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Alternative Learning Models For Purposeful and Successful Living in Kenya for At Risk Children

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Year the ngo or company was founded 2020

Explain your project in details:

Our main objective is to prepare children and young adults adequately for the different stages of life. This is done through the following steps 1. Helping them believe that Greatness lies within them 2. Helping them discover their natural areas of gifts, talents and passions 3. Nurture the required skills and talents that would help the execute their destiny 4. Provide opportunities for them to live out their dreams and become purposeful + successful The Main Activities revolve around; 1. Provide mentorship opportunities for children and young adults from at risk backgrounds. We provide a positive role model who believes in the abilities of the child creating a safe space to become everything they were created to be. 2. Expose children to different talent programs so that they can identify areas they are skilled and passionate in. This provides a fun and creative outlet. 3. Equip children with economic, empowerment and life skills to help them navigate through the different stages of life. Some of these skills include baking, computer literacy among others. 4. Nurture positive character and values for successful living and management of opportunities afforded. 5. Provide opportunities for trained children to exercise their skills in a real world environment so that they can gain experience and build mastery in their areas of trade. Innovative Approaches in the Area - Low income/ At Risk children and youth giving them a hope for life especially to break cycles of poverty - Long term approach for skill acquisition allowing for mastery before legal age of maturity - Affordable learning for low income students with options to intern as a payment method for learning - Practical training for skill acquisition and practice - Fun and educative sessions for the children that keep them engaged

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Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

1. Problem Statement In Kenya more than 49% of students who clear high school do not get opportunities to join higher learning institutions such as universities or vocational training centres. Some of the contributing factors include low grades, lack of finances, teenage pregnancies, drug abuse among many others. Of those who go to higher learning institutions only 40% graduate. This leaves majority of the youth in Kenya hopeless and in despair wondering about their futures. There is a need for alternative forms of learning, especially for the acquisition of skills that will enable entrepreneurship, job readiness and economic empowerment. These alternative models must be affordable to allowing for beneficiaries from low income backgrounds. Should be flexible to take into account the African communal aspect of living. They must be efficient allowing for the learners to acquire the necessary skills, gaining mastery in their areas of interest. Most importantly also provide clear pathways for economic empowerment so that the learners can better their lives and the lives of their families. 2. Solution to Problem At Pneumatika we seek to empower our community of Kiserian through alternative models of learning and life preparedness that will enable our students live out a successful and purposeful life. Our approach uses a long term acquisition model with key tenets being spread out over time and learned alongside conventional learning. This allows for affordability when it comes to training, mastery as the skills are learned and practiced over time and character development through mentorship. 3. Contribution to Society Our approach is a proof of concept that can be replicated in other communities and transform the lives of many families. Mentorship also allows for the children to be equipped wholesomely for all aspects of life from parenting, relationships and citizenship.

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Sustainability and future plans

We use a combination of different approaches to help make the program sustainable and increase longevity. a. Income Generating Activities We have two main activities that help us generate income for our programs and run the organisation. These are computer classes and baked good for the community. Our computer classes comprise of; Computer literacy classes - to help members of the community learn how to navigate and use computers in their day to day life. Advanced Computer Skills - helps individuals in th community learn how to develop websites, applications and use different computer applications for economic empowerment. For the baked goods we have the following products Affordable community bread Cakes for different celebrations Treats such as cookies, muffins and donuts. b. Community Member Support We also receive donations from the community in the form of cash or gifts. These help out in the running of the programs and reduce the budget costs included. c. Fair Priced Labour Our labour force is a mixture of paid employees and volunteers + interns. The mature learners in the program are able to give back to the community by volunteering as tutors or interning with the income generating activities. This allows for reduced labour costs while nurturing aspects of leadership, generosity and giving back to the community. d. Staggered Programs We schedule our programs throughout the year during the holidays allowing for adequate time to plan and prepare for the programs as well as raise funds. With the programs staggered throughout the year we are able to focus on key objectives and plan adequately with the funds we have at hand. Our future plans include the development of a community center where we can do the following; 1. Schedule for different skills trainings 2. Nurture talents in various sports 3. Increase income through membership fees and social amenities 4. Provide different outlets for the children to practice acquired skills

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Your profile as an entrepreneur

I believe that each and everyone of us has a seed of Greatness within us. When we are exposed to the right environment and resources we are able to accomplish great and wonderful things. None of us is a mistake, we all have the capacity to provide solutions to our communities. I am Jeremy Kalafa, 28 years old residing in Kiserian town, Kenya. I am passionate about seeing people become the best that they can be in life. Achieve this by helping them believe that greatness lies within and then help them discover ways in which they can nurture their skills and talents for successful living. My background is in Sports ands Counselling Psychology. Sports is the greatest outreach activity to young men and women in the community. Psychology helps us to understand people and what the limiting factors in their lives may be. For the past ten years I have been working with children under different organisations. This has grown my skills in working with kids, patience, innovation and many more. Entrepreneurship courses and Social Impact seminars have helped equip me with necessary skills for governing the organisation and developing impact for the community. Knowledge is important in life and I believe that there is a need for each and everyone of us to learn about the industry and gain understanding of the community in order to develop sustainable and relevant impact. The keys to success in our program can be attributed to; Knowledgeable mentors who provide industry insight, advice and guidance; A skilled and passionate team of young men and women who desire to see change in their community; Children from the community who desire for something great in their life.

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October 9, 2022 03:59

Education should always be reachable for everyone all around the world. Especially, education of all levels and purposes.. It impacts on every sphere in a country. And i i totally agree with you that each individual should follow their dreams and often education is the main part of the long road to success/

October 2, 2022 01:26

This project captivates me, it excites me that there are great works and efforts like this on the part of my colleagues. Great job and much encouragement!
I invite you to vote for my proposal for the ideas contest and comment