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Empowering unemployed youth & women in Haiti.

Your title/position CEO and Co-founder
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Year the ngo or company was founded 2021
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Explain your project in details:

The bias facing women and youth in Haiti , the lack of safe and decent work opportunities for youth and women, the income inequalities these factors exacerbated the unemployment rate of youth , according to the International Labour Organization (ILO), was about 29.67 per cent in 2019 before the Covid and the poverty and crime women is facing in Haiti. We are bringing out solution to these problems with our social project Empowering Unemployed Youth and Women in Haiti by using our community and leveraging novel digital technologies to provide 12 months location agnostic coaching and training on these fields web3.0 , blockchain technology, e-commerce ,cryptocurrency, leadership, problem solving ,CRM management and digital entrepreneurship while helping them to find and secure hybrid work opportunities. Our main objective is to empower 50000 youth and women in 2035 and provide safe and hybrid work opportunities to them to generate sustainable income for their families to reduce youth unemployment rate and gender inequality in Haiti.

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Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

We are a social enterprise focused on capacity building , we are mostly using the novel digital technology to upskilled and empowered underserved youth and women in need. We are promoting gender equality, decent work and economic growth in Haiti while using an hybrid workspace approach to achieve our objective. Our enterprise impacts and creates more than 10 significant employment opportunities for youth and women last year. We fight to solve the bias youth and women are facing in Haiti. We are helping more than 12 young people in our community to develop different competencies in technology specially in blockchain , Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning , and cryptocurrency trading. We are also working to increase the labor market competitiveness of youth and women in the community. We are targeting Youth between the ages of 16 to 24 and women from 25 to 35 years old. In July 31, 2021 in collaboration Life Changing Lab we lunched Haiti First Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Conference and Expo in Cap-Haitien . This event was designed to bring together a diverse range of experts, including innovators, leaders, mentors who are some of the most renown locally and globally in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. These experts and keynote speakers shared insights, challenges, and exciting possibilities to educate and empower the Haitian people through blockchain technology and cryptocurrency for economic opportunities.

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Sustainability and future plans

Kripton Technology sells directly to the customers. The customer has to pay before to have access to our programs and our different services. We use a selling subscription time to access. We are also working to build a mix revenue stream strategy to be sustainable in the next 5 years, it's focused on direct sale and fundraising , grant and donation. Our main strategies for scaling and future growth are: partnership, building great relationships with great organizations working in the same field or working on other Sustainable Development Goals. We are building a great community of young leaders and changemakers in different regions in the country and outside the country, like Canada , Boston , Bahamas and Dominican Republic to increase our impact. We already have more than 4 ambassadors . We will use the novel technology , such as Zoom , Google classroom, Google meet and team viewer to deliver new training all over the country. And use social media to reach more people. In a near future we will develop a program to create a bridge between students at school and work in Haiti. We are planning to launch the first Youth Employment Summit in Haiti to tackle the future of remote work and opportunities in Haiti next year.

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Your profile as an entrepreneur

Frantz One, founder and CEO Kripton Technology. I am 34 years old , I am a social entrepreneur. I am the Director of Program at ABIA (Alternatives Business Incubator & Accelerator). I am an advisor at Haiti Health Care Aide (HHCA). I have been selected by the Haitian government , to be trained by one of the best poultry schools in the world: Dr. B.V Rao Institute of Poultry Management and Technology (IPMT) in India, Pune , after this experience , myself and my peers created CEREFA (Centre de Recherche et de Formation Avicole) in Haiti that empowers young farmers and offered my consulting services to the Ministry of Agriculture in North-East after my studies in India. I am a Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative (YLAI) alumni. I have been trained by Center for Creative Leadership and hold a certificate in The Effective Leader program, I was also selected by Youth Peace & Leadership organization to be the YPLO Country Director in Haiti. I have dedicated myself since 2014 after my High school diploma to create wealth and inspire people in my community. I have an eager passion and desire to promote decent work and income equality in my community and to do that, only providing access to high quality education and decent work opportunities for underserved people are the keys. That is why I am motivated to empower youth and women.

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