Best Ideas 2022 features all the nominated entries submitted under ‘Submit your Idea’ category. All the entries consist of innovative solutions or propositions for an enterprise that champions the Sustainable Development Goals. They can be on the conceptual, planning, or start-up stage.

TravelSafe - Experience the world

Stage of Idea conceptual stage
Finalist Best Ideas Youth C

Explain your idea in details:

TravelSafe is online software that will help people to learn about cultures all around the globe. We want to prevent the community from unpleasant experiences and provide them with cultural data to make their trips as comfortable as possible. Our main purpose is to show and illustrate the most important aspects of traveling. Usually, the most convenient way to do so is by using maps. We want to familiarize users with multiple rankings, rates, and countries' attractions. Everyone will have access to these maps to get a visual idea of situations in the world (e. g.: crime rates, cost of living, ecology). We also worry for the safety of minorities and discriminated groups, such as LGBTQ+, females, refugees, and representatives of different religions. So we will provide them with worldwide maps about relations to these topics in the countries. Someday, we expect to cover most cultural and legal aspects of traveling for all kinds of people. Except for our specialty in maps, there are free resources for everyone: - Test "What country is the most suitable for you?" - Relevant country's rankings - Interactive data on illnesses, heavy temperature changes, and others - Traditions, and local celebrations Registered users with premium accounts will also get: - Forums for discussions - Lists of needed documents based on nationality, citizenship, and gender (visas, vaccines) - Allowed/Prohibited items to import and export - Convenient routes inside the country or city - Articles about picking safe housing, food places, and other - Announcement about trips (to travel together) Premium accounts will have an opportunity to see recommendations made specifically for them by TravelSafe. And may find new friends and travel buddies to travel in dangerous countries with support.

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Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Our main goal is to provide people with an opportunity to travel safely. We want to offer equal safety for women, LGBTQ+ members, representatives of different religions, and refugees. These groups are most likely to be discriminated against, assaulted, or attacked. For instance, in the Russian Federation, during the 2020-2021 quarantine, 70% out of all women's death cases were committed by men, according to the Consortium of Women's Non-Governmental Associations. Nowadays Russian government plans to approve the law regarding the "Gay propaganda" ban, which will forbid orientations other than heterosexuality. We intend to supply people with information about finding safe housing options and giving them rankings about attitudes to the LGBTQ+ community or safety traveling for women. We also understand the desire for adventures, which leads to trips to dangerous places. For this option in our app and website, premium users will find a tab with announcements. Each announcement will describe the gender and orientation of the user who made this announcement, plus mention the country. With these settings in notifications, users will find themselves a company for traveling to different countries. All the users must have a premium account and be verified to be sure that travel buddies are real people. In the future, we hope to: - Reduce crime rates among tourists by letting them know the safest regions - Reduce sexual harassment cases among women by finding them a safe company to travel with - Provide minorities with a great variety of friendly places/ safe spaces (cafes, restaurants, hotels, attractions) - Raise awareness of local traditions and eliminate conflicts based on them

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Plans for implementation and sustainability

Five main stages are crucial for the TravelSafe implementation. 1. Develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that will focus on the Russian audience. All the preparatory processes includes: full software development and design, building of a data analysis system, verifying all the information, and making a detailed business plan. As a first step, we will find potential funding sources and determine all earning money methods. We desire to win business competitions or grant programs at an early stage. 2. Testing stage: possibility to eliminate errors and find first clients. 3. Vigorous marketing and collaborations. Since we have put a strong idea into our project, we want people to feel, explore, and share it. That is why we will actively participate in thematically appropriate conferences, lectures, podcasts, exhibitions, etc. Also, we want to build a network based on contacts with non-profits, influencers, safe spaces, and traveling businesses. We believe in the significance of working and developing together as projects with the potential to change the world. Another significant aspect of the marketing campaign is social media. Events, checklists, friendly reminders, infographics and statistics, gripping facts, and information - are types of content that we will post. We will try to provide accurate data in a friendly way and acquire a reputation as being verified. Lastly, the distribution method is connected to the test "What country is the most suitable for you?". The more people pass it, the more opportunities we will get to tell them about us. 4. Establish our business inside the CIS territories. We are sure that everyone can find a response in TravelSafe. However, it seems accurate to launch the project primarily focusing on a specific area. 5. International implementation. Our primary financial source is a subscription. However, we also accept donations and money for special services.

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Your profile

We are the Abramova&Rozendent team from the Russian Federation at 16 and 17 years old. Our names are Julia Abramova and Alexandra Rozendent. We were born and raised in Moscow, met in school, and 3 years ago, started working together. We intend to make the world a safer place for all minorities and discriminated communities. We want our service to help people choose countries, immigrate or travel without being in stressful and dangerous conditions. We have a clear view of the dangers while being a not-straight woman. We want girls, women, and other discriminated groups like us to be safe and avoid sexual harassment or homophobia until the end of their lives. Another important aspect is that we do not support the war in Ukraine, but due to our age minority, we can not influence this situation from the inside. So we are participating in the Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition this year to get a peaceful world. Getting to the solution to this problem, we combined our knowledge of urbanism and communications. Alexandra has been studying architecture for 13 years. Moreover, she participated in national business competitions over the past few years and has a background in design. Julia has been training kids and adults in the dancing club since 2017, and she has considerable organizational experience. Together we have been working on two different projects, and now decided to try to solve worldwide problems.

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October 15, 2022 15:37

Hello! You have a nice concept, but I think you need to look for something more simple to start with. It is good that you want to do a global project, but it will take a lot of time for just preparing database of large amount of countries. If you start with the same Europe, for instance, and put more effort in tourism, then i guess it will be easier for you and more interesting for potential users at first.

But your idea is still good, you just need some shaping! That is what conceptual stage is for


October 15, 2022 13:02

Great design, I love the cover!

Also, your business plan seems clever. But I have found a blind spot in there. Isn't your idea too global to have a subscription and donations as the only primary financial source?


October 15, 2022 11:20

Currently migrated in Armenia due to the modern situation and was overwhelmed by this experience. I think your idea might help people who immigrated like me. But may I tell you my suggestion as well? I think in the future you might collaborate with psychological and linguistic services, so future immigrants will have less stress than they would get alone?

You can also always write me about life in Erevan as an immigrant. I would be happy to answer all your questions.


October 15, 2022 10:10

Wow, it seems to me that this project has a huge potential. Personally, I would love to have such an app in case I want to travel places I've never been to. The only thing that I doubt about is this whole 'finding people who are safe to travel with' thing.
Unfortunately, even if the filtration systems are good - they can be cheated. But, anyways, I love the concept and the form that you've developed.
So I wish you all the luck and wait for your app!


October 15, 2022 09:55

Idea is not new, but I see some cool functions in it. What do you think about costs of premium version? I guess it is a hard work and might cost too much for some people. And are you sure that you will be able to cover all countries? Maybe it is better to start with only Europe?


October 15, 2022 00:02

i did not think before that some countries can not be welcome to the minorities but after new law about LGBTQ+ communities in russia i understand your idea. it is good that you are trying to help people be safe everywhere they are going. hope you will one day turn this idea into the real thing

Andrey A

October 14, 2022 23:48

Nice job, very interesting, after Covid19 it is nice to travel again. Good news for everybody. Waiting for more news. Nice project! You have good intentions, girls. Notify me via e-mail every time somebody comments on this idea (you can disable these notifications at any time)


October 14, 2022 23:47

You are doing a revolutionary things. It is important to travel safe! I would never let my daughter go to dangerous countries alone, but your function about «travel-buddies» makes these trips really different. I still have some question, like how are you going to verify housing and every user, but the idea is nice and truly sincere.


October 14, 2022 22:20

TravelSafe looks like a great idea for people who are not experienced in traveling. I am not used to traveling but with this project I might go explore Europe, as I always wanted to. But can you please explain to me one thing: How are you planning to collect so much information about all these countries? It will be really tough.

Good luck!


October 14, 2022 14:44

Girls, you did such a good job! I think you would ease life to a lot of people by making this app and website! Actually, do you need a contact of one programmer? He is also in high school and I guess would be interested in participation in TravelSafe Team. You can contact me by my e-mail.