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Helse- Platform for young people with depression, social anxiety and their families

Stage of Idea conceptual stage, planning stage

Explain your idea in details:

Our goal is to create a platform that will facilitate the daily life of young people struggling with depression, social anxiety and their families. Each user of the platform will be able to select the category of illness they suffer from or contact a specialist facilitating the identification of a problem. Mentees of the platform will meet in groups of five consisting of young people who are struggling with the same disease and one specialist. The weekly sessions will cover topics not only directly related to the disorder but also issues related to everyday life, such as events at school, weekend plans or hobbies. Sufferers of depression often have difficulty motivating themselves to perform simple tasks, so each mentee will be given three tasks to perform between sessions. These could be watching movie, reading book, or going out with friends appropriate to the mentee's abilities. People with depression sometimes lack contact with another human being who will understand the pain accompanying them, so users of the platform will have the opportunity to interact freely with similar peers struggling. Youth with social anxiety will participate in similar sessions. They will have the opportunity to talk about their thoughts or problems . They, too, will be given tasks, involving telling a story or reviewing a movie, which will allow them to systematically work on their illness by meeting new people in a stress-free way and being able to talk to them freely. Living with people struggling with depression or social phobia is also hard, as healthy people are unable to understand what sick people feel. Therefore, the platform will provide them with the opportunity to connect with each other through open chat, which will help create a better environment for young people with depression and social anxiety and their families.

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Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

According to WHO one in seven 10-19 year olds has a mental illness which is 13% of adolescents who deal with that problem. However in most cases it is still unnoticed and considered unimportant. Unfortunately it can lead to serious consequences such as self-harm or even suicide. That's why my project has as its goal Goal 3: healthy life and well-being. I want the platform to become a peaceful haven for sick teenagers, where they meet peers struggling with similar mental disorders and people who do not ignore their problem. Our aim is also to raise awareness of these illnesses among adults so that they will take appropriate action when they notice alarming symptoms in their child. Young people struggling with mental disorders have difficulties in school, are more prone to social exclusion and discrimination so our idea will also address the problem of inequality in society so that young people with mental disorders have the same opportunities in their lives through proper education and interaction with their peers.

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Plans for implementation and sustainability

Platform will collaborate with psychotherapists, psychologists and psychiatrists. Financing source of our company will be collaboration with Ad Networks that will generate income by displaying advertisements on the website. We will apply for crowdfunding, which involves gathering money from a big group of people but each of them will donate only small amount of it. Another way to gain recognition will be also publishing an e-book made with partnership with editors and proofreaders.

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Hi, my name is Magdalena I am almost 16 years old. I consider entrepreneurship my passion. I believe that it is the way to create better environment for everybody and a great path to learn more about yourself. I came up with this idea after hearing in radio that there was big increase in suicides among young people.

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August 14, 2022 11:47

Unfortunately I know what it's like to go through a depression, and fortunately in my country, Spain, it's an issue that is developing quite well. But I know that in other parts of the world it is more complicated. Therefore, I want to show my support for this idea and wish you the best.