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transforming tailings dam to civil engiennering material

Stage of Idea conceptual stage

Explain your idea in details:

Considering only Brazil, where tailing dams have proved their announcement to ecological disasters, the companies responsible for these dams dont have the focus to solve the situation, but it doesnt mean they dont want it fixed for them. Actually, the researches on mining companies are constantly looking for ways to use the byproducts, but as mining is a very competitive field these miners companies cant divide their focus. So, a third company to outsource these byproducts of mining would be a solution for both mining companies images and the environment. The byproducts are great to develop civil engineering materials. Bricks made of tailing dams are five times stronger than conventional ones, what creates new possibilities for engineering. There two types of byproducts: solid ones almost ready to be used and very thing ones floating in water; this water can be pumped form the dams and treated for use, and so can these very thing particles. Considering the average price in Brazil for water after treated in its normal density and temperature it would cost 3, 06 Brazilian Reais the cubic meter, what opens another possibility of profit for the company. Many countries also suffering from tailing dams already reuse these byproducts for civil engineering purpose, because the uses are the most variable and the material prima is sitting on the dams waiting to be used, removing the expenses from exploiting them form nature. The oldest dams are the richest because with time the metal on the mud has collected on the bottom, in terms that these tailing dams can be as rich in metals as some mines, what creates another profit margin. Clearly, Brazil is not the only country with mines, Chinas and Australia have mining companies that prove that reuse theses tailing dams can be both sustainable and profitable.

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Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Mining companies around the globe are the target, like Vale, Samarco, Equinox Gold, Rio Tinto, Brasil Mineracao and many others acting first in Brazil and later in other countries when the company expands. These companies already collaborating if some startups that aim to do the same, but each one if focused in one particular use from these byproducts. I am proposing a company focused general in end tailing dams, it cleaning its water, in selling the minerals at the bottom, at introducing to the market a more resistant concrete all in one company. While we help, the mining companies clean their image promoting a good and social aware use of these civil engineering materials, donating the water and anything else that can be thought of. So acting as the living marketing for this mining comapnie sis that we will achieve a lasting action in this business until the world is free of tailing dams and nature can regenerate again.

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Plans for implementation and sustainability

As said before we will act like the ongoing marketing for these mining companies, creating social impact through our action beyond a contract with the mining companies for a determinate amount of time. And if necessary I can turn this idea into a nonprofit, what would make the organization self-sustainable and all the money collected would be to extract the byproducts of the dams, the goal for financing source is governmental investment or applying the startup once that created to accelerators and investments rounds.

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Your profile

I am a 19 year old student of an interdisciplinary bachelors in science and technology, what means I take classes from every engineering until I specialize in my dream in aerospace, so I developed a vast repertoire on both civil and environmental engineering that I am using to develop this idea, I had a couple years ago still in high school. To think about society its problems and sustainability its something I always did, what lead me to create my own social project here on my State (Maranhao), to help a childrens school from an impoverished area, a very common scenario in your State. My genuine concern and leadership qualities earned me a scholarship for the Global Citizen Year Academy, an academy that maps and train to philanthropy personalities across the globe, later another passion mine flourished from this opportunity Hult International Business School invited me to apply form them what I did and got again a scholarship. But even that business is indeed a passion I intend to follow like when I participate in the Tiger Global Case Competition, the world biggest consultant competition, I was made for science, and a few more scholarships can prove it, like one for a physics summer school in University of Cambridge. So engineering it was, because theres nothing more practical than a good theory, in this case a good idea.

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August 10, 2022 20:55

This idea is brilliant! I enjoyed reading it very much. Very few people touched upon this topic! This is very much achievable if we all decide to work together! Great work and good luck with the competition! Do vote for mine as well if you have time, thanks :))

August 10, 2022 15:14

The idea is very good, I quite liked the idea that you leave open to move to a business that is not profitable and that is self-sustaining. Because that highlights the importance you give to social impact and what your true goal is. For all that and to show my support I leave you this comment. Good luck