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Using Some Agricultural Products to produce Flour.

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I am a Cameroonian and a teacher by profession. I had this initiative after attending a session on Business Development and Digital Marketing. I came up with the idea of USING SOME AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS TO PRODUCE FLOUR like, plantains, bananas, potatoes, cassava, soybeans flour due to the shortages of flour in the market as a result of the Russia- Ukraine crisis. I will also sell the products raw. This will solve the problems of high prices of flour in the market. I am planning to be a giant supplier of locally made flour in the world market. I will also train interested youths on how to use our local farm products to produce flour for home consumption. This will reduce the cost of importation of flour in my country. For this idea to be implemented, I will need sponsorship. I will need equipments like hydrators, peeling machines, drums, Milling machine, Water pumps, sprayers, cutlasses, silling machines.

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Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

IMPACT ON SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT. My flour farm will be located in Kumba and since Kumba is a peasantry town, I will benefit from their agricultural products. My target market will include the Kumba main market, Muea, Limbe and Douala. I am planning to meet a product capacity of 20,000kg of Flour per year. I intend to reach out to the major markets in Yaounde in order to create the size and speed of our sales. I intend to link up with farmers around for the supply of these products and by this the production rate will increase. I will also engage in digital marketing for a wide spread of my products.

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Sustainability and future plans

My assets will consist of miling machine, source of pure water, peeling machines, drums, silling machines, Hydrators, electrical generator. These tools will be in an enclosed building. Within the first year I plan to operate the business myself. As production and sales increase, I will engage the training of interested youths on how to produce local flour and they will assist me in the production and with time, I will established other branches in other regions. Our Farmers will deal with the cultivation of the farm products and marketing of the flour in a control environment. I intend to also rear pigs and fowls so that their dungs will be used as fertilizers in the farms. The prices will be 400fcfa per kg compared to imported wheat flour that is sold for 500Fcfa/kg. With this, our prices will be fair to our customers. Production cost 1kg=250Fcfa. Revenue per kg=400Fcfa. We will evacuate 10,000kg in six months. Production cost 10,000kg=10000*250=2500000Fcfa. Revenue for 10000kg=10000*400=4000000fcfa. Net profit=4000000-2500000=1500000fcfa. Net profit margin=1500000/4000000*100=37.5%.

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I am an ambitious African entrepreneur. Being a woman, I am very passionate about changing Africa for better with my small ideas. I was born on the 8th April 1985 in the South West Region of Cameroon. I am a teacher by profession still in active service. I undergone a course offered by Lucien Inspired Mentorship Program Series on Sustainable Development, Sustainable Entrepreneur and Digital Marketing and I was awarded a certificate of participation. Thanks to Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition with this great initiative. With this idea, I am ready to start Changing the world in my own small ways.

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Mbah Shalotte

July 27, 2022 22:57

Mum in deed your Ideas are so great and I will like to learn how to use farm products to produce flour too,ma I will like that in this following villages you can also explore your talent the places are under MBonge sub division the following villages are bai estate, bai manya ,Bai Motoko, bai grass, mofako, Bai kuke, Munyenge, kotto 1&2 and other villages along right up to Edenau, thanks

Mbah Shalotte

July 27, 2022 22:07

Mum ah I wish you were my mother oh because I like your Ideas is so great and am ready to learn how to produce flour from you so I vote for you and I saw your map but all the villages were not listed so I will like you to no a place called Mbonge which is a sub division with many villages like Bai state,bai grass,Bai kugke, mofako Ebie,Eluany Bai Motoko,then from Mungongo, Munyenge,kotto right to Edenau you can also sell your products there

Yilareng Lucien

July 26, 2022 13:13

This is magnificent and a timely innovation. You have my full support dynamic female leader. Congratulations!!! Looking forward to the realization of this great project.

Best wishes always!!!