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Personalised information perceiving for students

Stage of Idea conceptual stage

Explain your idea in details:

Every person enters the education sphere with different natural skills at the beginning. Despite the fact that everyone gets the same facts and opportunities, some people might have difficulty achieving success as others. For example, a student with ADHD has to put more effort to focus on what is required from everyone. They have to create their own ways to stabilise their process of learning and make their surroundings not distracting. But this is only possible to do outside the class. As a result, if they couldn't concentrate during class and missed some important points, they have to find out what they missed on their own. And "Pocket of knowledge" is a portable app to avoid gaps. This app will have introduction test with questions: - Whats your type of information perception? - Whats your type of attention? - Do you struggle with a short attention span? Then they can pick a recommended form of lesson every time based on their preferences, but other forms are available too. Students can always change their preferences in settings. Lessons modified by moderators and teachers (if there are any changes in the course plan). Lesson forms: an audio(podcast), video(podcast,visualised statistics, animated bits for better illustration). Each lesson includes common questions and answers at the end of a section. For quick or deep review, each lesson has a long and short version. Students can add questions to the platform if those aren't at the end of the lesson section. App will search them automatically for students on the internet and send them useful links to sites with this information (this function is for keeping everything in one place).

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Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

This app will help school/college/university students to keep studying at a decent level without missing any vital piece of information. Especially for those who have difficulties with focusing, socialising (asking questions in auditory to others and a tutor), and anxiety. Being an anxious person could ruin a lot of experiences. And fear of failures and keeping with others are those experiences. As a result we will have better education for everyone.

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Plans for implementation and sustainability

The first step is to partner with schools, colleges, and universities around the world to provide valuable information. During this phase, we will gather information and communicate constantly with teachers so that we can create good review-lesson material. A second step involves finding animators, creative writers, visual artists, analysts, and specialists (or actors who will present the material instead of specialists) who can create all of the above-mentioned lesson forms. The third step is to create a beta version to check if it is helpful to users and to correct any mistakes. To complete the process, editing must be completed to perfection. Finally, the launch will take place.

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My name is Ksenia Popova and currently I'm 23 years old. I've gained a bachelor degree in journalism in 2021 at the NCFU. After a year gap I decided to continue my journey. Gap year helped me to settle down again on what I need and where I see myself in the future. During my four years I had been practicing many skills such as writing, researching(information gathering, fact-checking, sorting and analysing) for different goals. Such as multimedia and data-journalism materials and works in a social science field. But life in a small town near a city(where my university is located) doesnt give enough opportunities to bring many ideas to life. And I believe Entrepreneurship Campus helps others to fulfill what they seek and what is important to the world. So i hope by joining this competition, hard working on my idea i can create something useful for those who wants to achieve not only in education field, but later in their career.

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September 17, 2022 06:24

I like that your idea is centralized on screening all types of students,it will do wonders.I can\'t wait to see the objectives\'s a great idea and i'm definitely vouching for it.We need people to understand that they need to deal with all sorts of intellects whilst they are still young.I had a similar concept if bringing people together even creators but i couldn't find the niche to do it.if you find time on your schedule,could we please collaborate on some items?Thank you