Best Ideas 2022 features all the nominated entries submitted under ‘Submit your Idea’ category. All the entries consist of innovative solutions or propositions for an enterprise that champions the Sustainable Development Goals. They can be on the conceptual, planning, or start-up stage.

Reclaim Clean Water with Bio Pure

Stage of Idea conceptual stage, planning stage, start-up stage

Explain your idea in details:

In 2018, over one million households in the South African city of Cape Town experienced extreme rationing as the baking sun and poor management of water resulted in extreme water insecurity. Minimizing water stress levels in arid regions like Cape Town, Bio Pure is a durable cylindrically shaped container that uses a 7-step filter with each step strategically designed to attack contaminants ranging from dirt to nanobacteria. The container has a circular cap where water is poured in to be filtered and a crescent moon shaped cap where the filtered water is poured out for drinking. When the circular cap is twisted open like a bottle cap, the user will see a sieve with relatively big holes attached to the container. The benefits of using this sieve are that it'll first remove any large solid sediments, and it can easily be removed from the attached filter, which will play a pivotal role in easy disposal and preventing clog in the filter. Water then enters the filter, where it passes through an ultrafine sieve and a foam distributor(used to spread out the water evenly for efficient use). It then passes a mixture of sand and charcoal where the sand collects pieces of debris whereas the charcoal eliminates the water by absorbing bacteria. For the next three filters, a reverse osmosis mechanism pushes water molecules against a semi-permeable membrane, forcing unwanted molecules behind. The polyester, polysulfide, and polyamide membranes are arranged in order from broad to precise salt selectivity. An AUG pH meter on the container will be dipped into the filtered water. According to EPA, clean water should have a pH around 6.5-8.5. Taking the measurement ensures the effectiveness and balance of the process/system. Overall, Bio Pure helps desperate families regain hope and inspires future generations with clean and sustainable water.

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Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

My idea seeks to target areas with extreme water scarcity by centralizing on a common theme: to utilize minimal resources to implement a product that will not only maximize its impact on clean water and sanitation but also be eco-friendly/sustainable. For example, Bio Pure utilizes powerful absorbents, effective filtration mechanisms, and inexpensive materials to ensure accuracy in function within a reasonable fundraised budget. Measures to evaluate success are assessed at every stage. Success will be monitored by the percentage of households that have access to improved water sources. If my idea proves effective, the percentages should increase on an annual basis. Success can also be measured through HDI(Human Development Index), which measures overall standard of living and good health. Clean water can play a primary role in good health, which can be shown through increases of HDI. HDI ranges from 0-1 with 0 being the lowest living standards and 1 being the highest living standards. A summary of the primary impacts of my idea on sustainable development are improving health/well-being, increasing exposure to clean water, and helping the United Nations(UN) one step closer to their goals.

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Plans for implementation and sustainability

For practical implementation, goals should be established throughout the entire process. The first goal is to enable the quality department to check the feasibility and quality of the product. Then, a small-scale working model of Bio Pure should be developed by skilled technicians and tested for ten trials. The next goal is to strive for improvement using the data collected. The improved products should also go through ten trials, and a survey will be conducted to measure changes in effectiveness before a large-scale product is manufactured. We hope to seek funding from firms that specialize in water conservation such as XPV Water Partners and TWDB Rural Water Assistance Fund. Through these partnerships, we hope to bridge our bonds of interest and work collaboratively to create a thoughtful product. This includes clear communication of missions and the milestones that should be accomplished within a designated amount of time. When the final product is built, it will first be open for voluntary use. A survey and numerical data will be accumulated from volunteers to assess the safe, effective, and sustainable use of the product. Finally, the product will be put out on the market, so it can expand its influence. Yearly measurements and data are continuously collected to ensure the safety of the product and the implementation of a successful proposition.

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We have always been passionate learners our surroundings, and we enjoy helping others whether it be playing violin at hospitals or volunteering at animal shelters to help animals find their home. Aside from that, we have a particular keen interest in water conservation and methods to improve health, so this competition particularly excites us. Our motivation stems from a deep interest in both science and entrepreneurship, and we hope this creation will open new doors not only for us but also for those millions of people out there impacting the world for the better.

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