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Ndovu-Alert Application

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In Kenya, a large number of wild animals are not kept in the fenced national parks, but rather in national reserves in which they end up interacting with pastoralist communities. These communities are always at loggerheads with the government for not compensating for the destruction they caused to them. These elephants at times kill people which results in them being killed too for revenge. Ndovu-Alert App is an emergency alert app that enables users to send alerts to an unlimited number of people all at once as well as inform authorities of the presence of elephants in the area in order to reduce these animals-human conflicts and help saves lives. It works with no internet connection once the user signs in.

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Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

With the help of my peers, we distributed the application to 350 people and the numbers are increasing every day. The app has enabled people in my village where I was born to live alongside the dangerous elephants with very little to no reported conflicts. This is because conflicts always arise when an elephant kills people passing through the bushes, but with the emergency alert feature, people have been able to alert others to avoid areas where the elephants are staying or passing which has prevented the deaths. This has also reduced the anger that people had towards the elephants and hence the killings of the elephants, which obviously endanger their existence stopped. Even though the authorities refused to drive the elephants to the parks due to drought there, at least the deadly interaction between the people and the elephants has stopped. As a result, the people feel a bit safer now that they can avoid danger as they carry out their economic activities.

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Sustainability and future plans

I have launched sensitization campaigns to reach out to many people living in rural Kenya to inform them about the application, as well as partnering with Kenya Wildlife Service which would also be alerted whenever the straying animals pose danger to the people's homes. Continuously reaching out to more people has enabled me to impact a large number of people. Since the launch of the application is recent, it has not generated income yet, but due to the fact that it is quickly gaining traction, the application would generate revenue through advertisements. I plan to roll out the application to all rural areas in Kenya that are facing this challenge of human-animal conflicts in order to solve the problem.

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Your profile as an entrepreneur

I am 21 years old, and a fresh graduate from high school who loves coding. I was born and raised in a rural setup, in a marginalized pastoralist Maasai community in Kenya, and this has motivated me to apply my coding skills to solve problems facing my community and the country at large. I was given a gubernatorial award for social impact in three consecutive years; 2019, 2020, and 2021 for using programming as a tool for social change.

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