Best Projects 2022 features all the nominated entries submitted ‘Submit your Project’ category. All the entries consist of innovative projects run by existing enterprises in the form of businesses, NGOs, or informal programs.

CCAP Across The Map

Your title/position Founder
Type of Enterprise registered company, non-profit organization
Year the ngo or company was founded 2017

Explain your project in details:

CCAP Across The Map, the acronym standing for cervical cancer awareness and prevention, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that works to decrease the global rate of cervical cancer through providing cervical health education and increasing access to HPV vaccines and diagnostic screening measures in under-resourced areas around the world.

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Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

At CCAP Across The Map, we work very hard to make a difference in cervical cancer awareness and prevention all around the world. While cervical cancer prevention is our main goal, we also believe in a holistic health approach, so feel free to explore our initiatives pertaining to: 1) Prevention and diagnosis of female-specific cancers including breast cancer, ovarian cancer, uterine cancer, and vaginal cancer 2) Prevention of viral and bacterial sexually transmitted infections (STIs) 3) How to maintain mental health in the face of a medical diagnosis 4) Cancer prevention behavior mentorship programs for kids, and more!

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Sustainability and future plans

CCAP Across The Map launches satellite teams in the locations where we have provided education and training. We also partner with a local organization in the community. By having the satellite teams and partnerships that remain in the geographical location, we are able to provide continued education and building of relationships with the community.

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Your profile as an entrepreneur

Jillian Leaver and Hunter Ackerley are both female entrepreneurs in their 20s from Arizona, USA. Jillian Leaver is preparing for medical school and Hunter Ackerley is preparing for a graduate psychology program. Both women plan on using their respective degrees to serve CCAP Across The Map by providing hands on medical and mental health treatments.

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October 2, 2022 01:28

Very good project, I am excited that there are great works and efforts like this on the part of my colleagues. Great job and much encouragement!
I invite you to vote for my proposal for the ideas contest and comment