Best Ideas 2022 features all the nominated entries submitted under ‘Submit your Idea’ category. All the entries consist of innovative solutions or propositions for an enterprise that champions the Sustainable Development Goals. They can be on the conceptual, planning, or start-up stage.


Stage of Idea start-up stage

Explain your idea in details:

Capital Markets in Africa are relatively low; which results in difficulties in attaining capital for starting a small business. Africa is building its economy and they are also limited to access funding and information. Gogeemark will be a Search Engine for these entrepreneurs and their businesses. The site for each business will be explaining what is the entrepreneurs goal and what problem will they be solving. This Search Engine will be build by my Digital marketing company by the name og Gogee Media. Intergenerational wealth is what most people want and they understand that in order for them to attain it they must invest. Both internal and global investors are constantly searching for ways to grow their money and investment is top of the list.These investors are people who in most cases are looking forward to investing in Africa as they realize the potential of our economies and they will not have to worry about going to other engines to that have millions of ideas all over the world but use African Ideas as they are the best e.g. Elon Musk with Tesla.

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Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Our target will be entrepreneurs all over Africa who have innovative ideas and want to sell to the global audience. We will be considering majority black entrepreneurs and in particular young professionals. This search engine will bring in investment to African business and economies will grow. The app will cost effective and efficient for both parties (Entrepreneurs and Investors)

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Plans for implementation and sustainability

Once the engine has been built, we are going to source entrepreneurs through the use of social media and email to sell our brand to them and show them how is it that they benefit from being part of clients. We will be collaborating with advertisers and media companies and other search engines. In making sure that the potential investors are aware of our brand and its products, we are going to sell to angel investors, venture capitalists and also investing firms.

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Your profile

I was born in the year 2000 in North West, South Africa. I am a 22 years old entrepreneurs who is passionate about media and economics and aspiring to through my media background and skills help stimulating our economy. I studies Media at Gauteng City College my main subjects being Film &Television productions. I am the founder of a nonprofit organization called Youth Growth Hub and a media company called Gogee Media. I was awarded a Corona Virus Warrior Honor by City of Joburg municipality in my services against the novel covid-19.

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Olebogeng Moehi

September 16, 2022 11:34

This is a very wonderful initiative for young wanna be entrepreneurs like us. One that we are longing for and I really hope it becomes a success. The expected impact of the project is the one that inspires me the most because it shows real determination to changing the state of our continent. Everything about this initiative is good and I would like it to focus more on disadvantaged communities.