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Joynet business - mobile APP

Your title/position computer engineer
Type of Enterprise other
Year the ngo or company was founded 1
Website joynet

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Joynet mobile APP is a simple social network dedicated for business communication ,implements the meeting points method based on smart queries for BUSINESS , offering more flexible business ,and more effective marketing . It connects user-customer with specialists- service providers in the network over integrated services-platform in order to : Open Discussions to get solutions Order service online via direct request of any type Online order with discount advantage as Joynet users , supporting the ability to follow updates Classifying services Business marketing Advance contact service work as customer care Features general services platform shared with society , Designed as a mix of universal technologies operating together as a new module Simple , fast and reliable general APP process we present the module where P.O.C. (prove of concept ) and complete apps operations and required ANDOR

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Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

Automatic marketing : adding user his BI to service area means marketing his services to interested users looking to this service area . Every business line along with interested users and providers performs dedicated online application Example : Transportation service : useful and could work like UBER We can see BI as e-business card , Dedicated contact service as virtual office customer care Automatic following system , as users keep exploring services watching new things that user adds .. Event organizing could be used very effectively by posting to targeted persons directly and with large number of users . Announcements , JN uses direct send of posts , a large company could make announcement to all network users easily and in very effective way .(future concept) Promotions are very effective when used , where it will be put in interested users screen directly example : in screen where user opens list of providers . Help Easley to discover market demands and statistics cases specially for startup business projects . Business interface to change to online service automatically when created , Availability of a service helps in urgent cases specially health ones .

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Sustainability and future plans

Target Customers : Adult customers and business General Society customers : resolve daily issues ,get offers , shopping ,discounts Idea , Prototype ,Startups (most concern) : exchange information's , find solutions ,ask specialists , contact traders ..etc. find key partners , funding , sharing business ideas Small to Medium : selling , marketing etc. Large, Organizations (less concern) marketing , recruitment , offering high level solutions Value proposition : Joynet app is designed to build and manage an Universal Business Platform With new design concepts in some key points over IT similar systems , providing very effective new solution for complex and large b2b , b2c communications , along with marketing , Built to be used easily locally and worldwide as powerful tool for managing business resources, Joynet with its unique idea and methods provides the fastest way to access and contact required service providers . regarding that relations , time , efforts are main factors in the world of doing business . Business channels : Joynet app as a mobile app will be marketed as the following : Marketing professional company for local general marketing Social media marketing by specialists . Sales representatives to contact business inviting to participate in the platform, where they earn percentage of registered business for all its sales as long as sales lasts in the online order system General visiting to large business by app official management to present the APP . Key resources : Developing company Network Security specialists Marketing as the app needs this all the time increasing number of users App hosting by cloud company to host the APP and data . Key activities : Communication wise : Fast and direct access to required or interested service providers supporting any type

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Your profile as an entrepreneur

engineer husam hamdeh 54 years old creative mind for developing IT systems architecture , providing new solutions to simplify user needs . MCP ( Microsoft certified professionals ) owner , and passing effective training courses in different IT fields last job is head of operations section in electricity distribution company - Jordan studied in university of Patras - Greece

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