Best Ideas 2022 features all the nominated entries submitted under ‘Submit your Idea’ category. All the entries consist of innovative solutions or propositions for an enterprise that champions the Sustainable Development Goals. They can be on the conceptual, planning, or start-up stage.

The value of waste

Stage of Idea planning stage
Finalist Best Ideas Adult C

Explain your idea in details:

The main objective of my idea is to inspire and challenge Nkangala district residents to achieve the highest waste reduction, recycling and re-use innovations, further to contribute in meeting the world 2030 sustainable development goals. Activities includes recovery, weighing, recording, transportation, treatment, recycling and disposal of waste, the idea is to stay as far away from the disposal process as more innovative ideas for waste are available and are timely scheduled according to the start up phase to the growth phase and lastly up to the maturity phase of the idea, other activities include the school integrated waste management programme for the schools to collect recyclables then sell for cash in order to be able to improve the school infrastructure and develop the leaners IQ. Innovative approaches includes the establishment of a new municipal payment and purchase systems and platforms, these means that I will deploy the latest technology that will act as a waste bank, residents will be issued accounts from my waste bank digital platform, during waste collection relevant resident and relevant waste weight will be recorded accordingly and automatically the platform credit the residents waste bank account with the equivalent amount to the waste recyclables collected, at the end of each month relevant residents accounts will be debited and the relevant municipalities bank account will be credited according to respective residents bills and sufficient resident funds, this will offer residents a peace of mind through the realization of the value of waste, it will also offer the municipality with the great peace of mind as my waste bank will collect refuse removal fees from residents on the municipalities behalf which will realize a direct increase in the refuse removal.

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Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

This idea has much impact on sustainable development simply because it focuses on innovative approaches when handling the waste generated daily, the waste is valued in every stream leaving the disposal process no chance of survival as the idea is to send zero waste to landfill sites through recycling recyclable waste, manufacturing organic compost through food scraps, and the development of innovative activities to handle general waste, to my knowledge construction waste is reused for creating stable and level grounds, meat bones are reused for the production of dog food. when walking or driving around I always notice that shopping plastic plastic bags, plastic caps, steel caps, and aluminum caps are the most neglected and are non degradable which makes them to end on the surface of the streets and illegal dumping sites for years, they are tiny and requires a large number of items to make one kilogram, for instance 200 shopping bags add up to one kilogram. The recovery of these recyclables will be approached through school recycling initiatives, were aluminum cap will be filled inside aluminum cans at 70% then crash to close the remaining 30%, this will increase the weight of each can approximately by 0.05 kilograms, the value of waste will be noticed, this applies to the other recyclables where plastic caps will be filled inside tow liters milk containers, they are both categorized as number two in plastics (HDPE), shopping plastic bags will be compressed and filled into one plastic bag, other plastic bags innovations will be considered like the production of plastic woven mats.

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Plans for implementation and sustainability

Plans for implementation and sustainability is in place it is developed for putting the idea in motion, plus minus nine hundred direct and permanent employment opportunities will be created, plus minus one hundred and eighty indirect and casual employment opportunities will be created across the entire Nkangala region by the recruitment and formalizing of existing informal waste pickers and register them as frequent suppliers to my business. Competent with valid public driving permit (PDP) will be hired to operate the business's waste collection and recycling vehicles, vehicles that are top shape and roadworthy will be deployed, all the cleaners, drivers, operators, runners, technicians and management staff will be trained to be careful, pay attention to details, courteous, friendly and abide by the rules and regulations of the industry, latest technology will also be deployed, the business will maintain and take care of it's assets, these include the employees, vehicles, tools and equipment. In order to succeed employee benefit platform will be developed, where by employees will own a portion of the business for instance each employee will be entitle to 0.02 percent of the company, this will strengthen the loyalty and productivity of employees as they will be part of ownership.

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Your profile

I am Bongane Mathabela age 38 born 14 June 1984, I went to Vulinqondo Early Chidhood Development School, went to Khonzimfundo Comprehensive School Grade 01-07 from 1991-1997, went to Kopanang Senior Secondary School Grade 08-12 from 1998-2002, obtained an electrical wiring certificate at Mpumalanga Regional Training Trust in 2003, went to Nkangala FET College for Electrical Engineering (N1-N3),IN 2004 did a learnership in Chemical Process Control from (CHIETA), 2007 became a co-founding member for a youth owned co-operative named Phakama Africa Primary Co-operative Ltd, in 2008 achieved two of Emalahleni Local Municipality Mayoral Awards, one for the best environmental management initiatives resulted from the development of the recreational park from a famous illegal dumping spot, the other one the overall award for the ceremony, in 2009 won the second prize in the Mpumalanga youth entrepreneurship competition hosted by the department of Economic Development, Environment and Tourism, in 2010 I attended a shell live wire Business Skills Course by Shell petroleum, in 2010 obtained a short course certificate in Customer Relationship Marketing at UNISA. in 2011-2013 was appointed as a contractor for the Department of Environmental Affairs in the working for water programme (treatment and management of alien invasive plants), in 2015 I was appointed as the secretary of Emalahleni Environmental and Waste Management Committee, in 2019 attended a co-operative development training in new venture creation by (Services SETA); in 2021 I registered a company named Madinthi Intergrated Waste Management (Pty) Ltd, I just completed prep courses for the online course in financial modeling and valuation analysis at the corporate finance institute, with the intention to register for the full immersion course in January 2024 and then complete by June 2024.

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