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MiYork Education is an online social enterprise in education and youth consultation with four main services: Help students initiate social-oriented projects via mentorship and peer-to-peer collaboration; Mentor students to conduct academic research to nurture their aptitude and love for science/social science; Guide students to participate in international/national competitions, such as Hackathons and Case Competitions; Provide admission consultant services for students to gain scholarships & admissions at universities across 21 countries. Our services are affordable with financial aid models and have flexible payments. For example, students can pay after their achievements with a small initial deposit, ensuring all students can regardless of their financial standing. Our services are SDGs oriented. Students use research, social projects, and competitions to analyze real social issues & propose solutions for our social enterprise, and impact start-up partners across Vietnam. By having students (Grade 8 to University) immerse themselves early in SDGs with hands-on projects, we hope to nurture social innovation & skills within each of them. MiYork allocates profit to support student-led projects across Vietnam to scale their impacts.

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Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

At MiYork Education, we tackle SGD Goal 4: Education. We surveyed 100 Vietnamese students & in-depth interviews with 20 from middle-income families. They spent one-third of their annual income (1500 USD/year) on average for three years on prep classes for the students one-time entrance exam due to the high selectivity at top universities/ gifted high schools. However, even if they study in top universities, less than 7% of the graduates earn more than 12000 USD annually. In short, 3 million students every year are making a huge bet in a one-time examination with little yield. In addition, students only learn the theoretical parts that are mostly not applicable to future career. MiYork motivates students to learn via social contributions and rewards them with scholarship oversea in the US, Korea, and others. Students lead projects that impact the communities, build hands-on career skills, and study at prestigious global universities, potentially earning 20X their Vietnamese counterparts. MiYork and its student projects raised over 10.000 USD for social causes in the six months & initiated projects in 20+ provinces that benefit 55000 students.

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Sustainability and future plans

Example of (future) realistic quantifiable impacts: On Youth Empowerment (2025 goals): 1/ MiYork offers financial aid to 1000 students to fully explore their passion & incorporate it into social projects, career-driven skills, & undergraduate learning opportunities worldwide. 2/ MiYork & its ecosystem are career accelerators for 120+ underprivileged & youth students every year to reach graduate schemes in Vietnam, such as EY or VNG & receive a stipend to support their education along the way. On Social Innovation (2025 goals): 3/ MiYork incubates and impact invests in 20+ social enterprises in Vietnam that generate educational services & digital working spaces for 4000 youth in Vietnam. 4/ MiYork and its affiliated youth researchers collaborated with SE & United Nations to publish 10 reports/ peer-reviewed on building infrastructure for social innovation & translated five books on Circular Economy to ensure the reach of these concepts to the Vietnamese economy. On Edtech development (2030 goals): 5/ MiYork collaborates with 20+ institutions to launch the "Learn & Initate to Earn" crypto coin. Within the networks, 100.000 students can learn & share knowledge and innovate to exchange education vouchers & secured paid internship across ASEAN from our partners.

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Your profile as an entrepreneur

My name is Nguyen, I am 18 and I am an aspiring social entrepreneur. Being entitled to countless educational opportunities taught me how important talent incubation is. To help individuals grow to their full potential, I believe in the indispensable role of gifted education. For the past 5 years, I have been involved in the journey of growing the gifted educational systems in Vietnam, making it more and more accessible to underprivileged and social-exclusionary students. I have managed 3 communities with over 20.000 students, one being one of the biggest College-application communities in Vietnam. I have also actively participated in 2 potential educational businesses, currently competing in the National Youth Start-up Competition. MiYork is a place I find my vision closely aligns with, a disruptive business that redefines the college battle, making a once "luxury" service more accessible to students regardless of their backgrounds. Above all, what I strive hard to see is the satisfactory smile on children who always aspire to head forward.

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July 27, 2022 14:47

I really like your idea! I believe it will help a lot of young people who want to prepare social projects that will benefit whole community. I am sure there are plenty of teens who are willing to start creating change but they don't have enough help from other institutions. I believe your company is changing that.