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Measura Health

Your title/position Chief Technical Officer
Type of Enterprise registered company
Year the ngo or company was founded 2021
Website Measura Health

Explain your project in details:

We are on a mission to reduce the alarming rate of occurrence of preventable deaths in Africa by using ultra-modern, connected, and data-driven technology to redesign preventive healthcare solutions for all stakeholders in emerging markets. Our very first solution is the UClinic (Think of Uber, but for Preventive Healthcare, that's UClinic!), a decentralized platform that operates on the Cloud-Clinic model to change the narrative of Preventive Healthcare in Africa.

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Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

We are creating a new Africa where Preventive Healthcare is comfortably accessible to everyone. Our mission is to shift the concept of Healthcare in Africa from Curative Healthcare to Preventive Healthcare to as to reduce the alarming rate of preventable deaths e.g. stroke, hypertension, etc. across Africa. With this, our core contribution to humanity at large and towards the SDGs is Goal 8 (Good Health and Well-being for all). We are on a mission to protect over 200 million Africans from Preventable deaths and redesign Preventive Healthcare Solutions for Africa's next billion. We believe no one deserves to die from preventable death!

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Sustainability and future plans

Our first solution is the Uber for Preventive Healthcare i.e. a decentralized platform like Uber that connects users and preventive healthcare nurses together for convenient access to preventive healthcare solutions. Our revenue model imitates that of Uber (the multi-billion company), i.e. subscription/commission-based model, a user subscribes with as low as #1,000 to as high as #5,000 monthly to his assigned caregiver, we then charge a commission of 20 - 25% from this fee and caregiver gets the balance. With initial funding capital from Venture Capitalists and Grants, we are looking forward to scaling, break-even and attaining credible profitability by 2025.

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Your profile as an entrepreneur

I am Ismail, a 21-year old, and Experienced Information Technology Specialist with more than 6+ years of experience in the field. With my talent in technology, I also have experience working as an Embedded Systems & Hardware Engineer, Professional Computer Technician, WordPress Developer, and now as a Python Developer and Cloud Architect. Hence, the reason why people call me The TechMafia, lol. I am just obsessed with creating value for humanity, solving problems and increasing the standard of living of people with technology. I want to leave humanity much better than I met it!

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