Best Projects 2022 features all the nominated entries submitted ‘Submit your Project’ category. All the entries consist of innovative projects run by existing enterprises in the form of businesses, NGOs, or informal programs.


Your title/position Manager
Type of Enterprise registered company
Year the ngo or company was founded 2020
Website socredi

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We have identified that the Cameroonian and sub-Regional agro-pastoral sector does not have a model for organizing and managing information.So facilitating the economic and financial evolution of the agro-pastoral sector, requires the creation of a stable information management system model in line whith the innovation trends of the business sector, finance as well as with the behavior of buyerswho are increasingly focused on digital and e-commerce solutions. According to the inter-employer grouping of Cameroon( GICAM), it is expected that in Cameroon there will be 441900 users per month who will make online purchases in 2020 out of 7500000 people. On the basis of all its element and whit a view to providing a solution, we have setup the SGMP( Socredi Green Marketplace).The SGMP is a digital plateform that connect the physical world around the agro-industry by relying on virtualization and the provision of products and services to all actors in the agropastoral value chain.The particularity of this palform is that it is based on the issues arising from the current limitations of access to financing for farmers, access to a sales market and the issues of Cameroonian and Africa e-commerce

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Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

This solution will consist of promoting decent work and economic growth as stipulated in SDG number 8 by impacting the activity of farmers living in rural areas. Indeed, in Cameroon and throughout Africa, the majority of farmers living in rural areas have a daily income of less than 5 dollars. These farmers, although hard working, fall down in their farming activity because they do not know who they are going to sell their products to when they leave the farm and what is the price of their products in the market at a given time. Having information is the real problem in the agro-pastoral sector, thanks to the market place the farmers (beneficiaries) will be able to have information on the market prices of the products they grow in real time. They will be able to be in contact with financial actors, to finance their activities, insurance companies and input sellers. Furthermore, in Africa, the marketplace will help to achieve sustainable development goal number 9 which calls for fostering financial, technological and technical support to industries and encouraging innovation and scientific research. This will be done by facilitating not only the financing of farmers' activities but also by setting up an online platform that will help them to scale up their production. What will allow us to measure these two impacts mentioned above is the number of farmers connected to the platform and the report of use whether for sales or for fundraising.

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Sustainability and future plans

SGMP's economic system is based on the sale of The SGMP products, sponsoring, advertising, commission on transactions, commission on deliveries, merchandising, information management, and much more. We intend to impact first all the actors of the agropastoral chain in Cameroon in one year. Then in the second year after the launch of the project, our vision is to expand into the Central African sub-region.

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Your profile as an entrepreneur

Young visionary aged 26, after my studies in software engineering and data analysis, I built my career from my first steps in important positions, at ABC Group, ISS Cameroon, TKM SARL and Hollandis SA. Respectively General Manager at Intermediaire Solutions & Servives, Project Manager at Melimello Sarl and IT Project Manager at Pulsafrik Sarl, I multiplied position after position for more experience and responsibilities. To date, I am probably one of the Cameroonians under 30 years old with a strong potential of evolution and expertise in the world of employment and entrepreneurship in Cameroon in Africa. I have recently been appointed Deputy General Manager of the agri-food cooperative company SOCREDI agrofinance Coop CA. With a capital of 10 million CFA francs. SOCREDI is a company with a 1st category microfinance and a commercial and agropastoral pole. It is the owner of the Marketplace project developed by Me. SOCREDI, is a better system for incubating agro-finance projects. The company has 55 ha of titled land in its patrimony, an agropol built on 1000m2 totally independent in energy. In terms of agricultural production, Socredi produces plantain, watermelon and corn. We have 4 Agencies and offices in the country spread over 4 Regions. In terms of trade, Socredi is an actor in the corn trade with more than 100 tons of corn sold in 3 months. In terms of financial assistance, Socredi has financed more than 10 small agricultural and artisanal projects in Cameroon. All these achievements constitute our strengths and the elements of our credibility with the different donors we approach.

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July 29, 2022 00:37

L'idée de soutenir l'activité agro-pastorale basée sur l'intelligence artificielle est une belle initiative, car, aucune entreprise socioéconomique ne peut s'en passer de nos jours où tout se fait maintenant par le digital.