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New device helps paraplegics walk

Your title/position Executive Director
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Year the ngo or company was founded 2021
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The main problem we aim to solve The suffering of paraplegics as a result of high prices and traditional techniques in designing manual medical devices provided to them through hospitals or through medical centers, which leads to the weakness of their psychological and physical structures and their adoption of illogical solutions that include them. Surrendering to the prices and technologies of these devices and depriving them of their right to a normal life. What is the solution that we take? Providing paraplegics with electronic devices that help them stand, sit and even walk, thus strengthening their psychological and physical structure, through the use of devices with electronic technologies that perform the same function in terms of performance. . In addition to the new advantages related to the nature of the materials used, weight and symptoms, in addition to the highest standards of quality and innovation, it is an alternative to the traditional devices known as manual technology in grasping and lengthening the limbs of paraplegics. . The project is directed to the beneficiaries of paralyzed patients between the ages of 15-80 years . Activities Examination of the patient and taking appropriate measurements. Financial study of the required device. Financing the device from the donor to start manufacturing it. Installing and calibrating the device on the patients body. Cooperating with physical therapy centers to start treating the patient.

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Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

Health Care invention and innovation Helping paralyzed A life free from injustice

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Sustainability and future plans

The devices have been patented Our business model is based on selling our hardware products We will try to reach an investor with a profit rate of 30% Our future plans It is the development of devices based on artificial intelligence and making exoskeletons with the best specifications

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I want to say that after the Syrian war, the cases of paraplegia increased dramatically Today, Syria needs these devices to help these people live a beautiful life free from injustice I'm Mohamed Awad From Syria 24 years Embedded systems developer, IoT hardware programmer Recipient of many awards including The Unlimited Generation Award is sponsored by the United Nations Development Program and UNICEF

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July 21, 2022 14:39

I love your idea its important because it helps people who are paraplegic to live on their own, earn an income and care for their health. They allow people to depend on themselves for shelter, food and a job. Developing a sense of independence can empower people and give them a sense of confidence and purpose
Lets support each other everyday. check out my idea on vote and leave a comment on my idea. I will do the same for you everyday, not on my inbox. I am in the adult category that means we are not competitors and we can support each other everyday.