it on.


June 10, 2022 16:57

Please give Ezeani attention for his idea,I saw this idea as one of sustainable education that address the urgent support of disadvantage communities.Most children was unable to attend school because of high cost of school fees.As this idea dedicated to save the live of disabilities, this should be given adquate attention.


June 9, 2022 23:29

Ezeani Nwannedinamba is a passionate educator and also societies changer .He is a graduate of Physics BSc (Ed),and a member of Teachers Registration Council Nigeria,he is also an Entrepreneur and volunteer. He was born on 10th of October 1989(33yrs) from very poor family but managed graduated from high-Institution. He is already being recognized in Nigeria as a volunteer in education to assist teacher both primary school and secondary school from Npower Nigeria Youth.Also he is an adhoc-staff on election matter from Independent National Electoral Committee. Teaching is his motivations.He is also a students of Geneva Learning Foundation for Immunization Agenda 2030(IA2030). With this knowledge being gained, he believe if given a chance to build school for the less privileges, the needy and disabilities he will get it successful.


June 8, 2022 17:45

That a wonderful idea, the needy and disabilities was able to recognized for your project.With education the world will have a better place to stay.I will encourage you to stick with amazing idea, it help neglected individual gain access to free education.