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Candidates: Create a profile based on a platform of relevant issues, strengths, and goals in office. Profile will be searchable and interface compatible with candidate's existing social media outlets. Profile will also be searchable to pre-existing geographical locations according to district maps or boundaries. Additional features available at product launch. Voters: Create a profile based on current social media criteria. Establish a geographical location that will enable candidates and issues to populate the users page upon daily activation. Interact with other voters as well as candidates campaigning for office. Additional features available at product launch.

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Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

Our platform provides an avenue for ALL community members to obtain election information. Whether it be information about the electoral process, or specific candidate information, Best Candidate is a centralized location and tool for Voter Education for everyone. It aims to fill the void of communication between voters and candidates! We will level the playing field for Candidates by increasing overall exposure, and provide voter education to all voters, regardless of socio-economic or geographic status.

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Sustainability and future plans

With three (3) main tiers of capital return, our projections for growth can be right in sync with local and national elections. Our prototype is complete with Candidate Geographical Search, and basic user interaction. Once we've transitioned to MVP, our BETA test results will aid in our transition to the complete mobile application, ready for local use in South Florida. Currently starting our seed round of funding which will help our transition to BETA testing.

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Your profile as an entrepreneur

I've been in Public Administration for 20 years. Our democracy has become a fragile platform of doubt and stagnant antiquated processes. Voter education can galvanize and strengthen our communication between the public, and those it elects to serve. My team and I are all 50 years old, with at least 20 years experience in our individual fields, ready and capable of disruption.

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August 11, 2022 04:47

Your idea/ project seen very important as it aims to providing voters education to all voters.It is good to organised a workshop before the election to address some challenges voters encountering at polling unit.

August 3, 2022 21:18

Hello, thanks for writing me a message on my inbox, for quick response and votes back, please write your request on my wall idea not inbox. This is a link to my idea.

Milan Dahal

July 27, 2022 08:41

Hello Gino,
I tried to contact you by emails. I am still waiting your reply. I am very much excited to get your mobile application so that it could be used in coming general election of Nepal. Looking forward to hear...........

Milan Dahal

June 30, 2022 12:34

I am from Nepal. In my country, local election has been held recently in the last May. In this election, independent candidates won in major cities including the capital city Kathmandu. General election of parliament members is coming in November. It is expected that many independent candidates will try their luck in the upcoming election. Your mobile Bestcandidate will be useful for them. In fact, Nepalese people are tired of political parties because of their corrupt and wicked activities. Your mobile application will be more needful to those independent candidates. Bestcandidate will help to bring about Digital Democracy. I hope Bestcandidate will be available for users before coming November so that the independent candidates could use Bestcandidate in the coming election. Wish you all the best............

Quinella Davis

June 2, 2022 05:55

Excellent and much needed product! Your idea was very clear and easy to understand. More importantly, it\'s needed and solve a problem that many voter\'s have. I\'m excited to see the product/app hit the market. You got my vote Best Candidate.