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Waste Hair Management

Stage of Idea planning stage

Explain your idea in details:

Problem- Have you ever thought about where your hair goes after you have a haircut at a salon? They end up lying in dump yards, in water bodies or being burnt with the waste. All these ways harm the environment a lot as hair degrades very slowly and takes about 3-4 years to mix up which causes land and water pollution also affecting marine life and when burnt releases many toxic gases causing air pollution. They also block the drainage system as the shampoos and other hair products make them bind together to create a blockage. Some part of this hair is used for making wigs but a major amount of it makes up a kind of waste which is not managed properly. affect the environment, animals as well as humans. Solution- I have ideated to use waste hair for construction and for improving infrastructure in rural areas. 1) We can use this waste hair to construct roads in rural areas where there are kutcha roads. To improve the durability and strength of the roads we can use waste hair as a binding agent by mixing it with fine and coarse aggregates of soil and make durable and robust roads from that mixture as hair is strong, durable, can absorb sunlight and it can give the black colour to the roads because of the presence of melanin in the hair. This would help recycle waste hair for a better cause, prevent drain blockage, and reduce harm. 2) We can also use waste hair when compressed with a strong and transparent adhesive in big tray panels to make thick sheets or tiles that can be used in making roofs of houses in cold regions to provide warmth as the melanin present in human hair absorbs heat at a faster rate.

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Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

My Idea focuses on the three Rs- Reduce, Reuse and Recycle by the reduction of waste hair, reusing the hair, and recycling it in a better way. My idea would prevent land, water, and air pollution as waste hair is usually dumped on land or water bodies, sometimes when burnt releases toxic gases. It would improve the quality of roads in villages at a low cost. My target is to introduce waste management of hair and use the benefits of hair for the betterment of the community by improving the condition of development and infrastructure in the villages and rural areas of the world.

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Plans for implementation and sustainability

For executing our idea, first of all, I would like to form a group that supports me and works with me. Then we all will approach salons and barbers and spread awareness about the harm caused by waste hair to the environment and how it can be used. We will ask them to collect waste hair instead of dumping them here and there or giving them to waste collectors. We would provide them with bins for collecting hair as an incentive to encourage the people and their participation. Then we will share a toll-free number with all of the salons and ask them to contact us whenever they feel like donating the collected waste hair or they think that they have collected enough. After receiving a call our team would approach them and collect the hair, we would collect as much hair as possible from different cities and areas. Then after the process of collecting we would be contacting different government road constructors or labourers from rural areas and explain to them our project and mission. Then we would be giving the collected waste hair to them for mixing with the fine and coarse aggregates of soil to make a durable mixture and build strong roads in different rural areas using the mixture. After the construction of the roads, we would also take the responsibility of keeping check and maintaining the roads. As for the tiles, we will be giving them to labourers and explaining to them how they can create the tiles using a strong adhesive and what are its advantages.

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Your profile

I am Sanchi Bansal, a 9th grader from DLDAV Model School Pitampura, Delhi, India. I am 14 years old. I am an enthusiast who loves to explore new things and platforms to exhibit and brush up on my skills. I like to use my skills and knowledge to develop solutions that can help the community with a targeted problem. Some of the qualities that have always led me forward are my dedication, time management, multi-tasking and creativity. I approach problems in a critical and unique way to ensure the creation of a reliable solution. Some of my achievements are- 1) Google Code2Learn 2021- I acquired first place in the MIT App Inventor category for a companion application for guiding new nursing mothers. 2) Jigyasa Vigyan Mahotsav 2021 By CSIR- I achieved the grand prize of Rs.1 lakh for app development category 3) 1st position in the Sultan Chand hackathon hosted by Shri Sultan Chand Trust 4) I got selected for the Top 500 team under ATL Tinkerprenure Bootcamp 2020 by AIM 5) 1st position in SheStem challenge 2021, hosted by Sweden Embassy. 6) In Sony BBC Young Earth Champion 2021, my idea got selected among the Top 50.

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