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Edison Energy-Electricity for all

Stage of Idea conceptual stage, planning stage

Explain your idea in details:

For DC voltage amplification, the operational amplifier is mostly used in the non-inverting configuration. In this case, the DC voltage amplification is done using a Negative Capacitance Converter. Since the feedback capacitor acts as an open circuit for DC signal, it provides isolation between input and output. The amplified voltage level is limited by the breakdown voltage of the transistors used to build the Op-amp and further the insulation breakdown limit of the Miller capacitor. By making use of new technologies such as silicon carbide technology, the breakdown voltage of transistors can be made higher even 1.2 kilovolt, and combined with high voltage engineering for capacitive insulation such as polymer capacitors, this can possible of becoming a huge DC power source for electric vehicles. The nominal voltage used in hybrid vehicles ranges from 100V to 200V. For electric-only vehicles, the required voltage is as high as 800V. The below figure shows the simulation of the Negative Capacitance Converter using MITs Circuit Sandbox, an open-source circuit simulation tool. As it can be seen that voltage levels as high as 1000V can be obtained for Electric Vehicles. Keywords: DC amplifier, negative capacitance, Op-amp, Silicon carbide, and high voltage insulation.

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Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Green energy will be booming soon. Most of the power generation is from thermal power plants and nuclear power plants. These are from non-renewables and also pollute the environment. Hence we are going for solar, wind, tidal, and already hydropower generation but for the infrastructure establishment, huge capital is required and the tariff rate is also very high. In Europe and in India, the generation voltage is 11KV,50Hz. It can be easily generated in a simple DC voltage amplification electronic circuit, Negative Capacitance Converter in SiC technology. This technology can able to withstand a breakdown voltage higher than 11KV.No emission as in thermal power plants and nuclear power plants. small space requirement.Low installation cost.Economical.Easy integration into the current transmission system. Finally, this electronic system can be used as a power source for electric vehicles. We know without a proper transportation system, there cannot be any development in any country.

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Plans for implementation and sustainability

Since it is a simple and small electronic system, in order to use in power generation, it is very easy to install and does not require any huge infrastructure establishment. It just requires a DC/AC power converter in order to integrate it into the current transmission system. Silicon Carbide technology has high thermal stability. In order to address further thermal issues, cooling units can be integrated with this electronic system and all get packed into a single small unit with input and output-2 port system.Input-1V battery,output-11KV at the output terminal fed to the input of DC-AC converter for AC transmission of 50Hz.More units can be installed in parallel in case of failure of any other unit due to continuous generation since it requires less space. Replacement is also easy since it is a 2-port system. Easy to install in electric vehicles. If the EV uses a DC drive, this can be directly connected to the DC drive of the EV. If an EV uses an AC drive, then it requires a DC-AC power converter. Here comes the Greener energy for a Sustainable Future.

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I am deepalakshmi chandrasekaran.I did my graduation in electrical and electronics engineering and my masters in VLSI. I am a self-motivated researcher and did research independently utilizing various resources available online. I joined nanohub-NCN, Purdue University in 2012 and did some courses related to nanoelectronics and try experimentation in designing electronic devices in padre, a freely available simulation tool in nano hub. My interest is also in the field of electromagnetism. I did an MITx course in Magnetic materials and devices on edx platform and try developing ideas based on my online learning. I also published two books namely"My ideas" and "DC Magnetics" on the Kindle Direct Publishing platform. In youtube, I made a video"Absolute Negative resistance in modified ferrite inductor:A source for infrared electromagnetic radiation" which I presented at the RAMRAM-2022 conference conducted in SSN Eng college, Chennai. I published a research article in IJRASET, a UGC-approved journal "Static DC transformer based on negative capacitance and high voltage engineering" based on which I have developed this idea. Currently, I am working as an Asst Engineer/Maintenance/Coimbatore 110KV Substation. Married and am a mother of a 1-year-old son.

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