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Project RoboTeach_Nepal

Your title/position Founder
Type of Enterprise non-profit organization
Year the ngo or company was founded 2021
Website Roboteachnepal
Finalist Best Projects Youth C

Explain your project in details:

Project RoboTeach Nepal is a program that focuses on teaching robotics and automation not just via lectures but also through hands-on practical experience, allowing young minds to discover the fascinating world of automation. The main purpose of our project is to familiarize students with the constantly changing technology world. We teach these kids about the fundamental functions of sensors, actuators, and other current kits, the working processes behind them, the future possibilities of robotics, and how we might automate our daily manual activities. We believe that lectures affect the mind, whereas hands-on experiments affect the soul and encourage youngsters to study. On the first day, we teach students a brief introduction to sensors, actuators, Arduino, and programming, as well as showcasing a prepared prototype and possible ideas after combining those tools, and on the second day, we have students participate in making projects or prototypes out of these tools that eventually turn into an innovative idea. This methodology, we feel, will effectively lead to the development of sound practical knowledge. We've grown into a group of dedicated volunteers from all around Nepal. We conduct outreach initiatives, campaigns, and advocacy in schools and coachings. To satisfy the demands of students, we are launching more and more activities like this. Every one of us contributes to making a better environment for students to acquire the true meaning of education, which is clearly more than just academics. While speaking with children about scientific exhibitions, we discovered that they lack mentorship and require a robotics class and teacher in their schools so that they can actively participate in learning. Our brainstorming session resulted in a vision for establishing robotics club in schools as a solution to this problem. This aim, however, will take a long period and a lot of effort to achieve.

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Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

RoboTeach Nepal, which began as a three-person dream organization has evolved into a family of hundreds across the country, has always had the goal of providing high-quality education without boundaries. Our organization's main goal is to educate robotics and technology to all Nepalese children, regardless of gender, to help them realize their goals, to generate future tech geeks, and to give a platform for all children to study digital education. As a result, we can confidently state that the RoboTeach family is dedicated to providing high-quality education and that each member of our team works tirelessly to meet our objectives. We can see a pattern in Nepal where guys are far more involved in the technology industry than girls, but we are working to alter that through inclusiveness and advocacy. Our team has a male-to-female ratio of 10:8. Even the most disadvantaged Nepalese kids, we feel, should have access to a platform where they may be educated to a level that stimulates their interest in an era when the rest of the world is rapidly advancing in terms of technology. As a result, the courses are developed for students of all levels, ensuring that everyone has access to any level of information. All of these will benefit society by providing high-quality education. It will have a long-term impact on those children's lives. And the chain will continue because, in such a short period of time, we have already outreached 6000+ offline and 4000+ online students with at least a hundred more joining each week. The number of male and female students mentored by our team is about equal among the 10000+ students we have mentored to date, indicating that our team has had a significant influence on both excellent education and gender equality.

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Sustainability and future plans

RoboTeach Nepal is a family of learners, not just an initiative. We started with a group of three friends from high school and have grown into a family of over 50 passionate changemakers working to make the world a better place. In the beginning, We focused on an inclusive approach, which means that we train all possible students from every school in a single residential area and then go to the next one. Rather than expanding a lot, we focused that no one should be left out of learning. After expanding our team members, we are now working on a decentralizing principle with inclusiveness. Members of RoboTeach_Nepal make a group of volunteers and organize different programs and workshops in their respective communities. This has helped reduce our travel costs and create RoboTeach Nepal as a self-sustaining organization. In the following days, as our projects get larger we plan to seek grants and collaboration from national and international organizations. We also do fundraisers on social media and through crowdsourcing platforms. We had already collaborated with Lakshya Career Education and Research center from Janakpur, Kidsright Changemaker_Netherlands, and RoboTeach Philippines from the Philippines. We aim to impact over 20000 students by providing training to them and reach all 77 districts of Nepal by 2023. By 2025, RoboTeach Nepal is committed to developing a sustainable scope and career prospects in the field of robotics in Nepal, as well as guiding people to improve their skills and interests.

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Your profile as an entrepreneur

My name is Veer Chandra Kamati, a 19-year-old and a high school graduate from Nepal who is more focused on the things that need to be done. Yeah, it's the right of a child to get the proper quality education without any discrimination. I am just doing my part living in a society. When I was in middle and high school, I always wanted to explore, learn and enroll in new things, but due to living in an underdeveloped city (Janakpur ) where there is minimal opportunity to learn, I couldn't explore my interests and get what I always used to seek for something like robotics, innovation, and chess too. I never missed a chance to engage in any kinds of extracurriculars if there are any. I believe education is not just academic learning but the overall development of an individual's personality and mind. One can't be educated only by learning facts and data. They must seek something more important that is meaningful to them. Children deserve a good education and maximum opportunity to know their full potential and learn new approaches in life. This realization hit me hard and my journey started when I thought of giving to a community with my high school friends and co-founded a non-profit educational organization named RoboTeach_Nepal. To begin with, me and my friends spent weeks searching for locations to teach in the very first school. Then, with the sole purpose of producing beneficial and memorable experiences, we visited each of Jankapur's schools one by one. Eagerness to make students learn about robotics and a smile in return keeps me motivated to give my 100%. I am actively serving my community which leads me to get news coverage, social media appreciation, an alumni award from my high school and Kidsright Changemaker Award.

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August 4, 2022 23:01

Hello Veer Chandra Kamati, Thank you very much for your comment on my idea. Having a methodology to turn our native curiosity into knowledge gives us the power and possibility of invention, of finding solutions to problems keep it up with your project and improving the lives of boys and inclusion of girls also in technology.

July 21, 2022 14:34

You have a great idea, making education enjoyable and easy. Lets support each other everyday. check out my idea on vote and leave a comment on my idea. I will do the same for you everyday, not on my inbox. I am in the adult category that means we are not competitors and we can support each other everyday.

Abhishek Yadav

July 16, 2022 17:40

Great initiative by the high school students in the country where a person cannot get exposure in the fields of Robotics. I appreciate the consistent hard work of the team members of the non-profit organization. This organization must be encouraged and help it move forward.


July 16, 2022 17:31

We envision reaching every student in our community and enriching their knowledge and skills in robotics, hoping to cultivate an appreciation of science, technology, engineering and maths through healthy, immersive, collaborative competition.

We are on top guys
great going!