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Menstrual Cups

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Our project is to find better ways for women around Africa to have access to Menstrual Cup. The study found that menstrual cups also have the potential to improve the lives of women and girls in some low-income countries, who may be ostracized from basic activities, including going to school or work, when theyre on their period and be at greater risk of infection from poor-quality sanitary products. Looking at different communities with greater need. Menstrual cups come with the capability to hold more blood than other forms of feminine hygiene products such as sanitary napkins or tampons, and therefore a woman can focus more on work, providing for family than the worry of stains. Women are more self-conscious and have more anxiety when they are on their monthly cycle, menstrual cups reduce the stress 80% for a woman to refocus of her job, career, the next great idea/success.

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Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

Menstrual cups have been embraced by some sustainability-minded folks as a less wasteful way to collect flow. And now there's some data that supports their claims. Authors of The Lancet report noted that over 10 years, a menstrual cup generates approximately 6 percent of the plastic waste from tampons, or just 0.4 percent of that from disposable pads. In some areas of developing countries, where women don't have access to tampons, they're using things like rags that are breeding grounds for bacteria. Menstrual cups are a cheap, reusable, easy way to hide that you're on your cycle. They can be a game changer for women in developing countries. The reusability of menstrual cups is fantastic, especially for women who are in the mindset of trying to be more earth-friendly,

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Sustainability and future plans

We are spreading the word on menstrual cups as a way of life in Africa. We plan on selling, donating menstrual cups to all women. Expanding the knowledge of better products that help women in Arica. Looking for grands, and sponsorship to market the products and looking for platforms that will spread the word about menstrual cups and other better alternative products that help women in their daily lives.

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Your profile as an entrepreneur

I am 31 years of age, born in January 09th 1991. I am an African woman born in Botswana, Gaborone. I graduated with an advanced degree in Graphic design, but fell in love with business, and helping women. Looking at the struggle women go through in school, at home, at work, I decided to research alternative products to help ease a women's life. Coming across a menstrual cup, I decided to tell anyone I know about the product. and thus, the start of my adventure.

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Lesedi Dithebe

September 14, 2022 09:33

As a woman,this project is very beneficial to me. It is sustainable,affordable, comfortable and easy to use in any case. Funding this project and making it available to all females will help not only i, but all our sisters in getting affordable, sustainable and a healthy alternative.