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Type of Enterprise non-profit organization
Year the ngo or company was founded 2020
Website Greenrr

Explain your project in details:

We are working on a project where we are creating an alternative to wood as a fuel and building material. We use crop stubble and unusable crop residue to create solid sheets which can replace wood. Cellulosic rich crop residues are useful alternate raw materials to the wood industry. The effective utilisation of crop residue in the wood industry can provide dual benefit by solving the crop residue management problem of farmers and provides a solution for alternate raw material for wood . To create our product first crop residue is cut into small pieces using a crop cutter.Then the paddy straw is cleaned to remove dirt. After that the straw is bleached using biodegradable chemicals.To extract fiber, the straws are steamed in an autoclave reactor for an hour .Finally a beater machine is used to extract the pulp from paddy straw. After that we create a CAD design that generates a specific machine code which is then transferred to a ceramic three dimensional printer hence using evolving technology to contribute to a brighter future. The desired design is then formulated using software before being input into the printer which prints the final product.This way our final product is ready . Currently we are making different sorts of furniture out of this.

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Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

Our product is a solution to two major problems. First is the crop residue burning. India alone generates 500 million tonnes of crop residue annually. Farmers have no other option but to burn this crop residue. This generates very high air pollution and Indias emissions are expected to increase by 45 percent in 2050. The second problem is biodiversity loss. We are continuously cutting down trees for our needs like burning fuel, furniture, houses etc. Our product solves both of these problems as we use the crop residue to create and alternative to wood . Through this we are are also catering to United Nations sustainable Develoipment Goal 13: Climate Action as we are taking action to combat climate actionand its impacts. Our product is an eco-friendly alternative which reduces pollution & crop burning along with carbon footprint. Also it eliminates unauthorized cutting of trees and reduces use of wood for furniture industry. We are successful in eliminating Cost efficiency at the cost of enviroment

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Sustainability and future plans

Our project is very sustainable because we have a very reliable supply of our raw materials which is the crop residue. Each year 500 million tonnes of crop residue is generated by the Indian farmers which we have the potential to convert into an alternative to wood. Currently, we are supplying the furniture that we are making to local shops and stores and each month making a profit of $2500. Right now we are catering to just 1 market which is the furniture industry but for the coming years, we have identified 9 more potential markets: Interior Designing Industry, Cremation Centres, Religious Institutions, Wood Industry Furnaces, Construction Companies, Packaging Industry, Food Delivery and Use and throw Cutlery. All of these markets have huge potential and we plan to expand in them one by one. We would keet it business to business collaboration and we plan to grow from city to city. Duri g this process we will keep the customer acquisition cost low. We have also planned a joint venture with IKEA furniture.

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Your profile as an entrepreneur

I am Ruhan Agarwal, a 16 year old 10th grade at The Doon School, Dehradun. I am a chess player , badminton player and cricketer. I am passionate about reducing carbon footprints by my small business model. At school I am also a member of the business club and sustainability society I have won consolation prize in a competition by Atal Community Innovation Centre (ACIC) RISE Association, supported by AIM, NITI Aayog (Govt. of India) I won special recognition in The University of Sydney India Innovative Challenge 2021 for my idea of Portable Waste Meat Solar Incinerator.

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