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Automated mosquito killer device

Stage of Idea conceptual stage, planning stage, start-up stage

Explain your idea in details:

The automated mosquito killer device is both door and window framed with a control board. It is sensor wired, it detects mosquito within a range, attract and kill the mosquito. The mosquito killer device is user and environmental friendly as it does not use unwholesome chemicals, and it is also relatively cheap. This mosquito killer device is ideal for homes, offices and especially hospitals or clinical settings to alleviate nosocomial effect of mosquito in the hospital settings.

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Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

The idea is relatively impactful, if scaled will provide market for many, and at the same time relatively cheap to afford, but homes who live below average of standard living in low income countries and the world at large. More importantly it will help checkmate the vector carrier ( mosquitoes) of malaria within vicinities thereby rolling back malaria.

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Plans for implementation and sustainability

This business is modeled to target every home, offices and hospital etc. We tend to source fund via loan or grant, we tend to collaborate with inoson plastics Nigeria to provide us with the device frame and casing, while p- Sam comprehensive technology Nigeria will board the circuitry.

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Your profile

I am 36 years of age, I gained my bachelorette in Biomedical Engineering Technology at university of Port Harcourt Nigeria, and master in public health at university of Nigeria. I have attend many machine instrumentation workshops training, and I and my team have completed and won during one of national institute of biomedical engineering where we presented our locally fabricated muscle stimulator and won the prize. I and my team are always motivated as we always look out for way to proffer solution facing humanity and our environment. One quality that has always contribute to our success is team play.

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Philip Okagbue

September 15, 2022 07:40

This is great idea and I believe would save millions of life not just in Nigeria but around Africa and help control the mosquito saga. Also it's said that "prevention is better than cure" i see this idea in accordance with this ideology also will tackle cost (billions) spent in malaria drug production this channeling this fund )to other research and course that will help humanity would be focused on. This idea is on spot for this age


September 14, 2022 16:12

Its a very nice idea. I believe its really launched out to the public so that they got to know about it and how significant or important it is to drive away mosquitoes in our homes, offices and environment.
I want to know hope the smell is not toxic most especially when used at home?
I wish you and your team the very best of luck!