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Construction of a well organize Agricultural Processing Industry

Stage of Idea conceptual stage

Explain your idea in details:

Whenever we talk about industrialization, it brings about development of a particular nation in terms of Agricultural production and many more, because will always need for row material which is as a result of high demand of those product, The larger the population of a particular nation the higher the demand of that particular row material. My objectives are 1. Improvement in Agricultural product: this always make row available, reduce it cost and also help in maintaining a constant price in the market. 2. High Capacity In Production: when we have a very large capacity that await production, there will always be availability of that product to be sold at a specific (constant) price in the market which will make that product cheap or less-expensive for everyone. This can also bring about exportation. 3. Creation of Employment: many people will get job either directly in the company or indirectly (which is in the Farm or other sectors that help in production process). My Innovative Approaches 1. Technological Improvement: technological equipment in both farming and manufacturing machines will be produce in other to make things easier and simpler in every aspect of the work. 2. Exportation: when a particular nation is satisfied with what they are producing and they have enough storage for themselves, exportation will surely start making it way because the first target was achieved. And when also of the above are achieved; it will surely make the economy a nation great in terms of industrialization, Economic growth, and it will reduce the rate at which Inflation go up.

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Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

My Target I am always about creation of employment, and making food material affordable to everyone as mention above. it also consist of improvement in farming the row materials that will be needed by the industry which means many aspect of agriculture will be improve through industrialization. Industrialization also comes with technological development that what brings the construction of more efficient machines that will make things easy and simple both in farming the row material and manufacturing them. Revenue will be generated through many places, which is because of the firms and industries that will be running in that particular nation. Evaluation of Success 1. Keeping of financial record and going through them, checking and balancing each and every amount that is spend/earned in every given period of each month. Paying of revenue on due will also help in knowing the net income of the company. By keeping a good financial record you will surely know your investment return and return on advertisement (money you spend on advertisement). 2. At first state, Advertisement is the number one key in making people to know the quality (how good is that particular product is), by doing that people will sure come for that product. 3. Maintaining of customer is also a key objective, how to keep them is a problem to many companies. I plan to do so in many ways which are; sponsoring activities like competitions (student), scholarships, community services many more. 4. Satisfaction of your Employees is also a problem but by organizing employee welfare committee that will help them in many aspect (Health Insurance etc)

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Plans for implementation and sustainability

The aim for every business is to make money and it is done through, the buying of row materials processing them into finished goods sell them to the required customers at the required price. After the manufacturing, the product has to be sold, the product will be transferred to it final consumers through short stages so that it will be less expensive for the company and it will reach It final consumers at the right price. Food processing is what makes my market very large, which consists of many people and even live stocks. Processing of soya beans for example, it shelf will be used as animal feed and after it have been processed (it cake; the final material after extraction of oil), the soya beans itself can be used for many eatable product (i.e. milk production, oil, and many more) I am just someone from a middle class of life with an idea that don not have the means to achieve that, but I have the motive of looking for sponsor(s) which it maybe through many financial institute, or competition like this will enable me to have some exposures to many opportunities. In other to have a very competitive industry investment in other sector must be done so that it will make things easier. Things like investing in other sectors of production, like farming of row materials will make production un-stoppable because there will be always available material that await production which will make that company short in production. When a company is well organized many investors come from many places, which will make it bigger or stronger than expected.

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I am by name Hameed Yahaya, been the first born from a polygamy family with 11 siblings, which motivate me in all I am doing. A Nigerian, a 22 year old 300 level student of Bayero University Kano of Mechanical Engineering Department, which I am very interested in Agricultural, and Industrial development.

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