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Women STEM Fields Information Integration Platform

Stage of Idea conceptual stage

Explain your idea in details:

With the development of science and technology, digital economy is particularly important for the current world economy. With the economic transformation, the gender digital divide caused by the traditional gender division of labor is getting wider and wider. The platform is an information integration platform focused on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) fields.The platform selects high-quality female startups in STEM through a periodic selection process, categorizes the areas in which these companies are looking to collaborate and the bidding projects, and publicizes the official collaboration channels and recruitment information for these companies. The platform will register representatives of female STEM startups, female job seekers, companies willing to consume STEM products, and investors willing to invest in STEM startups to facilitate the joint cooperation of multiple parties.Its objective is to screen out more start-ups with greater potential development space through this platform, so as to promote their products while promoting them to gain operating funds or coorperation opportunities through benign competition. This platform increases the exposure of startups and disguisedly lowers the consumption threshold of products in STEM fields, expanding the consumer base, while encouraging more women to join STEM fields. In addition, we hope that in the short term, this project will provide employment opportunities for disadvantaged women affected by the pandemic, allowing them to stabilize faster in their new fields.

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Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

The platform will help achieve its goals of Innovation and Digital Development and Sustainable and Inclusive Growth. From the perspective of the form of project implementation, the project is mainly online, which not only helps to empower women in science and technology, but also uses the information platform to promote women's new ventures. In this process, to some extent, it can promote women's economic transformation and help to bridge the digital gender divide. In addition, the platform provides more equal opportunities and inclusiveness for women who are not treated equally in the labor market. From the long-term goal of the platform, it is a circular investment process, and the investment in participants will eventually be repaid to the platform in other forms. Therefore, the platform is also a sustainable development of both short-term and long-term platform. The platform also responds to help Women-owned MSMEs in both STEM field and cross-border E-commerce proposed by APEC in 2020. In the process of helping female STEM start-ups to promote their core products by building a digital platform, it has helped female start-ups to improve part of their e-commerce publicity business. At the same time, it also promotes the process of online cross-border business cooperation in the global economy by directly selecting cooperation enterprises online. By selecting potential business cooperation objects with more convenient means, the traditional investigation process of cross-border business cooperation is simplified. And a new cooperation pattern is provided for future cross-border business cooperation.

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Plans for implementation and sustainability

Platform users will be divided into 3 categories. 1.Participant: Participants are female only. Platform will invite outstanding female representatives of STEM start-ups from the APEC economies to join the platform. All participants are required to provide their company's relative information. The platform will rank all participants yearly according to the business indicators. The top 38 participants will be listed in a D-list (DIAMONDS List). 2.Experience Officer (EO): Experience Officers are female only. They will be composed of participants who have entered D-List and will receive a series of benefits provided by the platform and APEC economies. A single free consulting opportunity from the world's top consulting companies, as well as the opportunity to directly cooperate with global high-quality enterprises will be provided. Five percent of the profits of the experience officer's company in the first five years will be used as the investment fund for the platform. 3.Observers: There are no gender restrictions for Observers. Observers are composed of Invited Observers (IO) and Ordinary Observers (OO). IO are representatives from global high-quality enterprises invited by the platform. They will preferentially select potential collaborators from experience officers. In addition, global citizens can apply to become OO to generate traffic for the products they support. And they can also send resumes to the companies they support for a chance to become a member of the platform. Besides, if disadvantaged women (including grassroots women workers, single mothers, disabled women, housewives, etc., shall provide the relevant audit material identity authentication) who will be offered priorities to gain the chance of enterprise interview are successfully hired will get Jobs Fund from platform, the amount of Jobs Fund will depend on the specific situation. They will also be given free and professional online job-training before they entered their companies.

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Your profile

My name is Jinrui Li. I am a 21-year-old college student majoring in finance from Guiyang, Guizhou, China. I am studying in Tianjin,China curently. I have been keen on world and society related topics since I was young and have participated in many Model UN conferences. During one of the Model APEC conference, I took part in a discussion on womens technology empowerment. In the process of preparing the academic materials, I realized that with the spread of information technology, not all regions of the world can easily break through traditional restrictions to access high-tech industries, especially for women. Thus I gained a lot of inspiration from this conference. As a woman, I hope I can work in the field of technology finance in the future, and not only that, I also hope to build an information integration platform to help more STEM start-ups established by women, so that they can get the same attention as male entrepreneurs in the financial investment market, and through this information integration platform, female hires and female job seekers, upstream, midstream and downstream companies can be more easily connected to each other, forming a complete supply chain network.

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September 15, 2022 08:48

Li, this is a very innovative approach to deal with the wide gap of gender inequality in information technology and it's related field.
In my own part of the country alittle has been put into consideration to address the increasing disparity related to gender equality.
This is a great work your put in place which will have a great impact worldwide and it will help to narrow down the gap in gender inequality and inclusivity within information technology and it's related field as stated within your project.