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Interactive Sports Therapy Platform

Stage of Idea start-up stage

Explain your idea in details:

The project intends to build an Interactive Sports Therapy Platform which would launch a range of sustainable and interactive programs and pool diverse social and medical resources to respond to sports-related challenges and lead the service and benefits of sports medicine and physical therapy to average household. The platform would drive the benefits of cloud algorithm and big data analysis to optimize and evenly balance the sports physiotherapy service among average citizens regardless in the major community events, in school regular curriculum, among annual sports competition seasons or in the individual routine exercise and body building in pursuit for fitness or muscle gain. The platform aims to build up secure, sustainable, and interactive agency to provide plural and flexible development opportunities for the long-ignored area - sports physiotherapy and medicine. Our project would build up a new, healthy and sustainable sports model that allows average citizen to access and learn the physical condition after regular exercise. Whether you are a professional athlete, an active student or a laptop worker, sports medicine and physical therapy would be necessary for you. Our physical therapy can not only conducted you from incorrect movement, assist you in recovering from an injury, it would also help you build healthy stretch and sports practice to prevent possible injury from developing in the first place. When the user is confronted with varied challenges in the body building, such as constant soreness in the heel, they may try to modify running gesture, lengthen the warm-up period, and mitigate exercise intensity, however the soreness sees no alleviation. Then its critical to resort to sport physiotherapy and professional nursing to see whether theres Achilles tendinitis or rupture of Achilles tendon and whether its the complication of other disease. Our project would bridge the sports medicine with average citizens.

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Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

The project will advocate for the sustainable development Goal 3: Good Health and Well-being and Goal 10: Reduced Inequalities. With professional and sustainable help of the sports medicine therapist in our platform, average citizen can easily identify the areas of muscular sprain or strain that may lead to a constant soreness. The digital, self-help and remote interactive model would allow for rapid and sustainable enhancement of sport health, as long as the power is available. In addition, by homing in on faulty movement patterns and working with a physical therapist to improve our mechanics and regular exercise practices, certain types of athletic-related conditions and complications may also be avoided. The most common sports injuries are divided in sections as follows Ligament sprains Muscle strains Bursitis Arthritis aggravations Concussions If the user is subject to related injury like a sprain or skeleton muscle contusion, the user is trying to look for a professional sports therapist and prepares to return to sports after surgery, or are groping for the approaches to keep the top record of a specific game, then he or she can register for our project and we will provide a set of sport medicine aid and help him or her learn more about what this type of physical therapy entails in our different sections. An injury might occur to anybody abruptly while playing or exercising and it is likely to develop to be an acute sports injury, for instance a fractured bone or a torn tendon. Every day modern citizens are becoming increasingly interested in all sorts sports. Its essential to spread the health benefits of sports medicine to every citizen in the world. The digital and cloud service is exactly help optimize the social and health care value of the field to the most.

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Plans for implementation and sustainability

Assessment, Therapy, Prevention and Guidance A comprehensive evaluation is required to plan the full procedure. The assessment is designed as follows: The registration and location system would match you with the designated therapist who will inquire specific questions and tests about your injury and physical conditions. They will also evaluate your exercise intensity and confirm the goals the therapy is expected gain. A clinic examination is assigned if the injury reaches the ranking upon evaluation, when he therapist typically assesses your range of motion and your strength, meanwhile, a set of special tests would be designed to help the therapist to collect complete physical conditions and scheme an accurate treatment. The rehab period in our project is inclined to building strength and improving overall balance. For the sports goers who are trying to prevent an injury rather than treat one is recommended to sign up for this period. The therapy equipment may include: Elastic resistance bands Weights Wobble boards Foam pads Balance discs A customized plan can be implemented to address any issues that are found along the way. Injury prevention programs have been found to be effective in reducing lower-body injuries. Operations and Management Strength: The project adopts digital and cloud computing to bond all procedures and sectors Weakness: The operating model and advancement may be mixed and retarded in the early groping stage Opportunities: Growing concern on fitness and body building will provide amounts of development opportunities for the long-run goals Threats: Competitive players may lower the threshold to rob our customers and talents. Personnel The project team will prefer the interior training talents to public recruitment Systemic and scientific training curriculum and programs will be designed to prepare our sports talents towards diverse orientations Every user has to agree with the secure, sustainable, and interactive idea of the project Excellent project member will be entitled to membership experience of the interactive sports therapy platform

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Your profile

I am Wenjun Xia, a sportive girl passionate on playing basketball, which not yet builds my muscle and fitness, but empowers me sustainable vigor towards the coursework and school activities. However, the sprains and strains are inevitable in the regular training. The recovery period used to be too lengthy to either force me to suspend the training, or even obstruct me from normal life owing to lack of related nursing guidance. The problem has annoyed me and my training peers for long, till I determined to build such a project exclusive for spread of the benefits and service of sports medicine. Prior to the project, I did an array of surveys and studies to justify our project actually feasible and essential to the citizen in need. With more studies, I felt more assured that my judgement is sensible. Fitness, injury prevention, and treatment, as components of sports medicine concentrates on sports and exercise, but has always been ignored. But the Z generation form the new century is unfolding a wave of sports and body building fever. Growing youth have realized that it takes a collaborative effort to help the sport-related injury recover as quickly and safely as possible. Therefore, its reliable that the area of sports medicine is in terrible want. Increasing citizens are addressing the challenges and limitations derived from regular sports and body building activities, not only professional athletes but also every individual of the general community. With the help of our project, the injury would be able to access fresh and creative treatment plans, the magic of the sports medicine would play out. By virtue of new treatments of sports medicine, damaged places may be restored and revitalized, and bring in faster healing and less recovery time.

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August 10, 2022 15:24

The idea at the entrepreneurial level seems more than great. But it is true that it occurs to me that you could approach this idea in some sustainable way, with some internal system of the application that rewards sustainability. It's just a contribution, but your idea really seems good to me.
So good luck and greetings