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Languages as a solution to community problems

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My project as stated above intends to help people transform their language skills into something profitable to their life and the life of others .That is a dual impact on both the personal level and the community level. To achieve that requires a plan and the implementation of that plan. The objectives that we want to reach necessitate activities and innovative approaches .In fact ,it is one thing to do something ,but it is another thing to do something that brings forth update response which can stir up many to action or that one which can challenge them or pave a way for something greater. Here are our objectives: -To remove the language barriers and increase their ability to have a broader access to information ( capacity building) -To equip the youth with public speaking capacity ( this is a skill that is not fully practiced at school ): we have observed that many young people have poor oral performance in interview ,project presentation ,speech deliverance, or even in common discussion,etc.We will set up an open space where we can meet and practice .I know that practice makes perfect because I have been through the way .It is something we all need to have ,but most people neglect it .Poor oral performance can cost someone a job ,an opportunity,a financial support or a scholarship. In this interconnected world ,we need to know how to communicate effectively .We depend on one another and we support one another.That is why public speaking is a valuable skill .Most people have degree ,but they cannot speak out what they know.We intend to help them achieve that. -Networking and team building Activities: movies shooting,a multicultural library,internet space, language club,etc Approaches:Collaboration with youth leaders ,schools ,games ,plays and going tech,etc

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Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

My enterprise was launched recently .It is still at the start-up level.However it already has an impact on a personal level.Now,I can go through some documents ,work on them and earn incomes .It is impacting my life.As an individual,before launching myself in business,I used to voulunteer to train teens and accompany them on their growth journey.Both the organization as a moral person and myself as an individual are respectively generating income and inspiration.

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Sustainability and future plans

My business offers professional services in the field of translation and interpretation.At the current stage,I am competent to use these languages in the services I provide :Kirundi,French and English.I am planning to learn Swahili and the german language.My customers are organizations and individuals .I serve as a translator when it comes to translating differents documents such legal papers ,school reports ,reports ,etc.I serve as an interpreter in conferences or in missions where there is a need for a consecutive interpretation.To expand my business ,I aspire to create a website and to buy all necessary equipment such as speakers ,microphones,a projector ,translation softwares,etc. To finance the creation and the running of my enterprise, I have used personal funds.Now ,I am looking for grants to finance its full functioning and expansion.

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Your profile as an entrepreneur

My name is Léandre Ngabirano.I am burundian and 31. I majored in psychology and has graduated recently from the university of Burundi.My appetite to do business is tied to my early days of volunteering in youth clubs.At the end of my high school studies ,I was introduced to a local youth club which was empowering the youth in the English language skills as our country has just entered the East African Community region .My journey started there and have since then emerged to use the acquired skills for my profit and also to serve in my community. I discovered the contributing qualities to my success during years of my volunteering .Those qualities are serving ,perseverance, responsible use of internet, getting out of the routine and risk taking. My motivation is to serve with execellence and to equip others to offer services of quality.Part of my journey is online education such MOOCs and books .MOOCs have opened my eyes and have shown that I still have much to do when it comes to doing business.Most people seek to earn money while offering low-quality services.I took time to invest in my education and to exercise before embarking on selling my services .This way of doing business is a win-win approach. This is what we stand for and believe in.That is our philosophy.

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