Best Ideas 2022 features all the nominated entries submitted under ‘Submit your Idea’ category. All the entries consist of innovative solutions or propositions for an enterprise that champions the Sustainable Development Goals. They can be on the conceptual, planning, or start-up stage.

Startup Cafe.

Stage of Idea conceptual stage, planning stage, start-up stage

Explain your idea in details:

The main objective for Startup Cafe is "Enterprise Creation and Startup Development". I am 47. In 2020 - I created a "Startup Story" with a 23-year-old undergraduate Economic student. It has been an eye-opening experience in partnership/collaboration between age gaps. It has also been transformative in my overall life lesson and has given me new views on innovation and creativity. Startup Story is a niche community and one of the first mistakes I've made - is not creating a working structure due to a misunderstanding between my co-founder and me. The Age gap was tough on communication and made work slow. We suffered one too many burnouts and recently, he walked away. In the past few weeks after our separation, I've been working nonstop on our shared vision with gusto and hope. I asked myself what next? Startup Cafe - focus on what worked. Build a structure, develop work culture, and relaunch. Major activities at Startup Cafe, are "The Entrepreneur's Workshop", "Pitch Nights", Angel Rounds", and "BBQStory Nights". In a few weeks ahead, I'll be teaching at the first "The Entrepreneur's Workshop." All by myself. I am in inspiration mode - attracting my dream team. The Entrepreneur's Workshop is a 12 days hands-on entrepreneurial workshop for young undergraduates/ graduates between the ages of 16 - 25. Each workshop introduces 12 freelance opportunities to these workshop attendees after each session. Teaching young people how to create a better future in the midst of hard life lessons has been my drive since I was 25. Startup Cafe creates pitching competitions for team members from each workshop to attend "Pitch Nights". Pitch Nights are 3 nightly sessions of "Pitching Competitions" for entrepreneurs cocreating together to pitch their startup idea to marketers and consumers.

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Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Building a world-class company is key to today's idea of scalability and inclusiveness in entrepreneurship. At Startup Cafe, our target is primarily "Self Starters" and "Startup Teams". Our method to achieve success will be based entirely on "co-creation and team building". Our concentration will be entirely on actualizing ideas and implementing them to work within a work culture of partnerships and collaborations. Enterprise creations thrive on commitment and emotional rewards, team performance is the topmost priority to the overall growth of creativity and innovation. Evaluation is a constant in entrepreneurship and for Startup Cafe, small wins, big wins, - success is in small steps and will be made possible with team commitment and inclusiveness. At the end of each "Pitch Night" - the winning "co-creative team" will be selected for "Angel Rounds" and this proves they are investment ready. Angel Rounds have been included exclusively for "TEAM ALIGNMENT", preventing failures within the teammates due to misunderstanding and/or "INDIVIDUAL WORK ETHICS". Angel Rounds also opens up the teams to mentorship from already established startup teams in the overall startup ecosystem. Each Angel Round is either a "Business Lunch with a Mentor" or a "Tour of an existing startup company to visit a startup CEO". Entrepreneurship thrives on inspiration and Startup Cafe aims to be a place for self-starting enterprise creators to meet the right people for the right purpose and at the right time appropriate for their growth to occur organically. Our target is to find young graduates by making "The Entrepreneur's Workshop" - a bi-weekly event every month in the order to attract the right kind of minds into Startup Cafe. Our major measure to succeeding at Startup Cafe will be to eradicate "UNEMPLOYMENT AND YOUTH POVERTY". Making Startup Cafe sustainable is very important to its full growth.

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Plans for implementation and sustainability

The business model is simple. Make cocreation and team building service for youths interested in entrepreneurship as a career choice. In the course of my personal growth as a startup founder at Startup Story, I have observed and found a ton of solutions to the problems affecting "TWENTYSOMETHINGS". I have been self-financing my own company for 3 years now and I understand the need for sustainable development firsthand. I believe in "OPEN MANAGEMENT" for Startup Cafe to work successfully. Open management is when a totally driven new person takes over management for a month at a startup cafe to raise funds for their own startup idea. Startup Cafe can thrive on franchising, collaborations, and partnership between small business owners, brand labels, community managers, angel investors, VC firms, and even a sole individual interested in entrepreneurship. Financing can come from crowdfunding within Startup Cafe at each event/workshop. Financing can come from individual angels and from collaborators in tech. Startup Cafe intends to thrive online and offline, merging the gap between what can thrive online and what will succeed offline. For sustainable growth to occur organically, Startup Cafe is also a 24-hour wellness center that offers healthy workout spaces, healthy meals, opportunities to consult a consultant and/or mental therapist for overworking entrepreneurs, startup retreats, and even holistic spiritual seminars for the entire team. Open Management will be an opportunity for inclusiveness and team performance to grow. Giving others a chance to lead will make others follow with ease and make the whole team win. Startup Cafe as a knowledgebase and wellness company aims to achieve success and make profits through understanding and committing to helping people truly create the future they want. Startup Cafe is concentrated on providing value for everyone that walks into a center near them.

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Your profile

I am a 47-year-old Nigerian. I have a background in Software Engineering. I am motivated by people, I am a people person - although private - I can be a social butterfly. I am a "make it happen kinda guy", a doer, I go after everything I set my mind to achieve with boldness. Lately, I have been working around "Twentysomethings" and have become very adaptable to work ethics and individual permission to grow in a team. I am deeply motivated to succeed where others have tried and failed - it is scary sometimes - but what isn't? I am a photographer, an editor for 6 magazines, a teacher, a silent investor, a creative writer, an aspiring novelist, and a menswear designer. I am the founder of 3 successful startups and I am also a talent scout. I am a bit controversial - single and driven to go where no one else is willing to go in my industry. In the past, I was a major catalyst in the entrepreneurial movement that is taking place now - I have always been an activator. I don't just think about the idea, I tinker through it until I get an aha moment. I am a catalyst leader with intention to reawaken every sleeping giant around me. Helping others win gives me satisfaction. I am grateful for my knowledge and for my network of connections. I value everyone I meet and never rate people. I believe a little bit more in people and I have the discernment to see the good and great in others. I am positive-minded and have been known to help others see the good in each hard obstacle life presents. I value my circle of influence and I am an influencer offline and online. I love Startups.

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