Best Ideas 2022 features all the nominated entries submitted under ‘Submit your Idea’ category. All the entries consist of innovative solutions or propositions for an enterprise that champions the Sustainable Development Goals. They can be on the conceptual, planning, or start-up stage.


Stage of Idea conceptual stage, planning stage

Explain your idea in details:

The Problem In Ghana and most African countries about 90% of our food comes from the rural areas. It is also a common knowledge that these farm produce have a shorter life span and unwholesome due to the method of farming practiced by these rural farmers in respect to the application of chemicals (inorganic fertilizers, weedicides and pesticides) in their farms. This practice has a Negative effect on the FARMER, the CONSUMER and the ENVIRONMENT. Addition to that, these farmers also suffer post harvest losses due to their inability to market their products. They also generate a lot of waste because of the linear business model they operate. Also about 85% of the youths in these farming communities including those who are into farming move to the urban areas to look for jobs due to the 'supposed' unavailability of sustainable jobs and income, which we believe is as a result of the Linear Business Model they operate. The Solution THE GREEN CIRCULAR PROJECT will first of all provide Technical Support and Training to farmers to Grow Organic, Connect them to buyers and train them to adopt the Circular Business Model approach in their Agribusiness. Secondly, the youth in these community will be trained to identify sustainable source of income using the Circular Economy Business Model example Briquette making with waste from the farms etc. and assist them to package and market their products and services.

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Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

We expect a Triple Button Sustainable impact from the GREEN CIRCULAR PROJECT. That is Profit, People and the Planet. We expect the farmers to get sustainable profit since they will be harvesting quality farm produce coupled with the availability of ready market. They will also be able to grow and harvest farm produce all year round and have alternative source of income after adapting to the circular business model. The youth in the area is also expected to cash in from the alternative businesses they identify after they are introduced to the circular business model. These we expect will reduce Rural Urban Migration and its negative effect on the youth. With the farmers and the youth adapting to the green and circular business model, consumers are assured of quality and food produce and other products. The circular business model adoption by the farmers and the youth in these communities will contribute to zero waste which will save a lot of CO2 emission into the environment.

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Plans for implementation and sustainability

Our strategic plan is to implement this project first of all in all the 16 regions of Ghana, after which we will move in to West Africa and other African countries and we will be using the Green and Circular Business Model. In implementing this project we want to work with development partners who also share in our ideas and are ready to support us with funding or with technical support. We think together we can save the world.

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Your profile

My name is Bransford Amu. I am a 43 years old Ghanaian and an experienced SME Development, branding and marketing professional with over 6 years experience in private sector development. I am the CEO JESTA Foods and Recreational Center, and the founder of Green Circular Consult. Both institutions promote green and circular business economy. I am currently involved in many ESMES empowerment projects such as the PASSEWAY Project implemented by Plan International, funded by German Corporation and Young Africa Works Funded by MasterCard Foundation and implemented by Ghana Enterprise Agency. My specific areas of experience and expertise include: SME Diagnosis and health checks, SME Coaching & Mentoring, Entrepreneurship skills development, Business planning, feasibility, and market studies, SME Branding and Personal Branding, Proposal/ Business Plan Writing. My goals is to promote decent work and economic development, save the environment by reducing carbon emission into the environment and gender equality. I am always opened to learning new things so I always take part of capacity building programs. I am an environmentalist and I am contributing my part to see the world go green again.

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