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StudyBox 2.0 kits are digital technology sets which contain a StudyBox top set, which is a digital courseware server which has been developed by Learning Factory, 2 Virtual Reality headsets and 5 augmented reality devices. The devices, which are preloaded with digital courseware which is aligned to the local curriculum, make digital content accessible to learners offline and off-the-grid to support primary and secondary school education. The courseware is developed with the input of qualified, experienced teachers and the Ministry of Education to ensure that it accurately maps to the curriculum. The curriculum-aligned Virtual Reality experiences simulate experiments and other kinaesthetic learning experiences, providing learners the opportunity to have near-real experiences of experiments in the absence of laboratories. The Augmented Reality devices overlay educational content on wearable technology, giving learners 3-dimentional visual appreciation of what they are learning. StudyBox 2.0 makes education accessible to learners offline and off-the-grid, serving mostly low-resource communities. In Zimbabwe, 68% of learners are in rural areas and have limited access to textbooks, qualified experienced teachers, classrooms, and laboratories. The same challenge is experienced in other countries, making StudyBox 2.0 a fitting solution to a global problem. The high cost of internet access makes it impossible for many learners to use internet-based resources for learning and so StudyBox 2.0 is ideal to solve the challenge of lack of access to educational resources for the millions of learners facing this challenge. StudyBox 2.0 makes curriculum-aligned digital courseware accessible at a fraction of the cost of textbooks and is ideal for instructor led classroom-based learning, and self-paced student-led learning. StudyBox 2.0 kits are sold to schools and community-based institutions through which teachers and learners access the resources: delivering an instant lifeline to entire schools at a fraction of the cost of conventional approaches.

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Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

StudyBox 2.0 bridges the digital divide between learners in rural and urban areas. With StudyBox 2.0, users who previously did not have access education are able to get a quality education and develop their digital skills. This increases users familiarity with contemporary and emerging digital technologies, and develops users digital literacy skills, making them better able to integrate into digitalised societies and tap into economic opportunities which are consistent with the 4th industrial revolution. Single-board computer technology, Virtual Realty headsets and Augmented Reality devices have mainly been used online and they have contributed towards widening the digital divide between learners in rural and urban areas. StudyBox 2.0 uses these technologies to close the divide and prepares learners who have traditionally been left behind for higher education and employment opportunities in contemporary work roles. StudyBox 2.0 has to date benefitted over 3,000 learners in Chikukwa Village in Chimanimani, Zimbabwe. School infrastructure in this community was destroyed in successive cyclones, Idai and Kenneth in 2019, and given the communitys lack of access to internet, learners in the community went for nearly 2 years without any form of formal education due to COVID-19 induced disruptions to education delivery. StudyBox 2.0 has allowed learners in this community to catch up with their education and prepare for their secondary school exit examinations. The success of StudyBox 2.0 is measured by development of users digital skills, increase in learner engagement and improvement of learners performance in examinations. Evidence shows that learners who use StudyBox 2.0 are more confident with digital technologies non-users. Evidence also points to improvement in classroom-based learner engagement among StudyBox 2.0 users and improvement in comprehension of complex scientific principles. Results of public examinations which will be taken in November 2022 will determine whether consistent use of StudyBox 2.0 improves learning outcomes.

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Sustainability and future plans

StudyBox 2.0 generates revenue through the sale of StudyBox 2.0 kits to institutions for use by teachers and students. Owners of StudyBox 2.0 kits pay an annual licencing fee for the courseware which is loaded onto the StudyBox top sets and virtual reality headsets. The licencing fees are based on the number of users accessing the courseware and the number of courses, or units of courseware which are loaded onto the kits. StudyBox 2.0 thrives on making curriculum-aligned courseware accessible to users. Future growth plans include delivering content for an international curriculum such as the Cambridge curriculum, through StudyBox top sets so that the courseware can be used in numerous geographies without needing to be amended, and still maintaining its alignment to the curriculum. To make education even more accessible to learners, plans include reducing the licencing costs of the digital courseware which is provisioned using StudyBox 2.0 kits by covering production and distribution costs through advertising revenue. This will exponentially increase the number of learners who can benefit from the innovation, and will increase the amount of courseware which will be available through StudyBox 2.0 Another of our plans include setting up fixed and mobile digital laboratories which give learners access to StudyBox 2.0 and a growing collection of curriculum-aligned digital courseware to support mainstream education delivery and non-formal post-secondary education. These facilities will ensure learners who do not make it into the formal education system are still able to continue with their education and development and compete for lucrative employment opportunities thereafter.

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Your profile as an entrepreneur

I am 38 years old. I am an innovator; I designed and have led the developed of the StudyBox top set product and StudyBox 2.0. I am the founder and Managing Director of Learning Factory, an educational technology enterprise which develops and distributes digital educational content to support education in low-resource communities. Prior to founding Learning Factory, I founded and operated a consultancy which delivered low-cost capacity development services to SMEs. I have 15 years of experience in training and youth development, 6 years of expereicne in instructional design and running online courses for primary and high school education and continuous personal and professional development. I am passionate about youth development and since the age of 15 I have been involved with causes and organisations which foster community development and youth development. I am driven to help alleviate poverty in my community by making education more accessible to members of my community. I believe that the foundation of a developmental society is an educated workforce and through my work, members of my community have opportunities to advance their education and thereafter access viable economic opportunities. I am an alumnus of the Mandela Washington Fellowship of the Young African Leaders Initiative, an alumnus of the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Program, and a Life-Long Fellow of the Dalai Lama Fellowship. A key aspect of my success is my diverse skill set which is premised on a solid educational grounding. I hold a Bachelor of Engineering (honours) degree in Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, a Graduate Diploma in Purchasing and Supply, a Master of Commerce degree in Strategic Management, and a Graduate Certificate in Engineering and Technology. Beyond my work in educational technology, I enjoy travelling, hiking, bird watching, and he is an avid nature and wildlife photographer.

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