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Your title/position Founder & President
Type of Enterprise non-profit organization
Year the ngo or company was founded 2022

Explain your project in details:

FountEd is a non-profit organization working to spread digital literacy all over Nepal. We mainly focus on underprivileged students of Nepal who are deprived of quality education and computer skills. With the main objectives of imparting knowledge of computer science and technology to all students, promoting practicality in education, and introducing new terms of technology to students, FountEd was founded. We only not limit ourselves to technology, as the name of our organization, "Fount," was termed after the fountain which helps in many sectors; likewise, we also tend to spread knowledge of every field because technology is in every area; all fields require you to know little knowledge of Computer Science. In other words, we try to connect every field with technology and provide students with practical knowledge of Computer Science. We have conducted 13 physical programs on the topic of "Introduction of Computer Science and Technology usages awareness," reaching 2500+ students. We share computer science knowledge and teach students about technology's right and safe use. Additionally, we have conducted 3 virtual seminars on Web Development, Cybersecurity, and Career in technology with 420 total participants. Since knowledge of technology is everyone's right, we collaborated with schools in different parts of Nepal and conducted seminars there. Also, we collaborated with some other non-profit organizations and private companies to conduct workshops and donation programs (educational materials) in Orphanages Home. The small steps FountEd is climbing now are hones for the tall mountains in the future.

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Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

Talking specifically, project FountEd was founded to increase Nepal's digital literacy rate. We start this with small steps: teaching students about computer science. Those young minds we give the knowledge are the future of the nations. We hope the students we have reached (2500+) or will be reaching will undoubtedly contribute to the country. Also, the knowledge we're spreading is already sustainable because technology and computer science are the future. Since the world is leading itself to the path of digitalization, having knowledge of technology is the most crucial aspect of everyone's life. We are not only teaching young minds about computers and technology but also creating some form of curiosity in them, which will help the nation get the required manpower in different fields. We proudly assert that we teach good skills in far-western Nepal, where few people get to study at school. Those students we reached there are still in contact and take every virtual seminar we conducted. In sum, we aim to spread digital literacy all over Nepal, which is sustainable education and helps toward sustainable development.

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Sustainability and future plans

FountEd is a non-profit organization that selflessly provides free education and skills training related to technology. Our primary funding sources are donations from different people who trust in our project, and some people themself donate to our organization just by loving our works. We plan to conduct different physical or virtual seminars on various technology-related topics in the future. We are already at the final stage of running a hackathon, the first hackathon in far-western Nepal, at Doti, Nepal, where people have skills. Still, they don't have the platforms to showcase them. Besides hackathons and seminars, we plan to conduct boot camps related to app development, web development, blockchains, cybersecurity, robotics, data science and machine learning, and many more. Also, we are planning to widen our wings by setting up a teaching camp with a duration of about a month in different parts of Nepal, where we will be teaching students about various subjects and will guide them to use technology(smartphones, laptops, computer labs ) to enhance their education. If we get sufficient funding, we are also planning to donate laptops to governmental schools where computer labs are not available. FountEd will be actively working to enhance knowledge and promote education, and the hunger to share knowledge is still in our minds.

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Your profile as an entrepreneur

I am Mahesh Raj Pandit, a 17 years old boy who was born in born in Bajura, an underdeveloped district of Nepal, and spent about 8 years studying in a school in Doti. Both districts are in far-western Nepal, which is considered an underdeveloped state of Nepal, which is undoubtedly true. In Bajura, few students get the chance to study at a school, whereas I was lucky enough to move to Doti with my parents, where I studied at a private school. However, I was not getting the opportunities that I was expecting. Later, I moved to Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, where I explored many fields, enhanced my skills and knowledge, and completed high school here. After all this, I started working on my dream project to teach others what I have learned throughout this journey. Whenever I think of my situation in the past, it encourages me to work for every student who is not getting the opportunities and skills guidance they need. Those innocent faces deprived of education motivates me to work beyond my limits and provide them with education. My mastery of leadership, computer science, communication, and learning new things helped me teach others and lead the team. Meanwhile, these qualities help me get recognition like the Commitment Award from the World Book of Records- London, Student of the year 2019 (SooJung English Boarding School), Best Contributing Student (Bridgewater International Secondary School) for teaching junior classes and running an outreach program through science and tech club and so on. As my journey to make my dream true has started, it will never stop to educate others.

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Mahesh Raj

July 25, 2022 12:47

Well done. Very good project and initiative i would say.

Please support and vote the project one vote counts one child\\\'s education. So please vote and support the project.

The way they are working is the best teaching children about technology. Spreading knowledge to all.