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Speciality snack foods

Stage of Idea conceptual stage, planning stage

Explain your idea in details:

There lies a broken food system in terms of qualitative and quantitative availability of food. First, as result of this, micronutrient deficiencies are reported to be affecting around two billion people across the world. Iron deficiency anemia in particular is a major problem in Botswana and across Southern Africa prevalent among pre-school children and adolescents going through puberty. Our Food to food fortification process will deliver wholesome nutritional profile crucial for bringing down rates anemia with synergistic effects accruing with authentic food matrix in comparison to convectional fortification. Second, unsustainable land management practices has lead to soil degradation affecting food production causing hunger and malnutrition, and forcing land abandonment. According to a UN report, healthy soils are essential to fight against the world hunger, therefore we shall provide for accessibility to effective use of agriculture technology and sustainable cropland management practices to regenerate healthy soil to ensure the long vitality of the arable lands of Bottom-of-the-Pyramid micro farmers via establishments of nucleus estate model of contract farming. Having said that, snacking is inexpensive and popular means of improving dietary qualities at home and out of home. Consequently, we will help offer parents for their children a more nutritional punch necessary for alleviating anemia in a convenient way through cult favourite snacks that are climate friendly to support sustainable eating habits. All this achieved by vertically integrating upstream activities for extracting 40% of the raw ingredients i.e. eggs and cowpeas necessary for value-added production with downstream activities of drying and cooking via radiant energy vacuum dehydration and twin-screw extrusion technologies that turn raw ingredients in to two(2) value-added product lines of instant pasta and expanded snacks hat give parents a peace of mind.

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Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

First, to ensure health and well-being sustainability by assessing the burden of food borne risks and hazards, uphold food safety performance by having clear mission and vision in terms of the number of food safety certificates for consumer protection and food safety assurance. Have food traceability systems for the supply chain which will gauge the performance of the food safety system in terms of the frequency of occurrences and response times of food safety incidents and food recalls. Second nutritional adequacy being a key element for human growth and development that depends on nutrient bioavailability in order to provide an authentic food matrix that meet median daily requirements in accordance to each sub age group. To enhance bioavailability, we shall use extrusion process technology that would essence reduce the levels of anti-nutrients and toxic substances that affects the efficacy of the digestion and absorption of the overall nutritional health properties of wholesome ingredients. Food availability and accessibility as a food security measure to whether children of a set of age groups at all times have geographical and economic access to our products needed to alleviate anemia. In order to achieve this adequacy, measure our products access using metrics of cost and affordability, meet at least minimum standard for palatability and social norms, and available at micro enterprises within walking distance. At the same time, advance sustainable development through fair trade to improve living and working conditions of the Bottom of the Pyramid farmers and build their capacity to better undertake sustainable agriculture practices for productivity. Measure the fair trade by the levels of farm incomes, level of quality and yields of the produce, levels of water usage, and usage levels of fertilizers and crop protection.

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Plans for implementation and sustainability

Re-distributed manufacturing for a more localised and sustainable food system for market proximity to consumers of our products with increased freshness, reduced food waste, offering greater resource utilisation this improve companys resilience to supply chain disruptions during economic waves. Prioritise environmental and social concerns above economic ones by sustainably outsourcing sixty percent of the ingredients (sorghum) of our products. Leverage digital connectivity to facilitate customer relationships by having consumer feedback reach us directly and responding to the insights fast through online communities. In addition, forge alliances with universities and food research institutions in Botswana for accessibility to research, talent and knowledge. Collaborate with micro enterprises to support proximity commerce with aims to supply the daily needs of the consumer with shorter delivery times, by avoiding any unnecessary travel and waste of time for the customers. On the other hand, foster relationships between the arable lands, poultry chickens, pastures and deep rooted cowpeas to help cycle nutrients, accumulate organic residue, and sequestrating the carbon levels to increasing water retention in return by having contract farming arrangements will enable us to enhance productivity and sustainability through access to tangible and intangible resources for the BoP farmers. For financial sources, Use debt financing through local lending institution for sixty percent of our financing for greater market orientation while forty percent with grants and angel investing available to support sustainable businesses that have positive environmental impact.

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Your profile

I am 33 and I was born and raised in a small city of Francistown in Botswana, Africa. Just like any other normal African household, it was of the expectation that I go to tertiary school and work afterwards of which I all did. I had a short stint in the accounting and financial advisory fields thanks to my qualifications in accounting and business. Unfortunately, it was all brief because it was not somethings I was not passionate about. I then decided to nurture my passion in eco-preneurship and food by exploring my curiosity and observation on problems my local community particularly the food system. To build the momentum, I had to grasp knowledge on business thinking to creating user-centric innovations that would add value and satisfy my target consumers unmet needs. From there on, to jump start my entrepreneurship journey by joining entrepreneurship competitions where I have competed both locally and internationally. Although I have not won any at the moment, I have managed to reach various stages with the most recent one being The Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship competition where I reached the pitch stage. Given the challenges and the roadblocks thrown along the way, I managed to persevere and used feedback and validation from such competitions to grow.

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