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Yura Warmi - Woman Plant

Your title/position Founder
Type of Enterprise non-profit organization
Year the ngo or company was founded 2021
Website Yura Warmi

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During her menstrual life (33 years approx.) a woman spends thousands of dollars on feminine hygiene products. In addition, 408 thousand tons of sanitary napkin waste are discarded worldwide, which take 500 years to degrade. In addition, local commerce in our country offers farmers the worst wages in the sector. These 3 problems are the main ones that our project seeks to address. Yura Warmi proposes the manufacture of feminine sanitary pads with a bioplastic based on banana peel, water, cornstarch and other biodegradable elements. It promotes a circular economy by having banana peels that would normally be discarded as the main component and seeks to fairly remunerate farmers. It is not enough to offer the products; Yura Warmi is also committed to transmitting information to girls and adolescents about menstruation and intimate hygiene, thereby empowering them to learn more about themselves.

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Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

Second place in the "Girls for change" program organized by the University of Piura and the U.S. Embassy. Winner of the "Girl Up Project Award" from the United Nations. We have impacted more than 300 students from public and private schools with our sex education talks. At the same time, we have the support of industrial engineers, textile engineers, chemists, among other professionals. Finally, we have an Instagram account to continue disseminating information about the reality of inequality faced by women in relation to hygiene.

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Sustainability and future plans

To begin with, we will manufacture the biodegradable sanitary napkins and their distribution will be oriented to women of a medium to high socioeconomic level. Our main component, banana fiber, is usually burned; however, we are committed to the environment and the advancement of the farmers' livelihoods by providing a monetary value for their help in obtaining this product. The proceeds from these sales will go towards making another batch of towels that will now be sold at a lower price or donated to women of lower socio-economic levels either in schools or rural areas. We will also distribute some free samples along with the informative talks that we will give together with specialists (psychologists, obstetricians) in feminine hygiene and health. On the other hand, our initial funding comes from the seed capital we won in the "Girls for Change 2021" contest and more organizations that are committed and firmly believe in the potential of our work.

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Your profile as an entrepreneur

We are a team of two students, Stephanie Venegas and Belen Montesinos, both 17 years old and from Peru. We are both immersed in the world of science, entrepreneurship and leadership. We are people with a vocation for service, which led us to want to make a change for our community, particularly by holistically attacking a network of problems that were not alien to us, such as pollution and gender inequality. Consequently, thanks to our resilience and passion for our project is that we have come to realize great steps from starting to make the prototype at home to receive the help of universities and specialists who join and believe in Yura Warmi.

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July 30, 2022 18:36

Qué las impulso a realizar dicho proyecto, me alegra como persona saber que hay jovenes preocupados por el medio ambiente, por la economía difundan su proyecto por la TV realicen charlas con las municipalidades. Muchas Felicidades