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LocalTech: Market for Local Products

Stage of Idea conceptual stage, planning stage
Grand Prize winner YC

Explain your idea in details:

Approximately 3.5 million Nepalese which is around 14% of the total population are working primarily in Malaysia, India, and other gulf countries. Although rich in its unique culture, tradition, products, and resources, people are bound to work abroad to sustain their livelihood as the nation incurs a whopping poverty rate of 20.5 %. Meanwhile, those people with the determination of doing something in their nation by selling their local products or services, are facing different issues like poor transportation to supply their products/services, inadequate market with low supply chain, low returns, etc. LocalTech: solution of two main problems:- unemployment and lack of market for local products. LocalTech is an application that aims to minimize the bridge between the supply and market of local products/ services thereby employing the locals and reducing the abroad working trends. Handicrafts, handmade garments, medicinal herbs, local foods, etc are some of the local products that are facing finding their real value in the market. Hence, our application LocalTech features the section of registration as sellers and customers which allows them to create their profiles. People registering themselves as sellers can list the available products along with its price. In the meantime, people registering themselves as customers can search for the required product(s) and buy the one as per their needs. So, LocalTech acts as a digital market for sellers and customers to trade local products and services helping to find the real value of the product and raising the economic status of locals. Through such an easy online transaction, it doesn't only solve unemployment but further aims to promote the local products into international level.

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Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

1. No poverty: LocalTech aims to create employment and provide job opportunities along with finding the real value and market of local products which ultimately reduces the poverty rate and increases the economic status of locals. 2. Good health and well-being: We believe that the local foods and medicinal herbs as local products carry their significance. Since LocalTech is a hub of sellers and customers, we aim to foster the sales of hygienic and homemade products to replace fast and junk food ensuring sound health. 3. Gender equalities: In the context of rural areas of Nepal, men are often engaged in income-generating activities meanwhile women are compelled to do housework chores. But, our app provides ample opportunities for marginalized women to earn their livelihood independently. 4. Partnership: We aim in the future for international cooperation to sustain our ecosystem in foreign countries. 5. Economic growth: Reducing imports and sustaining the needs through the supply of local products will impose a positive change in the national economy.

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Plans for implementation and sustainability

Our business model is composed of customer segments, channels, and revenue streams. Sellers who sell their local products and services along with buyers who buy the local products and services are our customer segments through which we generate our income via the commission of sales. Along with commission, the advertisement of products on our application will be another source of revenue. In the initial stage, our revenue will be invested in marketing to make it known and accessible in every corner of Nepal. Social media, ambassadors, or any other media influences will be part of our marketing strategies. Website and mobile application are the channels through which people use our services. To determine the value of our service, we surveyed more than 5+ different districts out of which around 83% of people liked and intended to create their profile hinting about the sustainability and scalability of our idea.

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Your profile

I am an 18-year-old high school graduate from National School of Sciences, Nepal who is fond of thinking of innovative ideas and approaches to solve existing problems.No matter how much science and technology are turning impossibilities into possibilities, problems still avail in society which is often disregarded. And my passion lies in covering such underlying issues for a solution. Engaged in different clubs and organizations for more than four years, I am tech-enthusiastic aiming to blend technology and entrepreneurship to solve the problem in the best possible ways.

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October 13, 2022 19:09

I am so elated to see all your reviews and opinions on my idea. I am really grateful to each of you.Your one vote and comment is what matters a lot.
As two days remain, please vote, comment and share!!!

Prem Baniya

October 13, 2022 18:05

Nepal's top service sector is tourism. It is a reliable source of foreign cash for businesses and residents of tourist destinations. Tourists can find many unique and alluring places to visit in Nepal. Food is all about feelings and sentiments, which breathe new life into the travel and tourist sector. With its abundance of native delights, Nepal can be a haven for gastronomic tourism. There is an infinite variety of cuisines available in Nepal due to its multi-ethnic and multi-cultural creativity, which is based on area, religion, ethnicity, culture, festivals, environment, and various climatic circumstances. I really appreciate your idea, your dedication regarding promoting our local food and culture through your project.Hats off!!!!

Shila Pandit

October 13, 2022 17:58

Food and tourism are two sides of coin. There is tremendous scope for developing tourism by traditional and indigenous food and vice versa. There can be a slogan as "Tradition with Technology". Food scientists and technologists have ample role to play in this sphere. Food technologists-tourism industry partnership is necessary strategy. Well you did a really great job Bishanka.

Anamika Singh

October 13, 2022 17:56

Instead of viewing food as as a stomach filler, let's adopt a professional perspective. It implies that we can promote tourism by using our local cuisine. For instance, French cuisine draws visitors to the country. We can also modify the idea of "meal for visitors to food for tourists." At the moment, travelers are bringing "modern food" with them from their native nations or urban shops. Our goal should be to serve traditional cuisine of such a standard and caliber that visitors won't feel the need to bring modern and exotic food with them. But in order for this to occur, we need to focus on the issues Bishanka enumerated. It is important to respect this project.

Rasha Puri

October 13, 2022 17:52

Nepal has a long and storied cuisine tradition. Culture is expressed via food. NTIFs come in a wide range of flavors, preparation methods, regional availability, shelf lives, and uses. Native dishes and drinks from Nepal are praised for their distinctive flavors, skillful preparation, and finesse. They have a distinctive sensory makeup, functional makeup, and nutritional composition. Nepalese cuisine is non-junk and high in dietary fiber. Our identity is reflected in this project. Best Regards!!!

Rajan Ghale

October 13, 2022 17:47

Food in some ways symbolizes the ethnicity of a country. It is one of the distinguishing characteristics that set one country apart from another, along with others like attire, languages, traditions, etc.

Despite the change from the medieval to the contemporary eras, Nepal remains a lovely country with values and cultural traditions that have been upheld.

Nepal has everything to captivate the traveler, foodie, and especially the health conscious, from vibrant sweets to some mouthwatering specialities. In contrast to the other South Asian nations, Nepal has a nutritious cuisine that consists of salads, pickled foods, lean meats, and chunky veggies. Thankyou for bringing this project.

Chandani Budhathoki

October 13, 2022 17:41

We are also losing sight of our own ethnic food culture and heritage by embracing the commercial global cuisine. Not just for the benefit of tourism, but more importantly for the enjoyment of our own distinct heritage, history, culture, and identity, it is crucial to protect and promote Nepal's rich and diversified food culture. No other item unites us on the same level as food, and learning about various food cultures will increase our respect for and appreciation of one another's cultures.

Chandra Kunwar

October 13, 2022 17:37

In Nepali culture, food is the focal point of all festivals and celebrations, just like in other civilizations around the world. In comparison to other communities, this is more obvious in Newa. A crucial component of Newa culture is bhoye, a magnificent complex feast held on festivals, jaatras, and special occasions. Due to its fertile valley, thriving cross-border trade, and historically prosperous economy, the region has a thriving cuisine culture. The inventiveness of Newa cuisine can be seen in dishes like yomari, which is a steamed rice flour cake filled with chaku, and sapumicha, which is buffalo tripe stuffed with bone marrow. My favorite ingredient is aromatic-nutty roasted mustard oil, which has a distinctive flavor (buchika). These age-old, nutrient-dense grains are now frequently overlooked and underutilized. The world has much to learn about different flavours. Nice Project!!!! My full support to this idea.

Sabin Thapa

October 13, 2022 17:29

We are ignoring our own ethnic food culture by embracing commercial global cuisine. As diverse as Nepal is geographically and ethnically, so is its cuisine. However, a large portion of us are unaware of its diversity and are more likely to be knowledgeable about other countries' cuisines than our own. Even though food is the essence of culture and the two are intrinsically linked, there is little focus on the understanding, exploration, and promotion of Nepali culinary culture, which shapes who we are. Thankyou for addressing this issue too. And A ll the very best.!!!

Nabin Pandey

October 13, 2022 17:24

Nepal is well renowned for being a traditional and culturally rich nation. The foundations of the ancient beliefs of the Nepalese people are found in culture and tradition. Thankyou for promoting and preserving our country's pride our local food and culture through your project. Best Wishes!!!

Ramila Basnet

October 13, 2022 16:58

Hello Bishanka!!! Your vision strikes me as being both creative and useful. Your ideas reminds me of being a responsible citizen too as of promoting our own local food and culture. I'm eagerly anticipating that your hardwork and dedication regarding this project will be paid off. Wish you all the very Best!!!

Niruta Pandey

October 13, 2022 16:44

I believe your plan your vision will bring together everyone who is trying to solve various problems regarding promoting and enhancing local food and culture. In this moment when the our country's culture, local food is collapsing and is in the verge of disappearance, Your project shows a ray of hope to preserve our pride. So best wishes.!!!!!


October 12, 2022 18:01

Hey buddy. It was nice to talk to you personally and now here your idea goes. I see a huge future of this idea. Hope to see u working on it very soon and I am open to help you to mentor and give advise on you..
All the best buddy!!!


October 12, 2022 17:47

Its really good to promote the local products turning it in financial way. Can you name some of the products you want to list on? Who will be your target customer for this venture?
Looking forward for your replies.

Krishna Rimal

October 12, 2022 17:07

Locally grown food creates important economic opportunities, provides health benefits and helps to reduce environmental impact. It also helps bring the community together and gives people the opportunity to make a difference. Additionally, many people feel local food tastes better and lasts longer.thus i think this project is the best and i fully support this project.Best wishes.Keep going keep doing.!!!!!

Rajan Ghale

October 12, 2022 17:03

Supporting local food systems has a number of advantages, including boosting neighborhood economies and communities, helping local small-scale farmers, protecting our own culture and traditions and food.I believe that this project will bring milestone in promoting and standardizing our local foods internationally.

Prem Baniya

October 12, 2022 16:54

It benefits the local economy, including supporting local farmers and other producers. It encourages sustainable agriculture, and facilitates tracking the supply chain back to the point of origin to evaluate ecological practices. It ensures that food has passed some of the highest safety standards in the world. Thus promoting both health and culture!!!Great job!!!Keep doing such projects!!!

Prem Baniya

October 12, 2022 16:54

It benefits the local economy, including supporting local farmers and other producers. It encourages sustainable agriculture, and facilitates tracking the supply chain back to the point of origin to evaluate ecological practices. It ensures that food has passed some of the highest safety standards in the world. Thus promoting both health and culture!!!Great job!!!Keep doing such projects!!!

Shila Pandit

October 12, 2022 16:51

Locally grown food is full of flavor ,more tasteful. Also Local growers can tell you how the food was grown. You can ask what practices they use to raise and harvest the crops. When you know where your food comes from and who grew it, you know a lot more about that food. Thus I love this project!!!My fulll support.

Anamika Singh

October 12, 2022 16:47

Eating local doesn't just benefit your health and the farmers in your community. It also has a host of positive economic, social, and environmental effects. Local foods tend to taste fresher, have more nutrients, and use less packaging. Supporting local food businesses leads to strong local economies.Thus a very important project for sure!!#

Rasha Puri

October 12, 2022 16:42

It is important for us to invest in the land by focusing on organic practices that will benefit us for decades to come." Remembering the importance of this dictium let's support this project ,our own local food and local culture.

Chandani Budhathoki

October 12, 2022 16:19

Supporting local food systems has a number of advantages, including boosting neighborhood economies and communities, helping local small-scale farmers, protecting open areas, being better for the environment, and ensuring that community farms will still exist in the future. Food Tank lists nine suggestions for assisting regional food systems. Good job!!!keepdoing such good initiative.

Chandra Kunwar

October 12, 2022 16:11

Entrepreneurs, who are driven by their goals and passions, have been the driving force behind the development of new company models, procedures, and employment opportunities as well as the growth of innovation and productivity. The foundation of the free enterprise system worldwide is entrepreneurship. You're doing a fantastic job!Keep going.

Sabin Thapa

October 12, 2022 16:02

I have read over your organizational concept, and I think it's really great Ithat you want to connect the entire local community in terms of the project goal. I adore your organizational idea; it is very creative. With a careful implementation strategy and an aggressively coordinated staff, this will have a significant influence on the entire country.

Nabin Pandey

October 12, 2022 15:44

Let's support his excellent suggestions. This will bring together many industries under one body on a national level. This will simultaneously benefit numerous civilizations. The majority of project voices will be heard.

Ramila Basnet

October 12, 2022 15:37

I have to concur that Bishanka's suggestion should be put into practice in the modern world. I enjoyed how everyone could participate in this and work together to improve the planet. The idea is appropriate for the growth of regional culture, ethnicity, and many other factors. I value your work and am eager for the implementation.

Niruta Pandey

October 12, 2022 15:29

The promise of the idea is undeniable, and I wish you much success as you pursue it. If your platform succeeds in its mission, we will all gain.A gain for the entire community. We are with you and All the very best!!!!


October 11, 2022 19:25

Hi Bishanka. I am andriod developer doing freelancing since last four years. I really appreciate your idea and the impact it can make on the society.
Looking forward to colloborate youl Hit me up!!!


October 11, 2022 19:13

An idea that incorporates different components from providing employment to promoting the local products. Great.
Hope to see it in future soon. I am too interested and want to contribute from my side.

Keep up the good work.

Chandra Kunwar

October 11, 2022 18:42

Bishanka I want to thank you for your quick thinking. I believe this to be the answer to one of the most serious problems that our nation is facing. This plan is often inclusive to locals from many backgrounds and cultures. Best Wishes Bishanka!

October 11, 2022 18:41

Thank you everyone for wondeful comments. Please vote me and help me to executire it in real. Looking forward to connect with you and work together soon!!
Doors are open for colloboration.

Sabin Thapa

October 11, 2022 18:32

I was particularly intrigued by his views after reading them because I am well aware of how difficult it is for a young man to try to do what he is trying to. Your concept is original and motivating. Continue your wonderful work.

Nabin Pandey

October 11, 2022 18:22

Bishanka"s concepts are just genius. Projects like these are really valuable today because food is a fundamental aspect of our society. Such an initiative will significantly benefit society.

Ramila Basnet

October 11, 2022 18:10

The project as a whole caught my attention because it offers a solution to one of the major problems with local market management. With the help of this project, small local projects, local food producers especially local women will have employment chances and be able to collaborate and interact with each other while earning more money, which will empower the entire community.

Niruta Pandey

October 11, 2022 18:01

I strongly believe that Bishanka's concept should be implemented in Nepalese local life immediately. I anticipate that this platform will be very beneficial to this neighborhood and most importantly country's economy. The fact that anyone may take part in this project is the aspect I like the most. Good Initiative for active participation of people.!!!


September 21, 2022 07:52

The impact of this idea on economy, health and employment is what makes it so necessary in the context of developing nation like Nepal. This idea not only fosters the employment rate but promote the local products on international market too which can really be beneficial.
I support this idea and may its future create a big change.

Ramila Basnet

September 18, 2022 13:54

Local foods are also economically benefiting for local producers because they earn more money from selling their produce without the fear of losing to other international producers.
Eating local foods is nutritionally better for us too .Good Luck!!!! Nice initiative. Best wishes!!!!


September 17, 2022 14:54

A perfect solution to existing problem of Nepal. Indeed there is lack of such application to promote local product and food will be a great niche to start on. Great and keep going on. Excited to see such application in action.

Niruta Pandey

September 17, 2022 13:41

Awesome!!!1 Keep up this spirit. GoodLuck!!! This is something very crucial micro effort that would bring a maco effect in our society. Best Wishes!!!!!
Local food,Local culture is the pride of our country. I am very impressed by your enormous knowledge and your effortds regarding uplifting the hidden potentialites that the local communities of our country holds. Much proud of you!!!!


September 17, 2022 09:24

There has always been a problem of market for local products in Nepal. Local products get easily replaced with imported one but this idea will surely give a platform for locals as well as other people to turn their hobbies into income. Nice idea.