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Mental Health care App - Chillia

Stage of Idea conceptual stage, planning stage

Explain your idea in details:

Mental health issue is sobering. However, people are not willing or able to seek help for the following reasons. Firstly, there are stereotypes about men and people with mental health problems. People discriminate against them and will not employ them, they think that men should be mentally and physically stronger compared to females so men would not actively seek help. Secondly, there is a shortage of psychiatrists, they are required to wait for a long period before they receive proper treatment. To solve this problem, I decided to make an app that includes three effects: make diagnosis, therapy, and prevention. With the self-test, online counseling service, and measuring heart rate, people can make diagnoses with professional assistance. Therapy through counseling services, hotlines, etc. Prevention through mediation and mindfulness guide. There will also be educational effects as there are public chatrooms or forums for people to get to know more about issues and withdraw stereotypes they have about them. Online mental health care app is an innovative invention, especially combining them with the latest technologies, such as AI, big data, and heart rate measurement with the phone camera. I will develop an app with all these features to provide accurate diagnostic results on patients mental conditions. AI assistants allow clients to find someone to talk to without fear of being judged and provide immediate care and support so waiting for help anxiously and helplessly would no longer exist. Heart rate is an essential parameter to analyze the clients condition. An increase in heart rate indicates increased level of stress or anxiety due to release of more adrenaline. After diagnosis, AI assistants might refer patients to professionals. Our app could greatly reduce the workload of psychiatrists, and enhance the efficiency of the diagnostic and treatment.

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Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

The app combines latest technologies to provide accurate diagnostic results on patients mental conditions. AI system uses deep learning techniques. Other than the basic algorithms we implement, deep learning systems can improve their performance with access to more data and learn how psychiatrists talk, respond, and comfort patients through speech recognition technology and natural language processing. Compared to psychiatrists, AI assistants can provide immediate care and support. They collect data, such as heart rate, keywords in conversation, and medical records from clients, for big data analysis. With sufficient databases, big data analysis becomes feasible to analyze human thinking patterns. Heart rate, which is measured with the phones camera, is used to analyze the clients condition. An increase in heart rate indicates increased level of stress or anxiety due to release of more adrenaline. Clients have to place the tip of their index finger on the phones camera, a real-time chart will be sent to the AI assistants for further data analysis. The heart rate chart is generated when it detects a color change in fingertips each time heart beats and uses an advanced algorithm to show heart rate. After diagnosis, AI assistants might refer patients to professionals. Everyone can benefit as it serves as an educational tool that can build a mental-health friendly society as it helps to eliminate stereotypes towards them as well as virtual helpers for psychiatrists as we have online counseling services that work as screening processes before meeting professional psychiatrists. This reduces the workload of psychiatrists and enhances the efficiency of diagnostic and treatment process. As mental health problem is getting more recognition, awareness and becoming more concerning compared to the previous years, there is no doubt that the success rate is high as the demand for the app will be high.

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Plans for implementation and sustainability

I am going to seek financial support through the government startup funds in Hong Kong and also try to become the winner in different entrepreneurship competitions to achieve a chance for gaining more recognition and support, and meet mentors along the way. For the app, I have a brief business model. For the price, if clients choose to use AI assistance rather than an online counseling service that is interacting with real-life people, the fee will be lower, the fee for counseling is charged every time they request a service. Otherwise, they can feel free to use other functions such as hotlines, public chatrooms, mindfulness and meditation guide, yoga guide, and many others. For place, I decided to start the launch of the app in Asian countries first including Singapore and Malaysia since I have also noticed that these countries also consist of severely lack mental health awareness as well. Then I will try and expand this into Western countries. For products, the functions of the app consist of Multilanguage such as Cantonese, English, Malay, Mandarin, Tamil, and Thai. Meditation guide and mindfulness guide, Online counseling service, Self-Test, useful Community Resources, 24/7 Anonymous Chat Support, To-do list/ Planner, personal Diary that helps you record your daily feeling, Dark Mode in the app to help you wind down, and Public chatroom/forum for people to meet like-minded people and also people who are suffering in similar situations. For promotion, I will collaborate with different influencers that exposed their concern about mental illness such as TiffwithMi from Singapore, Norris Nuts from Australia, and Liying from Korea and Taiwan. I will also collaborate with psychiatrists and also University's wellness and counseling centers to gain a greater user base.

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Your profile

I am a university student from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology at the age of 19 years old. I am studying Business and Administration Bachelor Degree and would like to use my power to change the world into a mental health friendly-environment. I have a thirst for new knowledge and skills that I have not yet achieved and encountered, this makes me willing to learn on my way through MOOCs outside my university. Over these experiences, I have built up a diverse range of skills and qualities such as analytical and critical thinking skills, planning and coordination, and also organization and time management skills through various experiences from university marketing and management projects, organizing activities with committee members both university and secondary school, and also through different types of Case Competitions that I have participated in. I have also earned a Certificate of Completion for "Supporting individuals with intellectual disabilities and mental illness" and also "NLP - Neuro-Linguistic Programming - Your Ultimate Guide to NLP" due to my planning for making my dream app come true. I will continue to put more effort in order to make the dream come true. Other than that, I am now also a marketing intern that is very skillful at marketing products. This makes me capable and with sufficient experience to manage a startup company.

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June 20, 2022 09:09

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