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ANSWERID WORLDWIDE/ Work Work (W2 Project)

Your title/position Program Officer
Type of Enterprise non-profit organization
Year the ngo or company was founded 2011

Explain your project in details:

The main objectives include; to equip women especially youths with cottage industry skills, to instill a saving and credit culture and, to increase gender equity knowledge among women and youths. To achieve the above main objectives following activities are to be carried out; Baseline survey is already carried out and we are to offer skills training on liquid and bar soap making, book making, juice making, handcrafts making, tailoring, candle making, mushroom growing and vegetable growing. We are also to offer ICT skills to women and youths as a way of catching up with technology to enhance marketing of their products. The purpose of carrying out the above activities is to ensure that women and youth can grow their incomes, which will encourage them to save. When they yearn to save they will be rolled in the Village Saving and Loan Association methodology where members learn to save regularly and be able to get loans and learn best practices of saving and servicing loans. On the side of gender equity, we are to organize gender awareness seminars and campaigns to boost self-esteem of women and youths. They will be empowered and be able to claim their rights for trade beyond boarders. Innovative approaches include ANSWERID Worldwide reaching deep down to villages and conduct training at lower local governments where our members reside thus saving time, transport and allowing them to be near their families during our activities hence combating Gender Based Violence. Furthermore, following the best practice of the Village Saving and Loan Association approach; members stay in one locality and they can get quick loans to inject in their businesses while saving time and transport and avoiding banking bureaucracies of the traditional banking or Microfinance Institutions thus being innovative approaches.

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Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

Uganda has a biggest number of unemployed women. According to the report in 2020 showed that Uganda has 23.19 million female population published by Aaron ONeil February 8th 2022 and according to the World Bank Collection Indicators showed that 49.29 percent were employed in 2020 which transits that 50.71 percentage of women is unemployed. As ANSWERID Worldwide we have found that most unemployed women are in rural areas and most of them are illiterate. After this initiative we expect increased incomes of women by knowing, liquid soap liters sold, books produced and sold, number of bars of soap produced and sold, number of craft sandals made and sold, number of cottage industry skills imparted and how the above have increased their incomes. In the long run, we shall be listening to success stories where desperate women in poverty have been able to grow their incomes and being able to improve on their; health care, education for their children, good shelter and homes with less domestic violence to mention but a few.

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Sustainability and future plans

ANSWERID Worldwide publicizes her work in the community and mobilizes women to join and benefit from our programs in their interest. Each member subscribes annually a fee of $13.9 for sustainability of the organization. ANSWERID Worldwide charges a fee on every service offered to a member. For example, if every service that we offer to women costs $23.6, we charge $27.8 to every woman where we remain with $4.2 as our profit which is used in the sustainability of the organization. Our target: Low income earners (women and youths). Number of women and youths to be trained=400. Cost of a service = $23.6 Total cost = $9444.444 Selling price per service = $27.8 Total selling price = $11,111.111 Profit = $1,666.7 Financing source; Membership and Board member contributions, well-wishers, partners, and donors.

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Your profile as an entrepreneur

I fall under Adult Category, I am aged 34 years of age and I have worked as a credit officer in a Microfinance Bank, I was a teacher in a Senior Secondary School, I managed a Mobile Money Agency and currently I am the Program Officer at ANSWERID Worldwide. With working at ANSWERID Worldwide we got an Award from Uganda Women Entrepreneurs Association Limited as the best women mobilizing organization towards entrepreneurship trainings for women.

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October 2, 2022 01:29

Very good project, I am excited that there are great works and efforts like this on the part of my colleagues. Great job and much encouragement!
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