Best Ideas 2022 features all the nominated entries submitted under ‘Submit your Idea’ category. All the entries consist of innovative solutions or propositions for an enterprise that champions the Sustainable Development Goals. They can be on the conceptual, planning, or start-up stage.

Skill Up Revolution

Stage of Idea conceptual stage

Explain your idea in details:

The rate at which Social media and technology is growing and dominating our daily activities is alarming. Truth be told, in the coming years, anyone who is actively involved in the opportunity this rising trend have afforded us will remain indispensable in this fast growing digital world. Everyone needs an avenue where they can learn and be mentored properly before implementation. So AlphaDesigns Academy and Business school is aimed at recruiting interested social media users who will be enrolled in a 6-12 months internship certified courses where they will be equipped adequately with their preferred digital skills on an expertise level. Main Objectives: 1) Introducing a new and effective approach to learning dependent on student's pace and abilities 2) To remain valuable and indispensable in a fast growing digital world. 3) Networking and Entrepreneurial approach to digital skills 4) Acquisition of High income Digital skills, earning both in local and foreign currencies. Activities 1) AlphaDesigns Academy and Business School will operate both online and offline simultaneously. The online internship will be implemented through a website page, telegram, email and Facebook accounts. Where as the offline internship will require a physical workplace in a serene and learning environment(resource materials, laptops, free data and network services, printed handbooks e.t.c) 2) For a start, the internship course will be focused on the skills and business of the following: a) 8-10 months course on Graphics, Logo, Ui/Ux designs b) 10-12months course on Videography c) 6-8 months course on Data Analysis d) 6-8 months course on Social Media Management e) 6 months course on Branding services 3) Practical sessions and Mid-Course Projects 4) Quizzes and Competitions where best students will be selected and rewarded handsomely. 5) "30-Days Reading Challenge"(Each Student is expected to read and review a new book every month) 6) Mentorship and Consultations

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Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

The Global Youth unemployment rate currently is over 75 million(15% of the Youth's Population worldwide), and with this comes an alarming rate of poverty and hunger. This is one of the major SDGs my Academy and Business school seeks to accomplish. The target is at least 2% decline in the global Youth unemployment rate, the start off point being Nigeria. Measures to evaluate this success would be: 1) 12% increase rate of employment among Social media users after 5 years of effectively running my Academy and Business school. 2) Global recognition of my enterprise idea after a space of 5 years 3) Youths empowered with the right mindset about digital skill acquisition, entrepreneurship and wealth creation. 4) Graduating 70% high valued and innovative students each year, ready to make a difference and replicate same results. 5) Increased publicity and awareness of my Academy and Business school, tripling the number of new interns at the beginning of every session.

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Plans for implementation and sustainability

With increased recognition on a global scale, it is my desire to make AlphaDesigns Academy and Business School affordable to everyone, no matter the age, sex, race, financial status. 1) AlphaDesigns Academy and Business school is open to youths between the ages of 18-35 years, both male and female. 2) It's operations will be in 2 folds: Online and Offline Internship 3)Value Proposition: Exposure to high demand digital skills, how to earn highly from them in local and foreign currencies, freelancing and entrepreneurial benefits. 4) Key Resources: Laptops, Coach/Experts of different niches, Workspace, Internet Access, Library with resource materials on different digital skills. 5) Key Activities: Website development and online Ads for the Academy/Business school, Branding, Designs, Networking, Mentorship, Consultations, Certifications and Recommendations. 6) Channels: AlphaDesigns Academy and Business School will be active through Email marketing, Social media handles (Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) 7) Key Partners: Sapphire Tech community, VideoGod Master Class, SideHustle Internship, Lectera. 8) Revenue stream: Internship fees, Service fees, Referral Commission, Partnership and shares. Every student passing through AlphaDesigns Academy and Business School will have an added advantage of working independently as freelancers or being retained in the academy. For any of the services they render, they get to pay a 20% commission back to the Academy. They can also be employed in organizations and companies where they get to offer their services.

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Your profile

My name is Ebeh Chinedu Emmanuel. I am a final year medical student in the prestigious University of Nigeria. I was born 22nd February 1998, and I'm from Enugu state, Nigeria. I have great passion for youth empowerment, Leadership, Personal development and Wealth Creation. My greatest motivation is that great men and women are not born, they are made. Captivating young ones and revealing to them that they have the ability and potentials to achieve any height they desire gives me great pleasure. I have served in various capacities as a leader in school, NGOs, and associations. I love knowledge and learning something new daily and this have led me to enroll in different online courses in Digital marketing, Videography, Graphic Designs, Entrepreneurship, Social media Management, Amazon Publishing, Content creation. With my knowledge in some of this courses, I realized that everyone can have the same opportunity to learn these skills irrespective of age, gender, class, financial status, occupation, location. This birthed the vision of AlphaDesigns Academy and Business School.

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