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Future Seeds

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Type of Enterprise informal program/project
Year the ngo or company was founded 2018
Website Future Seeds
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Explain your project in details:

The project seeks to harmonize the relationship of individuals with the environment, promoting the sustainable use of all natural resources, before, during and after the cultivation of food. By integrating these conscious actions of people jointly with public policies, it is possible to achieve environmental goals that significantly impact the conservation of biomes and ecosystems. One of the main challenges is the awareness of people about the correct handling of the soil and the preservation of the environment. We intend to partner with companies in the field and with municipalities to take students to the project site for classes on environmental education and social responsibility, as well as creating initiatives that focus on education, preservation of the environment, knowledge diffusion, the eradication of hunger and the health of communities. Such measures will be the basis of a sustainable economy and social development. We have fulfilled this objective through visits to public schools in cities where our volunteer members live and through the creation of teaching materials, such as our electronic environmental primer, where we talk about environmental topics and companies with environmentally sustainable practices. We also aim at the protection and recovery of terrestrial ecosystems in the process of degradation. With the planting of trees near the site of the project, and in future in several areas, we aim to keep the Earth's climate in equilibrium, thus, interrupting the process of degradation of ecosystems and habitats of local species, ensuring the conservation and maintenance of this initiative. Lastly, we seek to combat hunger and poverty through the sustainable production of food, donating about 40% to 50% of food for the social entities of the city and poor communities.

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Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

Most of the Brazilian municipalities face environmental problems, and among the main ones are the burning, deforestation and silting of rivers. However, this is not the only problem. About 32 million Brazilians go hungry, and another 65 million people do not ingest the minimum daily amount of calories. Thus, it becomes unfeasible to preserve nature in spaces inhabited by a miserable population. Someone who can't feed itself will not worry about the consequences of burning and deforestation. Moreover, climate change intensifies misery. In most cases, the people who suffer most from the consequences of natural disasters and extreme weather events are the poor. It is practically impossible to decouple environmental preservation from the poor quality of life of millions of people. Therefore, perform a social work that presents environmental preservation discussions is essential. With its short lifespan, the Future Seeds project has already achieved considerable environmental and social impacts. The project has already planted dozens of native trees around the headquarters, aiming at the restoration of the local habitat and helping to maintain the atmosphere's equilibrium. Also has been cultivated various types of vegetables and vegetables targeted for donations and sales, thus keeping the project financially feasible. Our first food donation was in a municipal asylum, which assists more than forty seniors, through a visit of volunteers of the initiative. Several vegetables and herbs were delivered. In the educational area, the project carried out visits to public schools, bringing some knowledge about the environmental issue, disseminating information about the initiative, and collecting signatures to support the project. Finally, we created an electronic environmental primer, which contains educational information related to the environment, the project, and a company that has environmentally sustainable practices that we aim to conquer a future partnership. We will deliver the primer via e-mail and also online.

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Sustainability and future plans

The Future Seeds Project seeks to raise awareness in all areas and social spheres about the importance of nature and the need for environmental preservation. However, we believe that the communities that will be most affected by our vision will be young people and children enrolled in public and private schools, which we seek to raise awareness about environmental issues and create in them a culture of sustainability. Social institutions in partner municipalities will also be impacted, by creating a bond by which we will be able to change the general view of them and the people living in it on the importance of sustainability. Finally, low-income families, since these people have minor access to information and little contact with environmental issues. The project will carry out educational activities with schools, dealing with topics such as food security, nutrition, and preservation of ecosystems, through visits and lectures in these institutions. Through the creation of pedagogical awareness materials to distribute in schools, we want to share knowledge and make it accessible to different audiences, since it will also be available on online platforms. After the production of food, the project will donate it to social institutions and low-income families, thus impacting their community. Besides, with the development of community initiatives aimed at preserving the environment with these families and institutions, awareness has been taken of the most marginalized population, since these people have less access to information and little contact with themes environmental impacts. Finally, to strengthen and disseminate the initiative, research will be carried out on potential partners, either to buy food or to support the project, seeking greater recognition and financial maintenance of the enterprise.

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Your profile as an entrepreneur

I am Arthur, 18 years old, and would like to tell a little bit about myself. From a young age, I have always believed that it is in times of difficulty that we improve the most. This mantra made me constantly look for new challenges. Doing the bare minimum or the same old thing was not my type. It was in this constant search that I found the Van Veen Institute. In a short time, my life was transformed. I was able, alongside my colleagues, to lead and win Hackathons. We made volunteer projects internationally recognized by governments and competitions. These experiences made me understand that all it takes to change the world is dedication and willpower. I may not be the brightest, most skilled, or most capable, but I will do whatever it takes to change the world with the opportunities I have.

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October 22, 2022 18:56

hello my friend, I am also from brazil, and I really liked your project, congrats on starting such a beautiful inniciative, I hope your project expands enough to arrive at my side of the country so I can help you out. The people need to be inspired by this.

July 21, 2022 14:36

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