Best Ideas 2022 features all the nominated entries submitted under ‘Submit your Idea’ category. All the entries consist of innovative solutions or propositions for an enterprise that champions the Sustainable Development Goals. They can be on the conceptual, planning, or start-up stage.


Stage of Idea conceptual stage

Explain your idea in details:

As many would know, trying out the clothes at the store would take a long time for any customer and may also cause many troubles being out in the public eyes. This would lead to customers being way too lazy and hesitate to go to the store and try new clothes, therefore, most of our population prefer the new trend of shopping online. Along with the growth of internet interaction and the birth of meta world, this website is built to adapt to the new trend and help people have a better experience while shopping. With (tên sn phm), we will advance the online buying experiences to a higher level. Through a time-of-flight camera, measurements of our body are recorded to make an online mannequin. By connecting with clothing brands, we can get the correct fit when put on. This can help customers to freely try the clothes with awareness of the real fit, minimizing the return cost.

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Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Our product promises to help customers have a better shopping experience, which would lead to the reduction of wasting clothes in the long run. The more people spend less money on clothes that dont fit them, the more we can save both money and reduce the waste of clothing. Besides, we also look forward to creating a site for on-demand clothes which use the same technology. This would be a good chance for both the factories to approach the customers with precise products and the industry to protect the environment.

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Plans for implementation and sustainability

Our business plan uses a website called Onesupport with the support of a ToF camera. The camera will take a picture of the users and produce online mannequins accurate to our users body proportions. Customers can then use this mannequin to try out different clothes samples and see which one and which size is the best fit for them without having to drive to their local clothing store. The website will also notify if there should be any adjustments made to create the best wearing experience for our customers. As a startup, our business will partner with several clothing stores in the region to create 3D models of their products while helping them connect better with their customers through our technology. Initial funding for the website will come directly from our team members budget. After our website has earned enough promotion and funding from partnerships, we will open our services to more well-known online shopping platforms, such as Lazada or Shopee as we continue to develop our website to increase the accuracy of our mannequins and clothes models and overall experience for customers.

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Your profile

we are a group of Vietnamese highschool students currently studying entrepreneurship. We are looking for supportive comments and contributing advice to perfect our own project so we can help it grow and bring the wanting benefits to the world

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