Best Ideas 2022 features all the nominated entries submitted under ‘Submit your Idea’ category. All the entries consist of innovative solutions or propositions for an enterprise that champions the Sustainable Development Goals. They can be on the conceptual, planning, or start-up stage.


Stage of Idea conceptual stage

Explain your idea in details:

The number of crimes being committed by the youths has seen a double raise within the last two years with the most crimes being committed by the youths in Zambia being drug abuse ,rape ,robbery and assault caused by gang formation in the community due to lack of education and lack of productive activities to keep the youths busy .However this has negatively affected the communities and the country at large because many youths that need to take up key roles in societies and the country at large are falling victims and end up in prisons leaving less youths to lead the production sectors and key roles such as leadership . The fight against crime among the youths in Zambia can be archived with the right engagement and the implementation of life changing skills such as agriculture knowledge and agriculture skills to help increase production among the youths help the youths become financial independent in order to reduce crime among the youths

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Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

The main impact of my idea on sustainable development is that this project will help the youths became productive as well as to train the youths in creating jobs for fellow youths and this will help the country because it is said the youths are the future leaders of tomorrow for us to archive this we need a strong sober and productive youths

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Plans for implementation and sustainability

However according to the research I conducted agriculture has proven to be one of the best solution to engage the youths in with the implementation of agriculture skills ,agriculture knowledge and its importance .This solution can help fight crime among the youths because it will keep the youths busy and it will help the youths become financial independent with the implementation of various agriculture programs such as horticulture ,tomato growing and livestock farming among others e.g Horticulture can be defined as a brunch of agriculturists who grow flowers ,fruits , nuts ,vegetables ,herbs as well as the ornamental tress so the youths under horticulture can be taught the basics on how to grow strawberries for sale . Strawberry growing according to the research I conducted ,strawberry growing is one of the good business ventures for the youths as the supply is very low and the demand is very high. in Zambia 10 strawberries sale for about k20 , so if one can grow strawberries and make about 350 packs containing 10 strawberries per pack and sales them at k20 per pack he or she can make about k7,000 after 3-4 months of planting strawberries so he or she can become financial independent and sustain him or herself through strawberry growing

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I am Gerald shamulanga I am 20 years old I was born on 31 December 2001.Agriculture has always been my passion since childhood. I got my inspiration from my Dad and my late mom from a simple back yard garden of flowers and vegetables we had it used to help me keep busy and helped me have a little pocket money of sweets as I grow up I developed interest and passion to study agriculture and use it to help my fellow youths with agriculture skills and knowledge to help them become productive and financial independent .

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