Best Ideas 2022 features all the nominated entries submitted under ‘Submit your Idea’ category. All the entries consist of innovative solutions or propositions for an enterprise that champions the Sustainable Development Goals. They can be on the conceptual, planning, or start-up stage.

Training and Support Project for the Socio-professional Integration of Vulnerable Youth in Emerging

Stage of Idea start-up stage

Explain your idea in details:

The project aims to create the conditions for more inclusive economic growth in rural areas through the development of rural trades in order to reduce youth unemployment and underemployment. This will be done in particular by strengthening technical and vocational education and adapting the vocational training system to market needs and developing the skills of young people in connection with the productive sector. The project has three main complementary components. The first component aims to support the entrepreneurship of vulnerable rural youth in the rural communities around Mbalmayo in promising rural trades in order to: (i) encourage them to create and develop businesses in the handicraft, livestock, forestry and agriculture value chains; and (ii) provide them with the skills and support to succeed in these sectors and build a respectable professional career through a quality training process. Component 2 focuses on skills development to promote the employability and entrepreneurship of rural youth trained in the various technical and vocational training structures (TVTS). The objective is to improve the match between the professional qualifications of young people and the profiles required by the labor market by: (i) strengthening the existing technical and vocational training available to young people in rural areas; and (ii) developing the entrepreneurial skills of these trained young people who wish to start their own businesses in sectors with real job creation potential and a seed funding mechanism for their business projects. The third component supports project management through actions related to institutional support and knowledge development to ensure successful project implementation.

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Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

The project will create the conditions for more inclusive economic growth by improving the employability of vulnerable youth. It will create 1,000 jobs in Mbalmayo and its surrounding areas by 2027 by: - Equipping youth with technical skills and expanding their application in various promising rural livelihoods. - Providing support to young entrepreneurs and rural producers starting up and operating along the various promising rural commercial value chains identified, in order to improve their living conditions. - Strengthening technical and vocational education to ensure that the vocational training system is adapted to the needs of the labor market through the development of tools and training to promote youth employability and entrepreneurship. It is therefore in line with the following Sustainable Development Goals: SDG 1, SDG 2, SDG 4, SDG 5, SDG 12 and also with the national development policies of the NDS30, as well as with the Communal Development Plan of Mengueme and Mbalmayo.

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Plans for implementation and sustainability

To ensure the sustainability of the results, capacity building activities will be organised for the different key stakeholders. The project will ensure that the beneficiaries acquire the necessary skills to continue the activities after the end of the project. Sustainability will be further enhanced by providing seed capital to the beneficiaries for the sustainability of the project. The implementation of the project will be based on partnerships that will enhance and strengthen: (i) the regalian functions of the technical structures of the sectors involved; (ii) the competences exercised by the local authorities and indigenous facilitators; (iii) the local expertise of support and advice; (iv) the business relations between the young entrepreneurs and the financial institutions These partnerships will ultimately serve as vectors for the sustainable promotion of relevant mechanisms to support rural youth employment. Support for improving the quality and diversity of training and counseling provision will help to create skills adapted to labor market needs and employment niches.

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Your profile

AMU Simon Tel. (+237) 676936664/699659176 Born on May 06, 1995 in Mbanga, Littoral Region of Cameroon and holder of a diploma of Senior forestry technician obtained in 2019 at the National Forestry School of Mbalmayo and an engineering degree from the Institute of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences of the University of Douala, Yabassi in October 2021 option oceanography. Trained in in business planning within the framework of the project PEAJEM (Promotion of (Promotion of Agropastoral Entrepreneurship of Youth in Mbalmayo) Mbalmayo) and in Sustainable Agriculture and Agrifood within the framework of the PDTIE, a Research and Innovation project supported by the International Organization of the Francophonie(OIF). Currently work as a rural development agent at Alternatives Durables pour le Développement( ) where I perfume the following tasks: conducting project feasibility studies, designing and developing project files, writing reports and meeting minutes, participate in internal planning, translate project files into English, designing training modules, monitoring (in collaboration with the team in place) the fish farming activities of the resource center, building the capacities of target groups, managing and reporting on the resources made available Agropastoral Experiences: At the end of 2018, management of a farm of 150 broiler chickens in the Ngallan Ngallan Mbalmayo Early 2019, management of a plot of 0.5 hectare of corn in the village of Oyack Mbalmayo End of 2019, management of a breeding and fattening of 04 pigs Neima breed in Ngallan village Early 2020, management of a 1 hectare watermelon plot in Djoum Early 2020, management of a 1 hectare plot of cassava in Djoum

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Now the economics are really unpredictable and it is necessary for everyone to understand what is going on. If you are sure that you can supply people with knowledge than it is useful idea not only for your country but for the whole world