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Spice puree to guarantee food security for disadvantaged populations

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The results of a survey conducted by UN Cameroon in June 2022 revealed that 2,865,906 people are in a situation of acute food insecurity in Cameroon, i.e. 11% of the total population and most of whom are rural populations and the low-income households. This is justified by the various security and health crises that the country is currently going through, the climatic unrest and the very recent Ukrainian-Russian conflict which have greatly disrupted the local supply chains, thus leading Cameroon into a deep food crisis. Onion cultivation is one of the most important in Cameroon because of its indispensability for culinary preparations. However, its seasonal production and perishable nature influence its commercialization, thus forcing the country to import more than 40% of its commercialization at higher costs, which increases the consumer price. post-harvest losses, the absence of storage warehouses and conservation techniques are all factors that limit the performance of the sector. It is in this perspective that the idea of processing onions for the production of spice purees was born, the mission of which will be to guarantee food security for disadvantaged populations, by promoting a technique of sustainable conservation, as well as a fair distribution of income in the onion chain by supporting farmers in the sale of their productions. These spice purees have been designed according to the culinary habits of Cameroonians, and offer a unique formula for both marinades and seasonings. The pasty form allows the skilfully dosed ingredients to keep all their flavors, thus providing sufficient seasoning to enhance the taste and pleasantly flavor the meals. Their low water content guarantees a conservation of 21 to 30 days out of the cold chain. In addition, they are packaged in recycled glass jars which guarantee healthy preservation without the addition of chemical additives.

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Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

This project supports SDG2 and SDG11. These spice purees will guarantee the culinary preparations of low-income households and facilitate access where spices and condiments are rare commodities. they are also a good source of nutrients because indeed a portion of 100g makes it possible to reinforce or supplement the contribution of vitamins, proteins, minerals, potassium, iron, proteins in undernourished people and guarantee the monthly culinary preparations of a households of 04 people. Every year thousands of people are affected by the floods in the city of Douala caused by climate change causing heavy rainfall, and also the clogging of the voices of pipes by household waste lost in nature. For better waste management, we have thought of first recycling glass jars for their ecological nature to make packaging for our products, and also recycling household waste for the production of organic fertilizers which will help fill the gaps. shortages of fertilizers currently on the market, to support farmers towards organic farming by reducing the use of chemical pesticides which destroy the ecosystem of microorganisms. We will also regularly organize recycling and sanitation in the city of Douala for the poaching of pipes and gutters for better water drainage. Part of the profits from our sales will be used to encourage agricultural initiatives and agricultural projects within refugee communities in Northern Cameroon to enable them to strengthen their food security; to develop green spaces in the city of Douala. This will be our contribution to the circular economy and the contribution to the development of the sustainable city that is Douala.

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Plans for implementation and sustainability

To achieve our objectives, we have bet on a business model based on production and distribution. We will adopt an intensive distribution strategy with the aim of increasing our presence in the market. Communication will also be at the heart of all our initiatives insofar as it will allow us to raise awareness about the nutritional values of our products and also to have a strategic position the competition. To carry out this project, we will develop partnerships with various actors who enter the production chain, like the farmers who will constitute the central link of our value chain. And also partnerships with waste collectors and players in the distribution chain. This aims on the one hand to limit post-harvest losses and to improve the yields of farmers working in the onion sector. On the other hand to create job opportunities throughout the production process up to the distribution chain. In the long term, this project should impact millions of consumers in Cameroon and sub-Saharan Africa, in particular by guaranteeing one meal a day for disadvantaged populations; to improve the living environment of the populations living in the city of Douala. Recycling waste will be our contribution to the circular economy by encouraging these invisible champions of recycling in our cities.

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I am Yann Djatche Yock, 25 years old, of Cameroonian nationality. It is from my passion for agricultural entrepreneurship and the desire to contribute to the development of the continent which was growing in me little by little, that I decided to undertake after obtaining a BTS in human resources management. . In 2020 I founded my first company Smile And Compagny SARL, an agri-food company specializing in the production of spice purees which unfortunately could not take off. After this experience, I followed several certifying training and coaching courses in project development and business management, in particular the Tony Elumelu entrepreneurial program during TEF 2021, and the entrepreneurial program of the AFRO START-UP CONTEST 1ST EDITION competition at the beginning of year in which I ended up being a finalist. The various failures that I have gone through have forged the determined entrepreneur that I am today. Over time I learned to cultivate other values which are rigor, research and patience. I'm still the same as before, only more motivated, determined and ready to work.

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October 3, 2022 21:23

Très bon projet Je vous entends parler de canaux de distribution et de production et aussi de vouloir s'assurer que tout le monde au Cameroun et dans les régions subsahariennes ait la garantie d'un repas chaque jour pour les plus démunis mais je ne vois pas vraiment d'explication détaillée sur la façon dont le projet entend pour faire ça. Néanmoins, les idées sont captivantes et feraient un excellent projet, surtout si elles étaient réalisées.


Robert Brian

September 15, 2022 23:18

The project is precise and concise. The ideas are well in place but for a few details that I don't quite understand. I hear you talking about distribution channels and production and also about wanting to make sure that everyone in Cameroon and Sub-Saharan regions are guaranteed a meal each day for the underprivileged but I don't really see a fully detailed explanation on how the project intends to do that. Nonetheless the ideas are captivating and would make for a great project especially if realized.

Ngo ngan Monique

August 31, 2022 12:56

Très bon projet les missions sont bien précisé. Mais seulement il faut penser à une meilleure gestion des matières plastiques recyclés pour un meilleur impact. Sinon je soutiens l'initiative