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DeCarbon Solutions

Stage of Idea start-up stage

Explain your idea in details:

We at DeCarbon Solutions seeks to reduce carbon dioxide emissions released into the environment, and to do this we would develop different technologies all geared towards saving the environment. The first technology is called a CO2 EXTRACTOR and can be easily built by students or adults after they have been taught. It would be used in offices, classrooms and homes. One key element of making a difference is to ensure that students are actively involved in actions geared towards saving the environment. The CO2 EXTRACTOR traps carbon dioxide permanently into calcium hydroxide(CaOH) to form calcium carbonate (CaCO3). We would transfer knowledge to students on how to develop this simple equipment through public discussions, seminars, as well as campaigns on the alternative means of generating income through the utilization of carbon dioxide, such that money will be given in exchange for the calcium carbonate gotten as an end product. The calcium carbonate would then be used the production of building materials. The second technology is the CO2 ACCUMULATOR which would be attached directly to devices/equipments(cars, bikes, tricycles, generators, etc) that emits carbon dioxide into the environment. After the CO2 ACCUMULATOR has gathered adequate carbon dioxide from these sources, it will then be processed into useful products such as fuel to produce electricity or to power up automobiles. By 2030, we forecast that the systematic reduction of carbon dioxide and utilization of our CO2 technologies would lead to the advancements of several SDGs. DeCarbon Solutions would have accomplished SDGs 1(No Poverty), SDGs 8(Decent work and economic growth), SDGs 9(Industry, innovation and infrastructure), SDGs 11(Sustainable cities and communities), and SDGs 13(Climate

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Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

If two words are to be used to describe the impacts that this project would make, they would be VALUE AND AWARENESS. With this project, we would be able to create VALUE AND AWARENESS on carbon dioxide. Although, to eradicate the total emissions of CO2 might be impossible, since carbon dioxide is the end product of almost all our essential activities . But the misconception that carbon dioxide are non-reusable will continue to persist unless convinced otherwise that value can be attained from re-usage. To create tangible actions, we would ensure that the carbon dioxide captured through the CO2 EXTRACTOR and CO2 ACCUMULATOR are exchanged for monetary value, in a quest to encourage more eradication of carbon dioxide in the environment. We would transfer knowledge (through seminars, workshops, campaigns and awareness creation) and disseminate powerful conservative messages on utilization of carbon dioxide as well as potential health dangers that it could pose. The knowledge gained after this campaign has been established, will be passed on to their friends, families, future mentees and their various communities at large. We intend that our movement will serve as a model for other Students across Nigeria Institutions to adopt in advancing particularly SDGs 13 (Climate change) which will in the long run lead to the attainment of our overall objective ensuring that there would be a massive reduction of carbon dioxide into the environment both in Lagos and Nigeria as a whole.

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Plans for implementation and sustainability

Our first step on implementation and sustainability is to ensure that our technology is readily available at cheaper prices for members of the public. We would then seek collaboration with relevant organizations such as SDGs -Act LASU, Ecosystem Restoration Alliance, Eco Tunza Generation and other government bodies to reduce the menace of carbon dioxide gases being released into the environment. To explore realistic innovative approaches in solving the problems of environmental pollution as a result of massive emissions of carbon dioxide, we would train and educate members on the economic benefits of recovering carbon dioxide and transforming the waste into building materials, engage our members practically in transforming calcium carbonate gotten from carbon dioxide into building materials. Our idea is to increase students engagement in tackling the multi-faceted problems of carbon dioxide pollution and involve students in carrying out social-Impact work that makes a difference locally, nationally and globally.

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Your profile

Adenekan Obadare is a 400level undergraduate of LAGOS STATE UNIVERSITY. He started his innovation career by partnering with 'Phil Eke-Ocha' for the Back2School project with an organization that he established called HOME ALIVE. Thereafter, he established several other organizations on his campus, including; ERA(Ecosystem Restoration Alliance) in a quest to raise awareness on environmental pollution. As a result of his global social impacts, he was selected as an ambassador and fellow for various organizations, some of which includes; Global Youth Ambassador with Theirworld, Tunza Eco Regional Ambassador, and a Quest Fellow. He has won many awards and grants some of which include; 2021 Mundus Maris World Ocean day prize (Turtle Prize) winner out of 61 entries involving over 10 countries; a 2020 Mundus Maris (Brussels, Belgium) Honorary Diploma Awardee; for his contribution to the BOOK OF THE MARINE WORLD; Going 4 Gold Network Grant;and lastly the 8th Millennium Ocean Prize, after his innovation on recycling of plastic into useful products (like interlocking brick)was recognized as outstanding. To take his social values to the next step, he is currently working with the founder of Positive Values Initiative (Lady Franca) as well as Mundus Maris Vice President (Prof Stella Williams), to establish different chapters across Africa, in a quest to improve societal values while actively engaging youths in actions geared towards a better future. He believes to be on a journey on making the world a better place together with multifarious inspiring minds.

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Jacobs David

September 15, 2022 09:24

Thoroughly reading through this solution and comprehending the whole concept, this is a long lasting solution that the globe needs. Very creative. Very safe. Very usable.
The amount of clean air we inhale in and exhale out start with a solution as this.

See you at the top, brother.

Zusan Azeez

September 12, 2022 19:41

This is a fantastic idea. One cannot help but understand that this is a creative person trying to profer a solution to one of problems in our society. There are some people who do not think that global warming is a real thing. I commend you for this bright idea.
Cheers to a future when we do not have to be scared of global warming.

Zusan Azeez

September 12, 2022 19:40

This is a fantastic idea. One cannot help but understand that this is a creative person trying to profer a solution to one of problems in our society. Cheers to a future when we do not have to be scared of global warming.

Aduragbemi Aganga-Williams

September 12, 2022 17:08

Here\'s one man trying to make an impact he has created a solution to a problem we created ourselves, to provide opportunities for this generation and future as well as letting us not just to correct this error but also help ourselves rebuild and evolve.